What will happen if skin exposure to UV lamp by mistake?

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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp, mainly used for air disinfection. Most hospitals use ultraviolet lamp and ultraviolet sterilizer to disinfect indoor air. This method is simple and easy to use. The wavelength range of ultraviolet lamp is 200-270nm, and the central wavelength of sterilization is 253.7nm, which belongs to short wave ultraviolet. This kind of ultraviolet radiation mainly damages microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens) by radiation and destroys the function of nucleic acid to kill microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection.


However, for us human beings, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to skin pigmentation, skin thickening and coarseness, photoaging, and even precancerous lesions, skin cancer, cataract, etc. Therefore, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light should be avoided. However, short-term exposure to ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the main harm is electro-optic ophthalmia and skin damage, other carcinogenic risk is minimal. Sterilized UV lamp is short wave UVC, the penetration is very weak, mainly on the skin surface damage. The damage of ultraviolet disinfection lamp to human body depends on the power and irradiation time.

Once there was a school mistakenly turning on the ultraviolet disinfection lamp as the ordinary light for an hour. Parents described the skin peeling of children like vitiligo after irradiating the ultraviolet disinfection lamp. The damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin is related to the tolerance of individual skin. In similar cases, the symptoms caused by exposure for one hour are similar to those caused by solar dermatitis. The main symptoms are skin redness, blackening and dryness. The patient may have pain, molting and even blisters. This is an allergic reaction of skin to ultraviolet rays. Patients can go to the dermatology department for anti allergy and skin care treatment. General "sunburn" about 1-2 weeks will be cured. From clinical experience, there is no skin ulcer, damage, infection, etc., leaving no scar. Pigmentation will gradually improve with the recovery of the skin. During the recovery period, patients should pay attention to avoid sun exposure, reduce the time of screen radiation such as computer, TV, mobile phone, and keep diet light, which is good for the recovery of the disease. Skin hair and other general by the light UV burn, can be cured quickly, there is no sequelae.


Another harm of short-term ultraviolet disinfection lamp is electro-optic ophthalmitis. The main manifestations are red and swollen eyes, tears, dryness, photophobia, serious or even lead to visual impairment. Usually, ultraviolet irradiation for 30-60 minutes can lead to electro-optical ophthalmitis. It is caused by the absorption of a large amount of ultraviolet rays by corneal epithelial cells and conjunctiva of the eyes. The patients' corneal epithelium will have diffuse dot like convex waves, usually showing red eyes, especially fear of light and tears, and the most difficult thing to bear is that people will feel severe eye pain. The photoophthalmia caused by ultraviolet irradiation usually has a latency, can be occured after half an hour till 6-8 hours.


However, the short-term ultraviolet disinfection lamp irradiation, the corneal damage is relatively shallow, mainly in the epithelial layer, usually 24-48 hours can repair itself. For patients who suffer from pain to intolerable, doctors usually use chloramphenicol and a little surface anesthetic to drop eyes, to achieve the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. However, the more drops of anesthetic have a delayed effect on corneal repair, so if it is not that painful it will be better to use less anesthetic. In the recovery period, patients should pay attention to rest more, avoid using eyes and pay attention to eye hygiene. Especially, it is important to note that do not rub the eyes, otherwise it will cause corneal epithelium to fall off, and the recovery time will be prolonged. As for whether the vision will be permanently damaged, doctors said that for exposure for one hour, which will indeed damage the vision, but after the corneal repair is completed, the vision can be recovered without worrying about the sequelae.


Now we know when disinfecting with ultraviolet lamp, people or animals should be careful not to be exposed to ultraviolet light, so as to avoid injury. If they are accidentally exposed to ultraviolet light, there is no need to worry too much, short term exposure will not cause serious consequences. 


The short-term exposure of indoor ultraviolet disinfection lamp will not damage the corneal parenchyma and lens, but the long-term exposure of outdoor ultraviolet radiation will cause permanent damage to the eyes. Long term activities in snow, desert and water areas with strong reflection, if there are no protective measures, it is easy to cause skin cancer, eyelid lymphocytic cancer, cataract, retinopathy, macular damage, pterygium in the corner of the eye (a kind of membrane grows between the white eye and the black eye, causing conjunctival degeneration and proliferation, and growing into the cornea will cause vision loss) and other problems. Therefore, long-term outdoor work, it is best to wear sunglasses to prevent UV damage.

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