How to choose the waterproof level when buying LED lights?

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Question1 :  What does IP stand for? 

Question2 :  What is an IP Rating?

Question3 :  What is the difference between IP65, IP67 and IP68?

Question4 :  When do we need waterproof LED lights?

You may see that all LED lights have IP rating data. Do you know what IP rating is? Today we will share with you how to choose the waterproof level when buying LED lights.

Question1 :  What does IP stand for? 

The IP in the waterproof rating is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, which is used to evaluate the degree of protection of the enclosure of electrical equipment against the intrusion of foreign objects.

This is the International Electrotechnical Commission's definition of machinery and electronic equipment to prevent the entry of solid foreign objects and the penetration of liquids.

The IP rating consists of 2 numbers. The first number after IP indicates the degree of protection against solids, such as dust, etc., and the second number of IP indicates the degree of protection against liquids. 

Question2 :  What is an IP Rating?

Each IP level has two numbers, which provide information about the level of protection. The larger the number, the higher the level of protection against solids and liquids.

  • The first number (0-6) indicates the degree of protection against solid objects (such as dust or other solid substances).

  • The second number (0-8) indicates the level of liquid and moisture protection.

Please review the table below to better understand the protection provided by each number.

Dustproofing Level Waterproofing Level
0 No Production No Production
1 Prevent larger solid from entering Unaffected by water droplets dripping onto the shell
2 Prevents medium-sized solids from entering Not affected by water droplets that drip onto the shell when the shell is tilted 15 degrees
3 Prevents small solids from entering Prevents splashing water from seeping in
4 Prevents solids larger than 1mm from entering Prevents sprayed water from seeping in
5 Prevents harmful dust from accumulating No damage whatsoever if you wash it with water
6 Completely prevent dust from entering Prevent big waves from infiltrating
Can resist water penetration in a short time
Can be immersed for a long time under certain pressure

 Question3 :  What is the difference between IP65, IP67 and IP68?

When we buy LED lights, we often see the three numbers IP65, IP67, and IP68. What is the difference between them?


The IP65 rating is considered the perfect choice for household and commercial use because it provides maximum protection against solid particles and also has good resistance to liquid particles.

For outdoor lighting applications of all independent lamps with a downward direction and an inclination angle of no more than 15°, IP65 can be selected. Street lamps, searchlights, under-mounted wall washer lights, floodlights, etc. can all be identified as such application scenarios. These lamps tend to have high power, and the IP65 rating is more conducive to the heat conduction and heat dissipation of the lamps.

But do not immerse IP65 LED lights in water, these lights are not waterproof.

Suntech LED


LED lights with an IP67 rating provide comprehensive solids and water protection. They are similar to IP65 and the protection against liquids is the same.

However, compared to IP65, LED lights with this rating are more resistant to water. Even if it is immersed in 1m deep water, the water will not affect the LED lights.

Note that: IP67 LED lights can only prevent temporary immersion events (10 minutes). Do not immerse IP67 LED lights in water for a long time. These lights are not waterproof.


It is the highest waterproof level of LED lights. Taking LED strip as an example, the waterproof structure is usually made by potting, which can withstand permanent immersion events up to 3 meters. Commonly used in places such as outdoors, fish tanks or swimming pools.


IP67 I68

Question4: When do we need waterproof LED lights?

How to tell if you need to buy waterproof led lights? It mainly depends on where you install them:

  • If you want to install LED lights around the bedroom, living room or some furniture, then you basically do not need the waterproof function, you can directly buy non-waterproof LED lights, which can save a lot of budget.

  • If you want to install them in the kitchen, bathroom or other places where water is often splashed, we recommend that you buy a light with a protection level of IP65.

  • If you are outdoors, but there are some coverings and will not be immersed in water for a long time, then you can buy LED lights with protection class IP67.

  • If you need to frequently put the LED lights in water, such as swimming pools, fish tanks, etc., directly immersed in the water, or installed outdoors in a place directly exposed to the outside, it may be able to withstand being soaked by water for a period of time. We recommend that you directly buy LED lights with protection class IP68.

IP65 and IP68

In summary, users can distinguish the requirements of the waterproof level according to the application scenarios, and can easily find the corresponding waterproof LED lights. When choosing IP67 or IP68 grade lamps, you must pay special attention to the heat conduction and heat dissipation performance of the lamps, the waterproof level of LED lamps is often easy to make, but the heat dissipation of the lamps tests the manufacturing level.

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