Facade lighting in commercial lighting

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What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is the lighting used in commercial spaces, such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Commercial buildings are a new image and a new landmark of the city. There is a uniform competitive relationship while drawing out the image of the city. The unique facade lighting design of commercial buildings often adds bright spots to commercial buildings and enhances their commercial competitiveness.

The facade has an impact on achieving excellent aesthetics, and this is where the facade lighting comes into play. LED building facade lighting can turn a boring building into a truly eye-catching building because it highlights the building and emphasizes key architectural features. The elegantly illuminated buildings also stand out and improve the surrounding environment. Appropriate facade lighting will leave a good first impression on the building, especially attracting employees and customers.

Suntech lighting company provides high quality ODM & OEM commercial lighting facade lighting products. Provide the most suitable commercial lighting design and solutions. Let's enjoy the video effect of LED commercial facade lighting project from Suntech.


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Facade Lighting Design in Commercial Lighting

At night, the outline of the building is almost invisible, and commercial buildings attract people's attention with the focus of light. Light outlines the outline of a building, but it changes color, brightness, and frequency to create dynamic effects that give the building movement and passion. Unique facade lighting design greatly enriches the facade effect of commercial buildings, and even makes the commercial building a landmark building, attract people into the building.


Interior lighting design in commercial lighting

In today's increasingly fierce commercial competition, commercial lighting design is gaining more and more attention from businesses. Commercial lighting designs are different from other lighting designs. It revolves primarily around commercial interests. The purpose is to create an environment that consumes people with proper lighting, high quality, and a comfortable sensation. This is the psychological part of lighting design that affects people. Lighting design affects the product. It is possible to fully demonstrate the characteristics of the product, increase the added value of the product, and stimulate people's willingness to purchase.

Interior lighting

Facade Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Buildings without suitable commercial lighting produce very little light, potentially creating a dangerous environment for guests and employees, and lack of light can also make objects look distorted. If your building is looking to introduce new commercial lighting solutions, keep reading.

SuntechLED is a premier LED outdoor light supplier and manufacturer in China. From outdoor lighting to indoor signs lighting, we offers a wide variety of commercial lighting fixtures for a variety of applications. We provide the highest quality LED lighting products for commercial buildings, and also provide you with solutions for commercial buildings, government buildings, residential buildings, bridges, and Ferris wheel lights for architectural lighting.Here are some our hot selling product:

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Types of Facade Lighting in Commercial Lighting

There are many types of facade lighting, which can be roughly divided into the following categories according to function and building type:

· Highway bridge lighting                   · Ferris wheel lighting        

· Architectural facade lighting           · Building lighting          

· Landscape lighting                           · LED media facade

· Scenic or Park lighting                     · City street lighting       

· Hotel facade lighting                        · Tower & Bridge facade lighting    

· Art & Design facade lighting           · Squares lighting

· Skyscrape facade lighting               · Sports Stadium facade lighting           

· Shipping streets lighting                 · Tourist attraction lighting       

· Amusement parks                            · Commercial shopping mall facade lighting   

Each type of building has its own characteristics, and different forms of buildings need to use different lighting to express or highlight the characteristics of the building. This requires designers to combine the actual situation when designing lighting, and use excellent solutions Features of the building

Different Forms Façade Commercial Lighting Product Fixtures

LED Dot LightsIn general, dot lighting decorative lights can be called point light sources.The size of the point light source is in the range of 20~150mm; with the current customers' higher requirements for lighting effects, the combined array of small-sized point light sources can present more delicate color dynamic changes. , So the current application of point light source shows low power and small size, mainly used in 20~50mm specifications.

Pixel LED Tube: An LED Pixel consists of one or more LED elements, each connected to an integrated control chip. Multiple LED Pixels can be chained together, but addressed independently.Widely used in bars, hotel halls, garden squares, pedestrian streets, courtyards, dance halls, parks, roads, stairs, gardens.

Pixel LED Ball Light: Many programmable spherical lights form a long string of lights,mainly used for Christmas outdoor decoration.

LED Wall Washer Light:LED Wall Washer is an exterior lighting product that illuminates the exterior walls and landscapes of residential buildings, patios, plazas, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. He is creating a smooth surface evenly distributed on the wall surface, so that the target wall is evenly flooded with light.

LED floodlight outdoor: Architectural floodlights illuminate large areas with their high brightness and large beam angle. Their main use is where bright light is required, such as warehouses, stadiums, industries, building facades.

LED Rope Light: Rope lights consist of a string of LEDs inside a plastic or epoxy tube. It is characterized by high pressure and waterproof, but cannot be used in water. They usually come with adhesive backing and are very easy to install.

LED Underground LightThe LED underground lamp shell adopts aluminum alloy lamp body, which ensures a good heat dissipation effect. The mirror surface is made of 8mm tempered glass, which has strong pressure resistance. Waterproof grade IP67. Widely used in squares, parks, lawns, squares, courtyards, flower beds, pedestrian street decoration, waterfalls, fountains and other places night lighting

LED Mesh Light: MESH LED screen can be installed inside or outside the glass wall without affecting the indoor lighting. The high light transmittance effectively reduces wind resistance, making MESH the perfect LED screen to be installed outdoors or on top of buildings.

Customized facade commercial lighting solutions

Whether your goal is to resale the light, or to beautify a building, our experienced team will help.

1    Consultation    Understand your requirements

2    Design              Optimize your project

3    Proposal           Build a plan

4    Order                Place an order

5    Delivery            Deliver your projects

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