Glass Neon Lights VS Led Neon Lights

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What are neon lights?

Chemist and engineer George Claude developed the neon tube, which can be used in armor to make bright advertising signs. In advertisements, signs, billboards, pop art and other places, you can see neon lights for decades.

Traditional neon lights feature a small amount of neon gas encased in a glass tube. The neon gas is kept under low pressure. The colorful and bright light produced by the gas is emitted by the glass surface.

What are led neon lights?

LED neon lights can replicate the lighting effects of glass neon lights, but they are more efficient. The characteristic of these lights is that different light-emitting diodes or LEDs are mounted on the light bar. The type, color, size and intensity of these LEDs determine the color, brightness and hue of the neon lights produced. LED neon signs  are versatile and easy to use as well.

Why do you choose Led Neon lights?

1. Traditional neon lights requires large investments and uses glass tube, high voltage electricity and inert gas, which makes the production process complex. The flexible neon lights adopts a new structure and LED technology, and is wrapped with led by a special PVC shell, which increases the intensity and uniformity of light.


2. Traditional neon lights can only work at room temperature, and the voltage must be increased during use. The power consumption is large, the cost is high, the life is short, and maintenance is inconvenient. By contrast, the light source of the LED flexible neon light is a cold light source, which has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption and long life. At the same time, the LED flexible neon light also has the functions of vibration resistance and heat resistance. 

3. Traditional neon lights use a voltage of 1500V to excite the inert gas in the glass tube to emit light. Several sets of glass tubes are needed for several colors. The working voltage of LED flexible neon light only needs 24V, which can be easily installed into different patterns during installation.

4. High brightness. The LED flexible neon lights are made of ultra-high brightness LED in series, and the overall luminous effect and brightness of the strip light are guaranteed by encryption arrangement.

5. Operating costs. One of the benefits of LED neon lights is cost savings. Because its voltage is much lower than that of traditional neon lights, it has higher energy efficiency and reduces operating costs by about 20%. This is especially true for larger signs and outdoor displays.Another factor to consider is that LED neon lights require little maintenance, which means you don't have to spend money to repair or replace components. Since neon lights have a slightly longer service life, they need more maintenance at certain times. Please keep in mind that this maintenance must be performed by qualified professionals, which will incur further costs.


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