What Kind of Lights Do Nightclub Use?

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Nightclub lighting design and layout

What are the nightclub lighting fixtures commonly used?

Lighting ideas for Bar and Nightclub design


Lighting has become an essential part of the late night and entertainment industry, with nearly limitless possibilities, and systems can be as complex or as simple as needed. With the development of society, the recent explosive growth of LED lighting technology has greatly expanded the use of lighting systems.

Nightclub LED lights are commonly used include strobe lights, DMX spotlights, DJ lasers, dance floor lights, etc. Proper lighting can attract more customers. In this guide, we will discuss what lighting is commonly used in nightclubs and how to improve lighting design ideas for nightclubs.

nightclub lighting

Nightclub lighting design and layout

Here are 4 kinds of lighting effects layout:

  • Basic light

In order to allow the audience to see the stage and performance better, it is necessary to first give the entire stage a basic lighting. The basic color light is the atmosphere light of the whole stage, which determines the tone of the whole lighting effect. The color light can be passionate, romantic and warm, or melancholy.

  • Character lighting

Group performances and large-area lighting can be solved with white lights, and the local lighting of the bar and the host can be solved with follow-spots, so it is best to match 2 to 3 follow-spots to cope with different occasions. Teams or other relatively fixed performers can use beam spotlights to cast light at fixed points.

  • Background lighting

The background of the dance hall changes with the performers, and each change is due to the aesthetics or the needs of the program. The background light is to properly highlight these background objects, so that they can be better integrated into the performance, to highlight the theme, commonly used background lights include sky lights, floor lights, beam lights and so on.

  • Effect lights

It is composed of directional beam lamps, which have the beauty of three-dimensional space, and the colors are varied. The shape can be freely combined and changed by the stage lighting engineer Due to its superior performance and ever-changing effects, the computer light is very suitable for nightclub lighting, and can create a pleasant and active nightclub lighting effects for everyone in a dark environment.

What are the nightclub lighting fixtures commonly used?

laser light

Laser light

The reason why laser light is popular in nightclubs is that it can create a very powerful effect, whether you want that kind of light net feeling, or wave, time tunnel or powerful image, you can achieve it with this light, bring a strong visual impact to the audience.

Advantage of laser light:

1. High brightness, simple operation

2. Wide range, easy to control,looks more magic and dreamy

3. Can swing up and down to attract attention

Strobe light

Strobe light

Strobe lights have the effect of instant exposure and are mostly used in bars and nightclubs. Nightclub strobe lights are mainly used for the connection of light and music. For example, in a climax concert, when the host is speaking, the music is relatively quiet. At this time, strobe lights can be used to achieve a climax effect.

Advantage of strobe light:

1. Flash time can be controlled precisely

2. Long service life, 3~10 times the life than ordinary flash

3. Continuous and uniform spectrum, good light efficiency

4. The instantaneous power of the light output is large, which can ensure continuous multiple flashes

5. The new generation of strobe light adopts high-quality electroplating reflector, which greatly improves the luminous efficiency of LED light.

Moving heads

Moving heads

The moving head light creates a dynamic effect on the stage by making various patterns on the walls and ceilings. With the different swinging methods, it creates a different atmosphere and makes people more excited.

Advantage of moving heads:

1. Lower power consumption compared with traditional lights, which is more suitable for nightclub use.

2. Portable and compact, which is easy to install at any location

3. Good heat dissipation and longer running time than traditional lights.

4. Fascinating color effect, makes nightclub more attractive



Scanning light is a type of stage film and television light that uses the combination of lighting, mechanical transmission and electrical control to project various scenes, natural meteorological changes and illusory scenes. This light is divided into single head and multi head. The multi head scanning lamp can not only make the beam scan the whole field in turn, but also create an exciting and psychedelic atmosphere.

Advantage of scanners:

1. Ability to scan back and forth quickly, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere

2. The lights are colorful, and the lights can change according to the light and shade of the nightclub environment

3. The lights flicker fast and slow, which better drives the atmosphere of the scene.

3d tube

3D Pixel Tube

Hang it on the ceiling of a bar or nightclub, and make the DMX 3d tube light on both sides through IC programming, which can achieve the effect of meteor chasing.

Advantage of pixel tube:

1. 360°degree, light on the both side, it is suitable for nightclub lighting.

2. Smart RGB color design, can generate various color effects by DMX 512 programming and Madrix software online control.

3. Can be controlled by offline controllers also.

Lighting Ideas for Bar and Nightclub Design

Creating a good atmosphere in a nightclub or bar plays a vital role in attracting a crowd. People care more about the atmosphere of the bar than whether the music is good or not, whether the food is good or not, and if the atmosphere is not in the mood of the target customers, they will not flock in. Therefore, optimizing lighting is a very important part of creating an atmosphere.

  • The lighting effect of Dance Club Lights

Traditional effect lighting still plays an important role in creating a dance floor atmosphere. Moving heads and scanners can now use LED light sources for greater flexibility and longevity.

Combining these traditional effects with lasers, color washes, pattern projections and more can create an immersive feel for the dance floor and enhance the customer experience.

  • Bar lighting

Lighting doesn't have to be colorful and swinging back and forth on people's faces all the time. Many bars and nightclubs use LED wall washer light or DMX LED flood light to achieve color washes function to accentuate the style of building interiors and decor, while maintaining the ability to raise and lower levels to suit the time and feel of the venue. These can be combined with what we call the first dance floor lighting to create an immersive feel for customers in a bar or nightclub.

  • Lighting control system

The nightclub lighting system can put the nightclub lighting equipment into automatic control mode according to the music playback situation.The lighting will also change with the change of the music, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, sometimes colorful, which can create a relaxed and active atmosphere for people.

For large events or specific lighting, the system is able to connect to one of several lighting network points around the site of use. These points will include RJ45 inputs for modern control systems and DMX inputs for more traditional control methods.

If you are planning to refurbish or upgrade your nightclub lighting, Suntech can provide you with high quality lighting fixtures. In addition to quality products, we can also provide you with technical, installation and control support.

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