DMX Troubleshooting Guide: Stop my DMX lights from flickering

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 Why are my DMX lights flickering?

 DMX Connection Troubleshooting Checklist

 How to I reset my DMX lights?

 Find high-quality DMX Equipment

 Suntech LEDs--Your best DMX ligthing Experts

DMX problems may come at the worst possible moment! In the DMX lighting system, there are various technical problems, such as light fixture won't work, LED doesn't light up, RGB LED controller not working, etc. In practical applications, there are many different devices. If they do, it becomes difficult to track down problems, especially in large systems. We know it's going to be disappointing, and we feel your pain, so we've put together a proven report to help you go from "out of control" to "back on track". In this article, we will show you how to deal with DMX lighting settings. Whether or not there is a problem with the lighting equipment, the DMX console can't control the lights, we'll guide you through a few issues, troubleshooting DMX lighting get you started right away. Please follow the chapters below. 

DMX stage light

Why are my DMX lights flickering?

If you notice a problem with a light flickering, the first thing to do is to figure out why it is flickering. Is it a problem with the setting of the controller, or a problem with the line, which causes the unstable signal, or is it a problem with the lamp itself? All of this is to be investigated. Find out why DMX bulbs are flickering or malfunctioning, so you can effectively solve the problem so that DMX's lighting system can work properly.

First step: Check Your Console

When you are reading this article, I believe you already know about DMX and what does dmx mean.The easiest way to fix DMX problems is to double-check your console. After all, the wrong settings can affect the overall effect of your final lens. No matter what colors are used to clean the scene or add depth to the image, your lighting layout is critical to all products. Correct setup of the console is key.

So, you can record the proper setting you need, and if there is a problem, you can correlate it with your current setting. If the setup looks fine, but the DMX isn't performing as well, it's time to look at the quality of the cable.

Second step: Check if you are using correct DMX cable

DMX must have suitable wiring. You should use best dmx cable instead of XLR cable.If the wrong type of cable is used, its signal will not be transmitted correctly. DMX is a unidirectional digital signal used to transmit channels and data, especially square waves. Their power standard is 110-120 ohms.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to use a mic cable. Although the XLR's mic cable is technically safe for emergency use, the system will become unresponsive, lights will flicker or flicker suddenly, and you could potentially cause damage to lighting equipment. High quality DMX cables are always recommended. The microphone cable has a problem with impedance and is not made with twisted pair.

Check cables individually. Cables can fail for a few reasons; incorrectly wound wires, or even loose needles. Here are a few easy ways to test for cable failure.

Troubleshoot DMX Cables

If you use a DMX connector and still have some small problems, you can find a solution right away. If this is the case,proceed with cable troubleshooting immediately you should first check for a broken DMX cable or a problem with the plug. Thankfully, you can pre-arrange all the wiring switches to avoid this problem. Suffice to say, pulling the cable every time you pull it out isn't the best approach. Due to the many problems with the transportation of cables across regions, transportation is critical to ensuring the quality of the cables. Training and experience contribute to this. In other words, you should treat proper cable handling as a training process for new hires. In this way, beginner's mistakes will not affect the DMX settings.

Cable maintenance is also important when it comes to storage. Don't put your parts in a fixed place, in a corner of your studio. Good storage is an easy way to deal with some future setbacks. It's also a good idea to leave a spare DMX plug on standby if you find that the cable is damaged while shooting.

DMX cable

Third step: Test DMX Lighting Fixtures

When you're sure all the cables are correct, the next step is to start identifying troubleshooting light fixture issues. Rough moving light fixtures is not an option.It could be because there are a lot of lights in the DMX system, or because of its own reasons. Here are a few things to keep in mind when troubleshooting DMX fixtures. Let's solve these problems one by one.

Test DMX Lights

If the light fixture stopped working  properly, there are a few things that must be done. First, you want to make sure that your program doesn't need to take a long time. Although DMX can receive 32 lights at the same time, the signal of DMX will be poor.

Break the chain into small simple groups, see if the problem is not solved, and piece them back together bit by bit. If the problem recurs, the chain will become too long.

Adopt DMX dedicated distribution device, equipped with more than 32 lighting devices. They split the DMX signal and split it into outputs so you could have as many as 32 lighting fixtures.

Check the DMX address and control mode

One thing that is often overlooked is how each light is installed and where it starts. When a dmx led controller is used, the light does not respond or does not have individual controls, then it is likely to be set at a wrong start address or set in a different mode, such as a pre-set or a automatic.Instead of automatic, sound activated or preset, set the lights to DMX channels.If the light's DIP switch is a DMX address, then be sure to put it in the proper place. Use this Dip Switch calculator to determine the correct DMX channel.

Fourth step: DMX Controller Checking

The last thing to check for DMX is the DMX controller. When solving the problem of the controller, it can be solved by dividing it into several parts. Decide section by section to avoid neglect. Here are some things to check.

