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Facade lighting in commercial lighting

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          Commercial buildings are a new image and a new landmark of the city. There is a uniform competitive relationship while drawing out the image of the city. The unique facade lighting design of commercial buildings often adds bright spots to commercial buildings and enhances their commercial competitiveness.

          The facade has an impact on achieving excellent aesthetics, and this is where the facade lighting comes into play. Illuminating the exterior walls with light can turn a boring building into a truly eye-catching building because it highlights the building and emphasizes key architectural features. The elegantly illuminated buildings also stand out and improve the surrounding environment. Appropriate façade lighting will leave a good first impression on the building, especially attracting employees and customers.

1. Facade lighting design

        At night, the outline of the building is almost invisible, and commercial buildings attract people's attention with the focus of light. Light outlines the outline of a building, but it changes color, brightness, and frequency to create dynamic effects that give the building movement and passion. Unique facade lighting design greatly enriches the facade effect of commercial buildings, and even makes the commercial building a landmark building, Attract people into the building.

微信图片_20220113101615 Interior lighting

2. Interior lighting design

        In today's increasingly fierce commercial competition, commercial lighting design is gaining more and more attention from businesses. Commercial lighting designs are different from other lighting designs. It revolves primarily around commercial interests. The purpose is to create an environment that consumes people with proper lighting, high quality, and a comfortable sensation. This is the psychological part of lighting design that affects people. Lighting design affects the product. It is possible to fully demonstrate the characteristics of the product, increase the added value of the product, and stimulate people's willingness to purchase.