365nm VS 395nm Which is better?

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1. What is 365nm and 395nm light?

2. Color and efficiency different

3. Application different

4. Cost different

5. FAQ

What is 365nm and 395nm light?

Before answering which 365nm or 395nm is better for your application, let's pay attention to what are the 365nm UV light and 395nm UV light, what are the difference between them, then we will know how to choose between 365nm and 395nm.

Table: Comparison of 365nm and 395nm light

Item Color Effeciency
Cost Application
365nm light pale blue-white color

More powerful fluorescence:

Illuminate the tiny particles

Higher curing UV glue, UV varnish, surface curing of glue
395nm light Brighter purple color

Lower fluorescent effect:

Illuminate larger particles

Lower curing UV coatings and UV inks, determines the depth of curing

UV wavelength

As above image shows, the light can be divided into visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays and infrared light according to the different wavelength range. The UV light between 100nm and 400nm can be further divided to UVA, UVB and UVC. The 200nm~280nm UVC light usually be used for surface, air and water disinfection; the 280nm~315nm UVB light can be used for plants lighting, medical training, and tanning. The closest UV light to visible light is UVA 315nm to 400nm, and it also called “black light” since it is still an invisible light.

365nm vs 395nmThe 365nm and 395nm light are both belong to UVA. UVA LED lights are often used to emit and observe 

fluorescent effects, and to cure plastics and paints. In theory, we cannot see it when the UVA lamp is turned 

on, but we can see purpleor blue fluorescence on the item surface when it illuminate other things.

As we know, 365nm LED lights and 395nm LED lights also emit light which is higher or lower than 365nm 

or 395nm. 

This means, actually the 365nm lamp and 395nm lamp not only emit light at one specific wavelength, any 

they may also emit light in 360nm, 370nm, 400nm, or 405nm, even some visible light. Therefore, 365nm LED 

lamp means the most energy of it is emmited at 365nm wavelength, the 395nm LED light strip emits most 

energy at 395nm wavelength.

The left picture is a comparison of the different effects when 365nm and 395nm light on a banknote.

First of all, they both have fluorescent effects and we can see the anti-counterfeiting lines on the banknote. 

Therefore, both 365nm light and 395nm light have the function of identifying the authenticity of currency.

But the difference is obvious, the 395nm light is brighter than 365nm. This means 395nm LED lights emit more 

visible light than 365nm LED lights due to it being closer to the visible beyond 400nm.

When illuminating a 365nm LED tape light, you can see a dull blue and white light on the item, this is caused by

the"light leakage", which means the tiny white light (visible light) is emitted with the 365nm light at same time.

Color and efficiency different

As mentioned earlier, 395nm is brighter than 365nm. The 365nm uv light emit light pale blue-white color, and 395nm emit purple color. 

It is generally believed that 365 nm UV light is more powerful than 395 nm light. 365 nm UV light better illuminates small stains, cracks and spots on dry liquids than 395nm UV light. Since 365 nm UV lamps hardly do not emit the visible purple light, many objects fluoresce most at this wavelength.

365nm test test

Application different

365nm and 395nm UV light are usually be used for curing, and they both have strong penetrating power. Ultraviolet light in the 365nm band is often used for curing UV glue and UV varnish, and the 365nm band is often related to the surface curing of glue. The uv light in the 395nm band is often used for curing UV coatings and UV inks, and the 395nm band generally determines the depth of curing. 

365nm uv lighting395nm uv lighting

Cost different

Economically, 365nm LEDs are generally expensive. Due to the complex manufacturing process of LED diodes, chips with a wavelength of 365 nm are inefficient and expensive. The exact price difference depends on the product type, but 365nm LEDs are generally more expensive. Therefore, if you prefer a brighter, wider beam and don't need to illuminate the smallest blemishes and spots, a 395 nm LED tape light would be a better fit.

On the other hand, 365nm light is the best UV lights for accurate applications such as currency analysis because it has less visible light and can display fluorescent substances more clearly. If you need a UV light to look for tiny fluorescent spot, the 365nm light is more suitable for you.

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Is 365nm light dangerous?

UV strips that emit above 365 nm emit less harm than UVB wavelengths because they emit in the UVA range. In general, the amount of UV light from a UV lamp is much less than the amount of UVA exposure obtained outdoors on a sunny day.

Why do I need a 365nm uv light?

365nm light is ideal for a variety of applications such as UV curing, cleaning bathroom and bedroom stains, and cleaning pet stains on carpets. Our UV LEDs or black light strips are made of solid aluminum alloy. For UV lamps in the wavelength range above 365 nm, Suntech uses only pure professional LEDs.

When do I need use 395nm light?

There are many reasons to choose a 395nm light. Because of their stronger light, you can use them to look for small stains at home or do clearance for your pet. And you can also use this to curing the ink to speed up drying. 

This article compared the 365nm light and 395nm light LED strips, and answered the frequent questions. Hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions or needs, welcome to contact us.

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