Check polarity

If the DMX controller has the polarity switch that most modern controllers have, make sure it's in the proper position. If the polarity of the lamp is reversed, it is usually solved without flipping the switch. Most modern lamps do not reverse polarity, but be sure to check the controller and the lamp's owner's manual.

Upgrade firmware

Some DMX controllers will have firmware, and there will be updates from time to time. These firmware upgrades generally include luminair software optimizations inside the device that can handle many connection issues. Refer to the DMX controller's instruction manual to see if it has firmware. 

Factory Reset 

When troubleshooting a DMX controller, a factory reset should be a last attempt. Executing one removes all data, including user-created tracks, scenes, and options. While this isn't a great solution, it can get your controllers working again.


DMX Connection Troubleshooting Checklist

Many problems can be solved by starting with the best quality (eg, using good cables, adding proper terminations, using DMX splitters when needed, etc).


Don't use too long wires to connect

The DMX standard requires a maximum distance of 1,800 feet (550 meters). Exceeding this range can cause problems. Consider using dmx splitter cable. This signal is regenerated each time it passes through a splitter, allowing you to use 800 feet (or 550 meters) again. Note: If you use RDM over DMX, the maximum length of your cable will drop to 300 m.

Use splitters for stable signal transmission

If your DMX signal is going in multiple directions, you can use an active splitter (sometimes called an optical splitter). DMX signals themselves cannot branch (or "Y" ed) without branching to activate new signals. That is to say, DMX cannot be connected in a "star" manner without a DMX distributor. Also, if you're using a low-quality DMX splitter, it can be a source of problems. Interactive has developed a DMX splitter that alleviates the problems caused by DMX forks.

Use DMX terminator

Every DMX should be terminated. That means, at the end of each operation or at the end, end with a 120 ohm resistor. Some lights have a switch that turns on a terminal, while others don't. If the DMX signal reaches the end of the lighting job, and doesn't end, it gets reflected back, which can cause interference, causing flashes and loss of control. If the lamp does not have built-in terminals, an external DMX terminal must be added to the lamp DMX output. DMX should only use one terminal at a time. If adding a terminator causes the DMX to not work, then that means there is a cable or connector problem, until you're done. Don't let the Terminator back off, figure out why there's a normal outage.

How to I reset my DMX lights?

Connect the power supply to the DMX controller and the lighting unit. the DMX line is connected from the DMX controller to the DMX line and the DMX line is connected from the DMX line to the DMX line. Set both lights to DMX channel mode (in this example it is 4-channel mode).

Common connection method: the receiver 2 receives the DMX signal from the higher receiver 1 before transmitting to the next receiver 3. This is a "daisy chain" connection, not a "serial network". Actually, a serial wire network doesn't need addressing, it's just a serial, actually parallel. The receiving end adopts parallel signal lines, which is convenient for installation and appearance. There is no need to use a "daisy chain" method. If necessary, pull the main signal wire out of the DMX controller and connect the "unit load" in parallel with the main signal wire. This is an easier connection.

Find high-quality DMX Equipment

In fact, it is very easy to learn to solve the lighting problem of DMX at the critical moment. Therefore, some problems with lighting can be attributed to the quality of field equipment. As a result, basic troubleshooting techniques may fail due to problems with the gear itself.

The best way to avoid this is to look for high-quality professional products from those trusted name brands. Of course, as with any commodity on the market, you can always find 

good and bad. At some point, you might have some inferior options in your wallet, but if you're on a budget, you'll still want to consider its performance.

This means that you don't need to go out of your way to find a professional LED light that can give you high-quality performance without spending a fortune. To avoid misleading prices, check online reviews and trade names to determine the actual value of DMX. DMX lighting meaning is to present the effect you want most.

Quality is paramount in everything from the ball to the cable to the controller. Ultimately, DMX lighting LED isn't going to be your biggest budget for professional photography.

Suntech LEDs--Your best DMX ligthing Experts

With the development of the times, all walks of life are carrying out technological innovation, especially the LED lighting industry. In order to achieve various dynamic lighting effects and ensure stable signal transmission, DMX came into being.

DMX is a digital network communication standard compatible with a variety of light sources, and is now mainly used for LED lamps. DMX was developed in the 1980s and is now popularized and standardized. Now ideal for stage lighting, high-end venues, complex lighting effects.

SuntechLED provides a variety of DMX LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting, such as hotel lighting, KTV decoration, bar dynamic lighting, event lighting, etc. Shenzhen Suntech Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, we have been focusing on LED lighting products from the very beginning. After years of development, we have changed from only focusing on indoor lighting products to taking into account both indoor and outdoor lighting products and providing overall lighting solutions, becoming one of the top LED outdoor lighting manufacturers. We have DMX LED dot lightsDMX LED spotlights, LED mesh screensDMX LED flood lights, LED bar lights, LED wall washers and DMX LED strips to meet your different lighting needs. Additionally, we have our own engineering team to customize products and lighting solutions to meet your unique lighting requirements. We offer a 5 year warranty on all LED lighting fixtures and support all technical guidance from consultation to installation.

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