How to distinguish wall washer and flood light?

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With the development of the lighting industry, there are more and more types of lamps. Today we will talk about the difference between wall washers and flood lights. The most direct way to distinguish is the shape. Wall washers are mostly linear, while flood lights are generally square.

Suntech Company is one of the best LED outdoor lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China, specializing in LED facade lighting and landscape lighting for outdoor lighting, our main products including LED flood light, LED spot light, LED wall washer, and LED mesh screen. Our LED lighting products are of good quality and excellent price, serving customers for nearly 15 years.  Here we provide a table that briefly explains the difference between the led wall washer and flood light.

Tabel 1. Difference between wall washer and floodlight from SuntechLed

Facade light Shape Lighting effect
Application scope
Heat dissipation
Wall washer Rectangular The lighting distance is not far, the lighting outline is more obvious squares, lawns, billboards, docks, and other sports venues Better
Flood light Round or square The lighting distance is far, the area is large architectural decorative lighting, shopping malls Good

What is wall washer?

A Wall washer is a commonly used lighting fixture widely used in various design fields, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting.

It allows light to shine through the wall like a wash and is often used to outline the outline of a large building. Because LED light has the characteristics of energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, long life, the wall washer lamps of other light sources are gradually replaced by LED wall washer lights.

Suntech wall-washer

What is flood light?

The flood light is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions, and its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily. Floodlights are the most widely used light source in the production of renderings. Standard flood lights are used to illuminate the entire scene. And you can see the DMX RGB  flood light in the stage lighting, eventing lighting, and landscape lighting.

Suntech flood-light

How to distinguish wall washer and flood light?

1. The wall washer is a kind of floodlight, which is used to illuminate the wall. Can be used as landscape lighting. Floodlights are a general term. Floodlights can be called floodlights with an angle of light of 90 degrees, and they have a wide range of functions.

2. The most direct way to distinguish is the shape. Wall washers are mostly linear, while flood lights are generally square.

3. The flood light can aim in any direction and can change the angle. Wall washer lights are generally used for landscape lighting, such as lighting projects, shopping malls, subways, and other panoramic lighting.

The application effect display:


Wall washer light

Flood light application

Flood light

Suntech Wall Washer Hot Selling Products

If you are looking for quality and reliable wall washer light manufacturers, Suntech will be your best choice.

Tabel 2. Wall Washer Hot Selling Products

Model LED source Qty. LED type Color
Voltage Power
48pcs 2835 R/G/B/W DMX512
DC24V 12W
48pcs 3535 RGB/W Single line serial TTL DC24V 12W 120cd
SLB023-48CD 48pcs 2835 R/G/B/W DMX512 DC24V 12W 640LM
SLA028-60XD 60pcs 5050 RGBW DMX512 DC24V 20W 225cd
36pcs 3535
RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 36-54W 2700LM
LA018-48XT 48pcs
5050 RGBW TTL DC24V 15W 180cd


* If you are looking for architectural lighting products, please check here: linear wall wash light fixture | exterior led spotlight

Suntech Flood Light Hot Selling Products

Tabel 3. Flood Light Hot Selling Products

Model LED source Qty. LED type Color
Voltage Power
SHC120-18WD 9/12pcs 3535
RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V
12pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 24W 1680LM
SHA205-54WD 36pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 54W 1450LM
SHB160-36WD 18/24pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 2520LM
36pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V
72W 5040LM
18/24pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 2520LM

* For more LED flood lights, please go to this page: Architectural Floodlighting




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