What should we know about UV disinfection lamps?

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What is UV disinfection lighting?

How does UV disinfection lamp work?

How to use germ killing lamp?

What are the precautions for using UV sterilization lamp?

What are Benefits of Using UV Light for Disinfection?

The appearance of the UVC lamp does not have any obvious difference from the ordinary lamp tube, and some will be designed to be similar to the shape of a table lamp according to the actual application place. Some are just like ordinary energy-saving lamps, and the understanding of ultraviolet disinfection lamps is not enough, and many products are not clearly marked and paid attention to implementation, so many people use them as ordinary light bulbs, causing a lot of adverse effects. The following article will introduce the relevant knowledge of UV disinfection lamps and tell you how to use UV disinfection lamps correctly.

What is UV disinfection lighting?

Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength less than 290 nanometers are considered to have "bactericidal" properties, which means that they can kill bacteria. This light is commonly used to kill microorganisms on surfaces, air, and water. The energy from the UVC wavelength is absorbed by the genetic material inside viruses and other microorganisms and quickly destroyed, rendering them inactive.UV disinfection systems have been proven to improve the health of people in many industries and environments. UV sterilization protects people from harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens in the following industries and applications.

How does UV disinfection lamp work?


Ultraviolet light kills cells by destroying DNA. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation (light) of specific ultraviolet wavelengths changes the genetic material of microorganisms and destroys their ability to reproduce. Ultraviolet energy triggers the formation of specific thymine or cystine dimers in DNA and uracil dimers in RNA, which can lead to inactivation of microorganisms, leading to mutations and/or cell death and inability to reproduce.

How to use germ killing lamp?

(1) To install the tube-type ultraviolet disinfection lamp, directly replace the bulb of the E27 lamp holder at home, and then turn on/off the lamp normally. 

(2)desktop ultraviolet disinfection lamp,Using methods of commonly used ultraviolet disinfection lamps are generally:

  • Plug in the power supply;

  • Press the switch button;

  • Press the time selection button again to select the disinfection time;

  • After selecting the disinfection time, press the switch again.

What are the precautions for using UV sterilization lamp?


(1)When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, people, animals, and plants must leave the scene.


(2)eyes should not stare at the ultraviolet disinfection lamp for a long time. Ultraviolet rays have certain damage to human skin and mucous membranes. When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, pay attention to protection. The eyes must not look directly at the ultraviolet light source, otherwise the eyes will be harmed.


(3)When disinfecting items with ultraviolet disinfection lamps, spread or hang the items to expand the irradiation surface, the effective distance is one meter, and the irradiation is about 30 minutes.


(4) When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, the environment should be kept clean. There should be no dust and water mist in the air. When the indoor temperature is lower than 20 degrees Celsius or the relative humidity exceeds 50%, the irradiation time should be extended. After scrubbing the floor, wait until the floor is dry before disinfecting with ultraviolet light.


(5) After using the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, remember to ventilate for 30 minutes before entering the room.

What are Benefits of Using UV Light for Disinfection?

(1)UV Light Disinfection is Non-Toxic.It can be said that the most important benefit of UV disinfection is that it is non-toxic. Unlike harsh chemicals used in cleaning and disinfecting products, UV rays are environmentally friendly. UV disinfection is a physical process, not a chemical process. It can be used safely in food and food preparation services and non-food items. Although excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can harm humans, reasonable use is harmless.

(2)UV Light Disinfection Kills Pathogens Without Immunity.If you have followed the news of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, you will know that the use of some traditional antibacterial agents and disinfectants has produced terrible consequences. The development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a major issue in the medical profession. Different from traditional disinfection methods, ultraviolet disinfection is a method of physically killing bacteria. Therefore, the bacteria in question cannot develop immunity to it. This is a huge advantage, especially for hospitals, homes and densely populated areas.

(3)UV Light Disinfection is Safe.One of our most common questions about UV disinfection is, "Is it safe to use? If used properly, a 222nm UV lamp is of course safe.We have designed a switch for the excimer light to ensure that the product will only be activated when there is no one after the person leaves the room.If you take proper precautions, compared with the harsh chemicals in cleaning products, UV rays are less likely to cause harm.

(4)UV Light Disinfection is Affordable.Cost-effective cleaning, you may be surprised when you know that UV disinfection is an affordable disinfection method. Because when we invest in UV disinfection technology at a time, we can save years of time and money. It will not incur maintenance costs during its entire life cycle, and because the device can run automatically after installation, it does not need to be like other methods. There are associated labor costs over time.

(5)UV disinfection is a very effective form of disinfection.This disinfection method is more effective than other methods. Ultraviolet rays can kill a variety of harmful organisms. Because UV disinfection is a dry disinfection method, it is certain that it will treat existing mold and prevent its growth in the future.


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