2835 SMD VS 3528 SMD

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You may be confused what is the difference between 2835 led and 3528 LED? The main difference that we can identify with the naked eye is 2835 is square package but 3528 is round package. This article will takes you to find out from 8 aspects. Filstly, we made a table so that you can understand their differences more clearly:

Table1- Difference between SMD2835 and SMD3528 - Suntechled


SMD 2835

SMD 3528




Beam angle






Light Source Appearance

Square with Rounded Corners


Heat Dissipation












Eight Differences between SMD2835 and SMD3528

Many friends are asking what does 2835 and 5050 mean? In fact, LED chip is named according to the size of the chip. The reason why it is called 2835 is that the LED chip is 2.8mm long and 3.5mm wide. But there is a special situation, which is 2835 and 3528. So next, let's look at the differences in the above 8 aspects in detail.

2835 VS 3528(1) In terms of brightness

The traditional 3528 led chip is generally bright as a single 5.5 lumens, and the highlight is 6.5 lumens. Now the 2835 patch is expanded to 11 lumens and the highlight can reach 19 lumens (A series). It is obvious from the data that 2835 stickers The overall brightness of the LED chip is at least 1.5 times higher than that of the 3528 lamp bead series.

 (Note: The chip size of the wick determines the brightness of the lamp. The 3528 led chip can reach up to 10*16 and the chip size of the 2835 chip can reach 11*28. The high-brightness 2835 chip can be completely compatible with The brightness of 5050 patches on the market is comparable)


SMD 2835 VS 3528.jpg

(2) From the perspective of light emission

The traditional 3528 lamp bead has a beam angle of 120°, while the beam angle of the 2835 SMD wick is from a single 11-lumen wick to a single high-brightness wick with 19 lumens, and its luminous angle gradually increases from 135° to 150° to 165°.

(3) From the perspective of LED package size:

2835 led chips are packaged in 2.8*3.5*0.7MM, and 3528 led chips are used in 3.5*2.8*1.9MM package, the biggest difference is that the height of the 3528 led chip is 1.9MM, while the height of 2835 led chip is 0.6-0.8MM.

(4) From the aspect of appearance:

From the aspect of appearance: the light-emitting surface of the 3528 LED chip is round, while the light-emitting surface of the 2835 led chip is square with rounded corners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

heat sink.jpg

(5) From  the aspect of heat dissipation

The 2835 led chip has adirect conduction heat sink, so it can withstand greater power. While the 3528 led has no heat sink design, so the heat dissipation of 2835LED led chip is much better.

(6) From the aspect of power

3528 is generally used to produce a 0.06W led chip with a maximum power of 0.1W, while 2835 led chips are mainly used to produce 0.2W and 0.5W led chip, and the maximum can be used to produce 1W (PCT bracket), 3W (EMC bracket) led chip, this is the biggest difference between 3528 led chip and 2835 led chip.

(7) From the aspect of stability

Materials and processes with low light decay can maximize the service life of 2835 LED led chip.However, the quality of different manufacturers is different, so you must carefully screen your talents when purchasing. We have sorted out the reliable LED chip manufacturer, so you can learn about different global leading brand LED chip manufacturers.

(8) From the aspect of price

Price for 2835 is much higher than 3528, since the amount of silica gel used for 3528 is 1.4 times that of the existing 3528 glue, and the amount of phosphor is 1.7 times, and the bracket needs a large silver-plated area and consumes a lot of silver. The bracket thickness is 0.3mm, which is twice the thickness of the existing 3528, which is 0.15mm.

What are the advantages of 2835?

2835 VS 5050 VS 3014

(1) Better heat dissipation performance. 

The heat of the chip is directly exported from the bottom of the bracket, which has a larger heat dissipation area than the SMD3014 and SMD3528.

(2) The light-emitting surface is rectangular and larger. 

Compared with 3014 and 3528, the light-emitting area is large, the light-emitting angle is large, and the light is uniform. The light-emitting area is 2.3 times that of 3014 and 2.1 times that of 3528.

(3) With a wide range of applications. 

2835 is an upgraded new light source, it overcomes the shortcomings of 3014's small side beam angle and effectively solves the point light source phenomenon in 3528 lighting applications.

(4) Wide range of current used. 

According to the product model and customer's heat dissipation conditions, it can be used with a variety of currents of 20-50 mA.

(5) Replace 5050.

The use of special specifications can effectively replace the SMD5050.

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