SK9822 vs WS2812B LED Strip Light

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Due to the advantages of easy installation, energy saving, and low maintenance, LED strips have been widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships, bars and other industries. Don't worry if you don't know the difference between SK9822 and WS2812B. Read on and you will clear your doubt.

Sk9822 VS WS2812b

Picture-1: SK9822 LED strip vs WS2812B LED strip

What is the difference between SK9822 LED strip andWS2812B LED strip?

Table-1: SK9822 vs WS2812B




Voltage DC5V DC5V

PWM Resolution

8-bit (256 levels)

8-Bit (256 levels)

PWM Frequency




RGB 5050 Pixel

RGB 5050 Pixel

Data Rate


800Kbps Type


APA102 Compatible

Uses standard 1.25uS bit time




In the previous article, we also compared the APA102 LED strip with the WS2812B LED strip. Like APA102, SK9822 uses standard SPI interface for control (with separate data and clock channels), and its performance is more stable than WS2812B. Although its PWM frequency speed is not as good as APA102, it is much better than WS2812B. The SK9822 is also slightly more expensive than the WS2812B and requires an additional wire. However, when data accuracy is the most important issue for you, the SK9822 Addressable LED Strip is more valuable. And SK9822 has no specific timing requirements, making it easier to control. Another useful feature of the SK9822 is an additional 5-bit brightness control register, which allows you to dim the LED strip while still having 24-bit color control. This is what WS2812B does not have.

SK9822 LED Strip

SK9822 is a relatively stable LED light strip, which has an intelligent control circuit driven by two transmissions (data and clock) channels. It uses a 4-wire protocol (+,GND, clock, data). The SK9822 led strip can bring brilliant lighting effects to your projects, and it is easy to operate. Each LED is equipped with an integrated driver, allowing you to freely control its brightness and color. SK9822 has constant current control, as long as the voltage is kept above 3.5V, the voltage drop caused by long-distance power supply connection resistance has little effect on the color and brightness of SK9822. It can be made into 30 pixels, 60 pixels, 74 pixels, 96 pixels and 144 pixels per meter programmable LED strip. SK9822 Datasheet.pdf

SK9822 led strip

(SK9822 LED Strip)

SK9822 Features

  • 24-bit color control

  • SPI control interface

  • In most cases, color and brightness are independent of the voltage below 3.5 V

  • There are power/data plugs on both ends of the strap for easy connection. There are additional power and ground leads at the input for backup power connection.

  • The LED strip can be split along the line of the RGB LED segment and divide it into shorter areas.

WS2812B LED Strip

WS2812B LED strip is a built-in IC digital LED strip, with 3 pins of positive pole, negative pole and data line. The voltage is DC5v input. It is an intelligently controlled LED light source. The 5050 components integrated in the package integrate the WS2812 control circuit and RGB chip. In order to ensure that the light color of the pixels is highly consistent, an intelligent digital port data latch and a signal shaping and amplifying drive circuit are configured. The high quality and low price of WS2812B has won many favors. It can be made into 30 pixels, 60 pixels, 72 pixels,  and 144 pixels per meter programmable LED strip. 144led WS2812B Suntech.pdf

ws2812b LED strip

(WS2812B LED Strip)

WS2812B Features

  •  Intelligent reverse protection, will not cause damage to IC.

  • The control circuit and the RGB chip are combined in 5050 components to achieve complete control over the pixels.

  • Built-in reset and power-off reset circuit

  • Each pixel of the three primary colors can reach 256 levels of brightness, and achieve 16777216 full-color display, and the scanning frequency is below 400 Hz/s.

WS2812B and SK9822 Main Application Field

The SK9822 led strip is more stable compared to the WS2812B LED strip. For larger projects, the SK9822 LED strip will work even better. It can also be placed on LED pixel screens, LED shaped screens, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment etc. WS2812B led strip is relatively more everyday suitable for LCD TV backlights, LED decorative lights etc.


If you are very interested in them, but still have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We have professional staff who will clear your doubts for you. If you have LED strip related projects, Suntechleds will make the most suitable plan for you according to your needs.

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