Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Best Outside Dining

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Are LED lights better for outside lighting?

How do you light an outdoor kitchen?

What is trending in kitchen lighting?

Looking for Quality Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Solution?

Upgrade your kitchen lighting system now!

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen has a new and different experience, unlike an indoor kitchen. You can take this space to a whole new level by implementing the proper outdoor kitchen lighting design ideas. You will want outdoor kitchen lights to be used for a specific purpose. The right lighting and fixtures can all change your entire outdoor cooking and dining experience. Outdoor kitchen lighting is generally used for three main purposes, first they need to illuminate the area where food is prepared and cooked, second to create a lively atmosphere for parties and third of course to make the area safer.

In fact, by using some LED spot lights to achieve stylish and functional outdoor kitchen accent lighting, you can bring home the best dining experience possible. Your guests are sure to be fans of not only your delicious lasagna and mouth-watering steaks, but the entire experience. To help you get started, we've curated a selection of questions to answer modern outdoor kitchen lighting ideas. Let's read on!

Are LED lights better for outside lighting?

Outdoor led kitchen lights last 25 times longer than halogen lamps and 50 times longer than traditional incandescent lamps. The long lifespan of LED lights reduces stress on the environment and eliminates the time you spend changing bulbs.

LEDs come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, and there is a huge selection of outdoor kitchen lighting fixtures that go beyond everyday use. Try detachable grill lights that illuminate basic areas, overhead trellis lights that add sparkle to any occasion, or give your grill the kitchen spotlights LED it deserves. In today's energy-conscious climate, a low-voltage outdoor kitchen light is an LED that consumes less power. Even though they consume less power, the outdoor kitchen led lighting capabilities of these low-voltage are second to none. When placed around your property, low-voltage lights can create a charm in any outdoor dining and cooking space.

Low voltage LED lighting gives you the best in the world: lighting, cost-effective and an eco-friendly way to enjoy the environment. Custom designed outdoor led kitchen lighting ideas, including LED kitchen lights, are often the best investment because they will light up your outdoor space the way it should. Cast a spotlight on your large, sturdy cooktop, or add a soft glow to your prep space for a sense of ambience. Ideal for outdoor led kitchen lighting.

How do you light an outdoor kitchen?

(1) Lights above the grill

Shining a light from directly above the grill area is a great way to illuminate the entire food preparation and cooking area for better visibility. Since you'll only really need this type of task lighting kitchen when you're using the area, we like to have it on a separate switch near the grill. That way, it doesn't stay open all the time. You can quickly turn it on or off as needed.

Lights above the grill

(2) Under cooktop lighting

Outdoor under counter lighting is not only beautiful, especially when highlighting beautiful stonework, but it is also very functional. Such a lighting setup will make it easier to find your mini fridge, cabinet or other built-in compartments. LED strips are a great choice for many outdoor under cabinet lighting areas. Available in a variety of color options, you can also set it to regular white light all year round, then mix it up for holidays, special occasions.

Under cooktop lighting

(3) Seat Wall Lamp

Similar to tape lights, seat sconces are another great option for under-counter areas. Seat wall applications are not continuous strips of light like LED tape. The interruptions provide enough brightness to make it look sharp.

Seat Wall Lamp

(4) Consider other outdoor areas

Looking at other areas of your outdoor space, does add light help improve safety or make your space more pleasant or atmospheric at night? An experienced outdoor lighting expert will illuminate it elegantly according to your specific needs. For more outdoor kitchen under deck and patio lighting ideas, ask the pros. An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any outdoor space. When you have proper lighting, your food preparation will be easier and entertaining more enjoyable.

What is trending in kitchen lighting?

(1) Street Lights

Outdoor lighting is an important part of keeping guests safe and guiding them through the yard to the outdoor living area. If you regularly entertain at night or host parties, the path lights, flood lights, or inground lights between your patio kitchen and dining area will let your guests know where to go and help them stay away from your flower beds. Or lanterns hanging from hooked stakes can provide a clear path for guests to walk from the outdoor kitchen to the dining area or indoors to the outdoor kitchen.

Some homeowners choose solar street lights for ease of installation and cheap fixtures. In some cases, this can be fine, but if you're hosting guests within a few hours of dusk, solar lights are usually not a good idea.

(2) Step or Stair Lights

Some backyards have elaborate landscaping, including ponds, other water features, flower beds, rock formations, etc., which may have steps. Lighting upstairs and steps can minimize the risk of trips and falls. This will help keep you, your family and your guests safer while enjoying time in your backyard. So if you have steps that lead to an outdoor kitchen or grill, make sure they are well lit.

