What are the Basic Rules for Lighting a Stage?

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In the stage performance, stage lighting design is a very important part. LED stage lighting is an art form used to illuminate performance venues and have an impact on an event, providing visual direction and shaping the environment. To some inexperienced, it can be overwhelming since the stage lighting and theatre lighting can seem like an extremely complicated job. Because there are many types of stage lights and lighting effect settings, and they need to consider the purpose of using lighting design and how to set the scene lighting. So it's important to know the basic principle for stage lighting service. The stage lighting design is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the stage lighting system, etc., and the process requirements allow the use of various types of lights and other auxiliary equipment. We will introduce the basic rules and design principles of stage lighting. Follow me and read it!

To help you make a better decision, here we've put together a checklist of three basic rules for stage lighting.

1. Basic Rules of Stage Lighting

(1) Tailor-made lighting effects for your show

The most important principle is that lighting on stage should be completely optimized for the type and genre of performance. Considering the different lighting requirements for kinds of performance, let's see the lighting design rules from the following examples of some common lighting scenes.

    • Dance lighting

In this case, the rule of thumb is to choose black curtains and side lighting to keep the stage evenly lit and the performers visible under the black curtains. Dance performances are all about fast movements. Therefore, good lighting is required so that the audience can capture the difficult dance moves that require hours of practice and effort. These side lights have a natural ability to accentuate the performers' movements, so these lighting fixtures are highly used in dance performances.

Dance lighting

    • Play lighting

In this case, headlights are more often used for higher clarity. The whole point of practicing for a few months is for the audience to see and cherish the little details in the play. So, having said that, the headlights are very effective at capturing the little details of drama.

    • Live music

When the music on the stage sounds, colored stage lights are very commonly used in music performances, and the lights will change with the melody of the music. Because it is known that color changing lights can attract more attention.

(2) Choose the right lights

It's also important to find the right lighting fixtures to achieve the required functions and uses. And for reducing purchasing risk, please always get them from some reliable and trusted stage lighting supplier. Shenzhen Suntech LED is a professional LED light manufacturer and one of the top entertainment lighting companies, specialized in indoor and outdoor entertainment area lighting.

    • Fresnel light

Fresnel is a type of spot light with softer edges and generally covers a larger area but the beam angle is usually  narrow then the flood light.

    • LED Floodlight

The LED  floodlihgt produce a fixed beam of light and the install angle can be adjustable, resulting in a soft and even light.The floodlihgt produce a fixed beam of light and the install angle can be adjustable, resulting in a soft and even light.

     LED spotlight

A spot light on stage can focus the light to a small area to display the details of the stage or theatre performance, and this can also happen to differentiate the main performers from the other performers.

Fresnel light

(3) Consider viewing effects

For stage lighting, different performances will have different lighting effects. A good lighting designer will design a variety of lighting methods to bring different viewing experiences to the audience.

   • Partial visibility: The audience misses a lot of the performer's action if the light is not enough.

   • Mood: The incorrect light scene may not be able to create a specific mood that must be brought to the viewer's attention in that particular scene.

   • Texture: The texture needs to be shown to audiences sometimes. The prop is still somewhat hidden from the audience in low light situations.

2. Principles and process requirements

(1) Stage lighting design principles

The design of the stage lighting system is configured in accordance with the rules and special requirements of stage art performances. The purpose is to design and configure the lighting technology equipment required for the reproduction process of various performing arts according to the system engineering, so that the accuracy and integrity of the stage lighting system.

Create a complete free space for stage lighting to meet all natural stage lighting requirements. In order to enable the system to continue to operate, appropriately increase the reserve and expansion space. Anti-interference ability and system safety are important design indicators, new high-efficiency and energy-saving cold light lamps are introduced into the system design, and DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into all aspects of the system design. The DMX LED lights is more and more popular in stage lighting since their stable signal transmission and cool lighting effects.

(2) Process design requirements for stage lighting systems

  • The process design and equipment configuration of the system has the function of using the integrated theater, and can rotate various lighting for different types of lighting in theatre programs in a very short time.

  • System designs can be quickly converted from one lighting solution to another, and the changeover time is completed within 2 hours.

  • The stage lighting system allows the use of various types of lamps and other auxiliary equipment.

  • The system is designed with adequate safety and storage capacity. The entire lighting system performs continuous diagnostic checks at the main console to avoid interrupting mains power.

3. Which Suntech products can be used for stage lighting?

LED Wall washer light

(1) LED wall washer light

When there is a stage scene performance, there are some wall-like props that need to use color changing LED wall washer, This luminaire shines on the wall and the light produces a water-wash-like effect. The wall washer is mainly used as decorative lighting to outline the outline of building walls. It creates another effect for the stage lighting, and also brings a different visual experience to the audience.

LED Floodlight

(2) Stage LED Floodlight

Flood light is mainly used for outdoor stage lighting and decorative effects, and they are often compatible with the DMX control system. The shape is round, which is to fully consider the heat dissipation effect, so it is still different from traditional floodlights. The stage DMX LED floodlight sold on the market today are basically high-power, using high-efficiency lenses. Due to the excellent heat dissipation technology, 36W or even higher LED floodlights have been selected. This is more suitable for large-scale event venues for light projection, such as large outdoor stages.

Flexible LED Mesh Screen

(3) Flexible LED Mesh Screen 

Sometimes background LED screens are essential for stage performances. The video played on the screen can be integrated with the performer. This is a kind of LED product commonly used in indoor and outdoor scene performances. The stage operator performs the programming and control, and beautiful moving images are displayed on the screen. Then with the media facade lighting, the LED screen can act as a multimedia player to play advertisements and any creative images, creating a wonderful viewing experience.

With the development of LED lighting techinogy, stage lighting has also shown a booming momentum. Shenzhen Suntech Company is a premier and reliable and stage lighting manufacturer and specializes in DMX stage lighting system, and has more than ten years of experience in LED solutions, and we can also provide lighitng design for stage, theater, and other building lighitng. If you are looking for stage lighting manufacturers, welcome to contact Sunetch at sales@suntechleds.com.

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