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DMX Troubleshooting Guide: Stop my DMX lights from flickering

In this article, we will show you how to deal with DMX lighting settings. Whether or not there is a problem with the lighting equipment, the DMX console can't control the lights, we'll guide you through a few issues, troubleshooting DMX lighting get you started right away. Please follow the chapters below.

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15 DMX Lighting Software .jpg
15 DMX Lighting Software for Media Facade Lighting

If you are a professional lighting designer and are looking for the suitable software program for your DMX lighting system. You may want to know what DMX lighting software should you master. This guide introduced 15 software for DMX LED lighting system, we will give you a better understanding of which lighting software to choose for different lighting requirements.

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DMX vs. XLR: Which is Better for DMX LED Lighting?

Simply put, XLR is for sound and DMX is for lighting. Two different cables use the same type of cable and have the same shape, but there are differences on the inside. While there are some crossover features, XLR and DMX are not interchangeable until the user is cornered. So, what are the differences, can you mix them together, and you need to? Mention DMX and we think of XLR. DMX VS XLR is always being compared by us. We will detail the difference between XLR and DMX in this article. Let's look at the specifics.

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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair--2022.png
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2022 (Autumn Edition) is coming!

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is an international lighting trade fair with HK light show, the largest event of its kind in Asia. Exhibitors from around the world showcase the latest in lighting design and technology. Visitors can see new products as well as learn about new ideas and trends. the LED lighting zone meets the growing demand for LED applications, while the green lighting zone focuses on environmentally friendly products. Other specialty areas included home lighting, commercial lighting​, outdoor lighting, lighting accessories, components, and lighting management, design and technology. Overall, the organizers welcomed some 1,355 exhibitors and 20,511 visitors to the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair in Hong Kong over the four days of the show.

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Comprehensive Guideline: Transparent LED Mesh Screen

Transparent LED mesh screen is a new display technology that is becoming more and more popular for various reasons. Its surface is a layer of transparent LEDs instead of glass, and inside is a product. This transparent display attracts customers by contrasting the displayed product against the led screen background of its digital content. In this article, we will introduce what is a transparent LED mesh screen and their advantages. Also, we will explain how is the transparent led screen work. Hope we can guide you find a quality LED mesh screen.

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Football Stadium LED Lighting Sports Lighting Guide

With the continuous development of society, the lighting standards and requirements of sports fields are also getting higher and higher. As the lighting method of future sports fields and arenas, LED technology has received extensive attention. LED Sports Lighting provide the uniform and wide coverage lighting needed in the air and on the ground on the sports field. As sports become more and more popular among young people, portable stadium lights and led floodlights for football pitches are also becoming more and more popular, and the demand has also increased greatly in recent years. This article will help you better understand and master the football field lighting guidelines.

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Lighting Uniformity for Outdoor LED Lighting.png
Lighting Uniformity: Importance and Calculation

What is the uniformity of light? In simple terms, uniformity of light is the uniformity of brightness in a space or environment that is illuminated by the luminaire again. It is very important to maintain uniformity of light for lighting brightness to ensure that everything in the room is fully illuminated.

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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Best Outside Dining

The right lighting and fixtures can all change your entire outdoor cooking and dining experience. Outdoor kitchen lighting is generally used for three main purposes, first they need to illuminate the area where food is prepared and cooked, second to create a lively atmosphere for parties and third of course to make the area safer. To help you get started, we've curated a selection of questions to answer modern outdoor kitchen lighting ideas. Let's read on!

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direct lighting vs indirect lighting.jpg
Direct Lighting vs Indirect Lighting: Difference and Combination

In this article, we explain the difference of direct and indirect light and how to choose the right light for different projects depending on the scene. And we need to make the most use of both lighting ways to perfect the whole lighting ambient.

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Transparent LED Mesh Screen vs Traditional LED Display.png
Transparent LED Mesh Screen vs Traditional LED Display

The transparent LED mesh screen is more and more popular in modern display, since it can be used both for indoor and outdoor. This article has compared the difference between the transparent LED screen and conventional LED screen and have introduced the advantages of the transparent LED screen. You can also learn how to choose a high quality transparent LED screen for your lighting project.

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2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Review

Guangzhou Lighting Fair is the largest and most functional Guangzhou Lighting Fair in Asia. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is currently the largest and most functional exhibition in Asia. The world's largest LED and ASIA international lighting exhibition. Also known as "Guangzhou Lantern Fair" or "Canton Fair".

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Outdoor Billboard Lighting Solutions.png
Outdoor Billboard Lighting: choose the best LED advertising solution

Advertising LED billboard lights refer to floodlights, spotlights and linear wall washes specifically designed to illuminate large billboards at night. These LED lighting devices are heavier in product weight, last longer than regular billboards, and are resistant to heavy rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. On top of that, you'll find LED types of billboards more attractive. In this age of advanced technology, advertising LED billboards can be found everywhere, whether on the way home from work or near a mall where people can see large and small brands using LED billboard design lighting to market their products and services.

