How does the WS2812B LED light work?

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WS2812B integrates control circuit and RGB chip in 5050 LED chip original package. It is an internal IC, also known as built-in IC or embedded. They are in many cases WS2812 or also known as WS2812B. Voltage DC5V, individually addressable.

How does the WS2812B work?

The WS2812B LED has an IC built into the LED for single-wire interface communication. This means you can use one pin on the controller to power multiple LEDs.

There are 3 pins in the LED strip: power pin (+5V), ground pin (GND) and data pin (DIN and DOUT). The protocol used for data transfer uses a single NZR communication mode.

Here is the pin definition:

No. Symbol Function description
1 VDD Power supply LED
2 DOUT Control data signal output
3 VSS Ground
4 DIN Control dada signal input

The DIN port receives data from the controller after the pixel is powered on and reset. The first pixel collects the initial 24-bit data and sends the data to the data latch. Other data are shaped by the internal signal shaping and amplifying circuit and sent to the next one. Cascaded pixels go through the DOUT port.

After transmission, the signal per pixel can be reduced by up to 24 bits.

The pixels use automatic shaping and transmission technology, and the number of pixel cascades only depends on the speed of signal transmission.

WS2812 wiring diagram

The WS2812 is a series of smart LED light sources that integrate the control circuit and RGB chip into a 5050 LED package.

It is an onboard intelligent digital port locking and signal shaping inference drive circuit, which effectively ensures that the color of the pixel point light is high and consistent.

Color coding according to the characteristics of the wires (eg, red for +, black for –, green for signal) is optional, but it helps avoid accidents.

The actual configuration will include the Data Logging Shield, using the prototype area for some links.

Mechanical Dimensions and Pinout of WS2812

ws2812 protocol LED chain

How to use Arduino development board to control WS2812B addressable LED strip?

Let us first check the LED strips, it's composed of SMD5050 RGB LED lights, which integrates a very compact WS2812B LED driver IC.

ws2812b LED strip

Now let's go ahead and use Arduino controller to control the WS2812B LED array. Before we go any further with the schematic, we need to address one important thing, the power supply for the factory. Each WS2812B LED pixel has three LEDs and a control IC.

Therefore, the current requirement for one pixel is about 60 mA.

When you have a light bar containing 20pcs WS2812B addressable LEDs individually, the total current requirement is 20* 60 mA= 1.2 A.

This is something the Arduino can't provide, either via the USB port (which can provide up to 300 mA) or the 5V barrel jack (which can provide up to 900 mA).

So the best way to power the Arduino and the WS2812B LED strip is to use an external 5v power supply that can provide enough power.

We hope the power part of the project is clear, now move on to the schematic of the project.

Circuit schematic:

  • The diagram below shows the relationship of the LED Strip WS2812B RGB to the Arduino UNO.

  • Arduino UNO 5V and LED are connected to external power supply together with GND (VSS).

  • The DIN pin of the LED strip is connected to the Arduino's digital IO pin 7 through a 330 resistor.

Circuit schematic

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What are the WS2812B addressable LED strips and advantages?

WS2812B RGB LED integrated driver chip. The control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a 5050-element package. This LED flexible strip is full color external control of each lamp bead. High brightness, can achieve full-color flowing water, chasing, scanning and other effects.

WS2812 Advantages:

(1)Integrated control circuit and RGB chip

(2)Built-in signal shaping circuit

(3)Built-in power reset circuit and power-down reset circuit

(4)256 brightness and 16777216 color display

(5)Cascade port transmit signal

The WS2812B is without a doubt a very popular LED strip and a well-loved mainstay in every manufacturer's flickering project due to its many advantages such as low drive voltage, high brightness and good color consistency.  As a digital LED strip, each addressable LED has an integrated driver that can control the brightness and color of each LED individually, that is, an LED can be a different color than its neighbors. Therefore, it allows us to create beautiful and complex lighting effects.

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How to choose power supply for WS2812B addressable LED strip?

The two LEDs consume about 60mA at maximum brightness, so the power supplies for the WS2812B setup are interchangeable. As always, depending on the number of LEDs on the strip you're using, the power required will vary. It is important to choose a power supply that meets the requirements of the light strip to keep the light strip at the proper brightness. Since each LED draws about the same 60mA at maximum brightness.

USB adapter:

For a light bar with 30 LEDs, you need a power supply rated at 30 x 0.06 = 1.8A for maximum brightness.

For a strip with 60 LEDs, you need a power supply with a maximum brightness rating of 60 x 0.06 = 3.6A.

If you're running on a USB 2.0 port that provides 0.9A, you can safely power a power strip with 0.9/0.06 = 15 LEDs.

Power supply, 0.3w per LED

WS2812B addressable LED strip 30 LED/m – 5m with 60W Power Supply

WS2812B addressable LED strip 60 LED/m – 5m with 100W Power Supply

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