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What is LED pixel dot light?

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      LED, or light-emitting diode, is a light-emitting device made of semiconductor homogeneous PN junction, heterogeneous PN junction, metal-semiconductor (MS) junction, and metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) junction. Its working principle and some electrical characteristics are the same as general crystal diodes, but the crystal materials used are different.

Do you know LED pixel dot light:

What is a pixel dot light? Was it confusing to hear this word all of a sudden? Is it a small dot that glows? Is it really? Don't worry, follow me to find out now.

Definition of LED pixel dot light:

LED pixel dot light is a type of facade and landscape decorative light. It is a supplement to linear lights and flood lights. Or you can understand it as a lot of pixels with controllable spacing. Through smart control during work, the light flashing can achieve the effect from dots to surfaces. To some extent, it can replace a certain specification display, but the price is cheaper than the display.

Pixel dot lights with built-in LED cold light sources to have built-in microcomputer chips. Through programming smart control, it can achieve full-color effects such as colorful gradual change, jump change, scan, and water flow. It is also possible to replace the display screen of a certain specification by the array and shape combination of multiple point light source pixels, and various patterns, texts, animations, and video effects can be changed.

Types of LED pixel dot light

      LEDs include visible light, invisible light, lasers, and other different types, and visible light LEDs are common in life. The light-emitting color of light-emitting diodes depends on the materials used. Currently, there are many colors such as yellow, green, red, orange, blue, purple, cyan, white, and full-color, and they can be made into various shapes such as rectangles and circles.

How to name an LED dot light?

Our types of pixel led have three models: SPA, SPB and SPZ. Take SPB018 as an example. The name of the point light source is first its model "SPB". The number "018" means that its flat cover size is 18mm. As shown in the figures as below:

SPB018 name

Other models are also shown in the picture as below:


pixel dot light Naming rules                                                           

SPZ series:

SPZ name

How to choose LED pixel dot light:

In terms of quality, in addition to convenient installation, the selection principle is also the general principle of outdoor lighting: one is to prevent deadlights, and the other is to prevent short circuits caused by water ingress.

Our company Suntechleds provides high-quality branded lamp beads, high thermal conductivity aluminum substrates, constant current chips, and solid potted LED pixel dot light. Welcome to buy. Start choosing the products you like!

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SPB018 pixel dot light

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SPZ pixel dot light

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Suntechleds LED pixel dot lights have several advantages, as follows,

1. It is small in size, light in weight, and can be made into any shape, which is convenient for the layout and design of lamps and has a wide range of applications.

2. The response speed is fast, and the response time is nanoseconds. This feature makes it widely used in traffic lights.

3. No flicker, no ultraviolet rays. The spectrum of LED LED pixel dot lights is mainly concentrated in the visible light region and will not be interfered by ultraviolet and infrared radiation, so flicker can be effectively avoided.

4. Strong anti-vibration and impact resistance. The LED light source is sealed with epoxy resin, giving it strong waterproof and shockproof capabilities. Excellent impact resistance also brings convenience to transportation and production.

5. Green and environmental protection. The LED LED pixel dot light is made of non-polluting materials, and its waste can be recycled.

6. Brightness is adjustable. The brightness of the LED LED pixel dot light can be effectively controlled according to the current. It is convenient to realize on-demand lighting, with stepless brightness control.

7. Strong directionality. The light emitted by the LED LED pixel dot light is directional, and most of the light can be directed to the illuminated surface. Compared with traditional light sources, the utilization rate is higher.

How to install the LED pixel dot light?


Suntechleds has accumulated rich experience in engineering application practice for many years. Now I will share with you a more complete and comprehensive installation method for LED pixel dot light. In engineering construction, it can provide references for engineering companies to improve efficiency.

Installation LED pixel dot light suntechleds


1. Installation with buckle screws: the buckle is locked on the installation wall, and then the light is clicked into the buckle;


2. Snap glue installation: buckle the user's external engineering glue to the installation wall, and then the light can be snapped into the buckle;


3. Installation of the buckle pull wire: the buckle is inserted into the steel wire, and then the light is inserted into the buckle;


4. PC strip mounting method


  5. PC grid installation method (Click Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Light to view product details)


See the video for details:

6. Frame installation method


See the video for installation details:


7. Installation of profile lock bracket

(1) The two mounting brackets are locked to the installation wall according to the spacing, and the light is locked on the aluminum profile with screws, and then the locked profile is locked on the mounting bracket;


(2) The two mounting brackets are locked on the installation wall according to the interval, and the aluminum profile of the light is lighted with the connecting buckle, and then the profile of the fixed light is locked on the mounting bracket;


(3) The two mounting brackets are locked on the installation wall according to the spacing, and the light with the light shade is screwed to the aluminum profile, and then the profile with the fixed light is locked on the mounting bracket;


8. Profile lock wall installation


(1) First use screws to lock the light on the aluminum profile. After this, the locked profile on the installation wall;

(2) Use the connecting buckle to clip the light to the aluminum profile, and then lock the fixed light profile on the installation wall;

(3) Screw the light with the light shade onto the aluminum profile, and then lock the profile with the fixed light on the installation wall;


9. Non-planar installation: such as cable-stayed large-diameter steel cables on bridges. It is installed in the form of a hoop. Lock the hoop on the large-diameter steel cable. Then lock the profile of the fixed light on the installation wall.

10. Other installation methods: But it needs to be developed and designed separately according to actual engineering needs.

LED pixel dot light Features:

      LED has the advantages of long life, small size, lightweight, low power consumption (energy saving), low cost, etc., and low working voltage, high luminous efficiency, extremely short luminous response time, wide operating temperature range, pure light color, and strong structure ( Shock resistance, vibration resistance), stable and reliable performance and a series of characteristics, are highly favored by people.


LED pixel dot light application:

      Since the luminous body of the LED is close to the "point" light source, the design of the lamp is more convenient, but when used as a large-area display, the current and power consumption are both large. LEDs are generally used for display devices such as indicator lights, digital tubes, display panels and photoelectric coupling devices of electronic equipment, and are also commonly used for optical communications, etc., as well as the decoration of building outlines, amusement parks, billboards, streets, stages and other places

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LED pixel dot light characteristics


1. The lamp body is made of high-strength aluminum material, and the surface is anti-aging and electrostatic spray treatment, which is self-cleaning and strong in corrosion resistance.

2. The face shield adopts a brand-new PC lampshade, which is shock-resistant and friction-resistant.

3. Using high-quality LED products, high stability and long life.

4. It can be controlled by DMX512 system, with colorful changes, flowing water, and dreamy effects.

5. Green and environmentally friendly and pollution-free: cold light source design, no harm to eyes and skin. Realize the true meaning of green

6. Humanized structure design makes the installation and maintenance of lamps easier. Suitable for a variety of applications.

7. The lamp is designed to fully dissipate heat, and the temperature of the cover is lower, safe and good protection.


If you have difficulty installing LED pixel dot light or other technical problems, please consult our professional Suntechleds lighting engineers.