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Hazardous Location Lighting Solutions Introduce.png
Hazardous Location Lighting Solutions

This article will take you through what hazardous area LED lighting is, and how these lighting areas should be classified. When you have an understanding of these hazardous lights, you can use these hazardous lighting fixtures more safely and securely, and in addition, you can also provide your customers with safer hazardous lighting areas, so that your customers who stay in hazardous work areas as a whole have some peace of mind, which also allows your customers to More trust in your services and products.

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Pool Around Lighting Ideas: Make your pool charming in summer

Swimming at night is a favorite option for many pool owners, whether it's for a family gathering in the backyard, or just for an evening of entertainment. But if you don't have anything to light your pool, you won't be able to enjoy your beautiful pool after sunset. Fortunately, there are many high-quality pool lights on the market today that can meet the needs of different pool owners. A pool at night with lights is very useful for night swimming when swimming at night. This way you can not only swim at night. It can also improve your outdoor environment and enhance your home pool experience.

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12 Outdoor Driveway Lighting Ideas to create a safe and beautiful entrance.png
Outdoor Driveway Lighting Ideas: 12 Solutions for a Beautiful Entrance

Driveway lighting is when you build out the outer gauge back home, the driveway lights for you to illuminate the road in front of you, whether there are obstacles, clearly visible. In addition, driveway lighting is especially important for a blind area in the dark, it can save people from some potential danger. Read this post to get amazing lighting ideas!

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Exterior Lighting Design Ultimate Guideline

Outdoor lighting makes the building's facade and outdoor spaces more vivid. Whether you're doing it for safety, landscaping, or drama, external light can make a difference in how you view buildings or roads. It can not only highlight the characteristics of the building but also attract people's attention to the vegetation. From security outdoor lighting to lighting for the perfect outdoor party, you start by identifying the outdoor space you'll be using and finding the right solution for each. Second, when designing a lighting plan, you need to know its basic kinds. Finally, you have to pay attention to safety and maintenance. Below are some of the methods that will give you an idea of how to lighten your designs in different ways.

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Choose the Right Light Distribution for Road Way.png
LED Lighting Distribution Type for Road Way Lighting

The importance distribution of light is actually in the luminaire itself. With the right distribution of light, you can reduce the number of light fixtures and get better sustainable projects.

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Tennis Court Sports LED Lighting Design Guideline

In recent years, the sports court lighting market has developed rapidly, and people of all ages have participated in the sport. And a common factor the driving market growth is the replacement of traditional lights with LED lights. To fully enjoy each sport, it must match its sports light fixture needs. Whether participants or spectators, expect good visuals on the pitch or field. When it comes to sports, this calls for proper lighting to make the indoor environment brighter and more comfortable.

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5000K vs 6000K LED lights, which is brighter?

With so many options, buying LED lights can seem challenging. Whether you need cool, neutral, warm, or adjustable LEDs depends on how you use them, where you are, and how your application needs to look and feel. When it comes to color temperature, we often get a lot of questions about the difference between 5000 K and 6000 K LEDs, which is why we decided to explain some important aspects to our readers to help them understand the basic color temperature. At SuntechLED, we want to simplify sourcing LED lighting equipment.

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Compare: Kelvin vs Lumens vs Watt

1. What is Kelvin 2. What are Lumens 3. What about Watt 4. Lumens To Kelvin, is it possible? 5. Lumens To Watts, how to convert? 6. Conclusion

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2700K VS 3000K for Bathroom and Living Room

Lighting is a very important part of interior design, there are all kinds of different light fixtures to choose from, but not every light is the same color, white light is our first choice, below we will discuss the difference between 2700k and 3000k light to help you do make a more suitable choice. To help you decide which light is best for your needs, we've covered the differences between the two and how they compare!

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LED Lighting Certifications: What Does ETL and ENERGY STAR Mean?

As informed consumers, this allows us to purchase certified lighting products with greater confidence. Knowing the types of certifications you'll encounter when buying a light bulb or lighting device can help make it easier for us to buy. Follow me to see what led certificate are there, let’s go.

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Recessed VS Surface VS Suspended Mounting.png
LED lighting: Recessed VS Surface VS Suspended Mounting

LED lighting : Recessed VS Surface VS Suspended Mounting Overview:1) What is recessed mounting?2) What is surface mounting?3) What is suspended mounting?4) What’s the difference between recessed,surface and suspended light mounting?5)Why choose Suntech?

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shopping mall outdoor lighting.jpg
Perfect Shopping Mall Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Gorgeous mall lighting designs are useful to make the mall look more colorful and attractive. It even directly affects the development of the shopping mall economy. As nightlife becomes more and more popular among young people, the value of LED light design in shopping malls has also been greatly improved. Most commercial property owners prefer LED lights in their shopping centers because they provide brighter and evenly distributed light. At the same time, retail store lighting also plays an important role in the business as a good lighting system will properly illuminate the location and products and customers may gain more appeal from it. LED lights are widely used in shopping malls due to their properties and ability to provide bright light.

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