How to connect LED lights to DMX controller?

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Suntech LED is specilized in DMX LED lighting system, we mainly provide DMX LED dot lights, DMX LED flood light, DMX LED spotlight, DMX wall washers, DMX LED bar lights, and DMX LED strip lights. Now, let's figure out how to contact the LED lights to the DMX LED controller.

How to use the DMX512 controller correctly? Is there anything need to pay attention to? To use the DMX512 system correctly, it is mainly to master the application of the DMX512 connection method. Let's take a look at the correct connection method of the DMX system!

32 channel RGBW dmx512 decoder

The first connection method: DMX controller---receiving decoder---LED lamp or DMX controller---LED lamp (lamp with DMX signal receiving chip)


The signal transmitted by DMX is EIA-485 signal, which is a parallel signal. Usually it looks like serial after installation,so it is easy to be mistaken for serial. Therefore, the receivers in the following examples are all connected in parallel to the output line of the DMX controller. If you can't distinguish the address code, then you will don't know that there will be different receivers. Only after correctly distinguishing the receiving end can all kinds of regular change effects be formed.

DMX512 mainly supports 512 channels. If one "unit load" occupies 16 channels, then only 32 "unit loads" can be connected. For example, a general full-color LED lamp occupies 3 channels in RGB color, and each channel output by the DMX512 controller can be connected to 170 lamps.If the DMX512 controller is equipped with multiple output functions, assuming there are N channels, then it can be directly connected N*170 lamps.

A common connection method: The receiving terminal 2 receives the DMX signal input from the upper receiving terminal 1, and then transmits it to the next receiving terminal 3. This connection method belongs to the "daisy chain" method, not a "serial network". In fact, the serial line network does not need address encoding, but looks like serial in terms of design, but it is actually parallel. Parallel signal lines are routed through the receiving end inside, for the purpose of easy installation and beautiful appearance. It’s not necessary to connect by "daisy chain" connection method. If you need to connect, you can re-pull a main signal line from the DMX controller, and then connect all the "unit loads" to this main signal line in parallel. This connection method is relatively simple.


The second connection method: Controller--Receiving terminal 1--Receiving terminal 2--......--Receiving terminal N--Resistance---GND


This connection method is a traditional connection method, and the resistance standard for the connection is mainly 120Ω. In fact, we usually do not connect resistance and grounding in the application of LED products, and the two do not have much influence. Although in theory, it’s better for any electronic product equipment to be grounded . But is it possible to use separate power supplies for each? It’s not so sure factually. It depends on how your receiving end is designed, whether it is grounded with a power supply or the power supply of each lamp is grounded.

The receiving end of DMX can set different addresses according to the installation sequence. According to the correct installation method, if the LED lamp occupies 3 channels (address), then the start address of the first receiving end can be set to 1, the second receiving end is set to 4, and the third receiving end is set to 7 ... Setting like this.

When the DMX system receiver receives the DMX signal, it will be converted into an analog signal to drive the LED. PWM is a way to control the brightness of the LED, and the receiving end does not need to do any processing on the signal sent by the DMX controller, after each receiving end receives the same signal. The different effects of LED combinations that we have seen are mainly because the receiving end will have different codes, so the signal speed transmitted by the receiving end to the LED will be different.

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