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Disinfection Flexible UVC LED Strip 5mm Width DC5v DC12v

UVC is the light with a wavelength of 200nm~280nm. It can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus in organisms, destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of the organism, and cause the death of growth cells or the death of regenerative cells, so as to achieve the function of sterilization.


Product Description

(1)5 pcs UVC LED chip Per pcs

(2) Good stability, CE & RoHS approved 

(3) Flexible stable quality and good heat dissipation,

(4) DC5~12v input , 2W, safe installation

Disinfection flexible UVC LED Strip

UVC Strip_

DC 5V 12V strip light_

Technological Parameters

UVC 5leds data

technological statistics .

What is ULTRAVIOLET light?

UV are divided into three categories:

Ultraviolet light (UVA): long waves, with wavelengths between 320 and 400nm, can penetrate clouds and glass into rooms and cars and enter the dermis layer of the skin, causing sunburn. UVA can be subdivided into UVA-2 (320-340nm) and UVA-1 (340-400nm).

UVB: wavelength is in the middle, between 280 and 320nm. Absorbed by the ozone layer, it can cause sunburn and skin redness, swelling, heat and pain, and even blisters or peeling in severe cases.

UVC: the wavelength of UVC is between 100-280nm, and below 200nm is vacuum ultraviolet ray, which can be absorbed by air. Therefore, UVC can pass through the atmosphere at wavelengths between 200 and 280nm. The shorter the wavelength, the more dangerous it is.

One misconception is that 254nm is the best wavelength for sterilization because the peak wavelength of the low-pressure mercury lamp (determined solely by the physics of the lamp) is 253.7nm. In essence, as mentioned above, a certain range of wavelengths are bactericidal. However, the wavelength of 265nm UVC LED is generally considered to be the best, because this wavelength is the peak of the DNA absorption curve. Therefore, UVC is the most suitable band for sterilization

UV three categories

Disinfection flexible UVC LED Strip Application


Surface sterilization: high-frequency public contact surfaces such as medical appliances, maternal and child supplies, smart toilets, refrigerators, cubbyboxes, smart garbage cans, thermos cups, escalator handrails, ticket machine buttons, etc.;                                                                                                                  

water sterilization: drinking water tank, humidifier, ice  machine;                                                                                                        

 Flow water sterilization: flow water sterilization module, straight water dispenser;                                                                                                        

 Air sterilization: air purifier, air conditioner.


1. Pay special attention: UV lamps, please do not look directly at the light source with the naked eye! Test please wear special goggles! 

2. Please read the product instructions carefully before the product is installed and used; 

3. The power output must be DC5V~DC12v 

4. The product is lightly put, to avoid damage to the product, please hand over to professionals to install and repair, maintenance; 

5. Please understand the label tips on the lamp packaging when wiring; 

6. When wiring must cut off the external power supply, to prevent people from touching or damage the lamp, the product must be installed after the installation before powering; 

7. When using external power cords outdoors, it is necessary to take measures to waterproof and leak water; 

8. It is forbidden to press the surface of the LED; 9. The use of any acidic or alkaline adhesive type of glue is prohibited from contact with this product;

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UVC LED Disinfection
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