Step or Stair Lights

(3) Ceiling fan with light

Lighted ceiling fans are a common lighting tool for outdoor kitchen lighting. Especially if you live in a hot and humid area, a ceiling fan will not only keep you cool and brighten your dining area, but also help keep flies and mosquitoes out of your entertaining space. Choosing the right fan is critical, as you need an option with multiple speeds and a switch that allows you to reverse direction. This allows you to use the fan to create a breeze and coolness for your yard in the summer, then simply reverse the direction of the fan blades to help push the warm air down in the winter. Since you don't want to create too much breeze when it's already cold outside, you'll want to use a low speed for this and keep insects away from the kitchen area.

(4) LED Candles

This is an affordable outdoor kitchen lighting option anyone can use as a DIY project. LED candles won't light up your entire patio and often don't provide enough light for outdoor activities, but they're great for setting the mood for social gatherings. But they're safer than burning candles and can be moved around as needed to illuminate seating areas or serve as centerpieces for dining tables. Keep in mind that burnable candles melt in warm weather, so you'll want to bring them indoors during the day, or buy DIY candles designed for outdoor use, which is the smartest option.

LED Candles

(5) Light Strings

Inexpensive string lights are definitely on trend for the holidays and are a handy way to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere for social gatherings and outdoor living. As long as you have an outdoor power outlet nearby, you can hang string lights without professional help. Of course, this makes this outdoor kitchen lighting idea even more affordable.

Light Strings

(6) Under-Counter Lighting

Most outdoor kitchens will have undercounter lights for lighting, as this not only adds visual interest, brightens the walkable area, but also provides the light needed for undercounter appliances and cabinets. Overhead lights illuminating grills and countertops can be blocked by the edge of the countertop, which means anything below that level is likely to be in shadow. So LED strips are also a good choice.

(7) Task Lights

Task lights are probably the most important outdoor kitchen lighting fixtures you have installed. Remember to install work lights on the grill where you prepare the work surface and food. Track lights are often the best option, as they can be focused on a small area of the kitchen to add a brighter beam to differentiate the area. These lights illuminate your workspace and ensure you have plenty of light when you need to prepare dishes, make cocktails, add seasonings to pots or make sure meat is cooked just right.

Task Lights

(8) Chandelier

Chandeliers are great for outdoor kitchen lighting in places where you often entertain, especially at night. If you're the perfect dinner party host, you should consider placing at least one above the main dining area of your outdoor kitchen. For even more flexibility, choose a dimmable option that lets you light up the area during food preparation or board game play, or dim the lights to set the mood for dinner parties and intimate conversations.

Looking for Quality Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Solution?

When starting planning for outdoor kitchens and outdoor grill lighting, many shoppers feel overwhelmed by the number of options available. Buyers ignore options that may work because they are tired of shopping. The result is an outdoor space whose lighting fixtures look generic and uninspired. But it doesn't need to be like this! Outdoor kitchens provide many opportunities for customizing outdoor lighting. It pays to work with a professional so they can advise on where and how best to light different areas of an outdoor kitchen.

  • Functional lighting maximizes the versatility of your outdoor kitchen.

  • Ambient lighting illuminates the depth of your kitchen space.

  • Different fixtures and intensities of light create atmosphere for the space.

Custom designed outdoor kitchen accent lighting ideas, including a kitchen with led lights, are usually the best investment because they will light up your outdoor space the way it should. Cast a spotlight on your large, sturdy grill, or add a soft glow to your prep space—whatever makes your kitchen functional, attractive and safe after the sun goes down.

Artistically designed lighting not only illuminates the task at hand, it can also turn your outdoor kitchen into a lively space for nighttime entertainment. You can communicate effectively with the professional lighting design team to obtain the best lighting solutions. We would love to light up your outdoor kitchen with you. Design an outdoor kitchen lighting system with Suntech, and we'll take a look at your outdoor demands and give lighting options that meet your specific needs.

Upgrade your kitchen lighting system now!

If your outdoor kitchen or outdoor grill lighting isn't up to your lighting standards, it's time to make a change—upgrade your outdoor kitchen lighting system. The kitchen with led lights lighting setups can significantly enhance your outdoor experience while also saving you money. Choose better, more affordable lighting to custom coordinate your outdoor space. Don't leave your home's outdoor kitchen idle!

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