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SMD 3528 VS SMD 5050 LED Chip

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Different numbers are related to different physical dimensions of the chip. The numbers 5050, 3528, 2835, etc. are related to the chip size in millimeters. Some LEDs are brighter than others, and some emit more light per watt.

    Difference between LED 3528 and 5050

    LED strip lighting can be manufactured with various LED chips. The numbers you see 3528 and 5050 refer to the size of the chip. The old-fashioned stripes that have been popular for a few years are the size seen above. At present, there are smaller and more efficient LED chips on the market, with sizes of 2835, 3014, 5630, and 3020, which are used properly and each has its own merits. No "one" chip can rule all of these. To

    Simply put, these LED chips are called SMD 5050 because the size of the chip is 5.0mm x 5.0mm. They have 3 LED diodes in one housing (sometimes called three-chip), and they are much brighter than a single 3528 LED chip.

    You can use them when you need to provide slight lighting for the project area, especially RGB color changing lights. Theoretically speaking, comparing the same number of chips, the light output of the SMD 5050 LEDs can provide 3 times that of the 3528 strips. Therefore, the 5050 LEDs are very suitable for illuminating areas that may experience high levels of ambient light. However, due to their large size, the number you can mount on the PCB is limited. There are some brightness limitations when using 5050s in this way.

    Although their smaller chips generate more heat, they are still far below other lighting options. These types of LEDs require thicker PCBs to take heat away from the chip.

    The difference between the 5050 and the 3528 LED is that the 5050 can combine three different chips into the housing to produce millions of color changes.

    Although 5050 chips can be used for monochrome applications, we found that 5050 LEDs are more suitable for RGB, and high-density 3528 SMD LEDs are more suitable for monochrome applications.

    They are called SMD3528 because the size of the chip is 3.5mm * 2.8mm. These LED chips (one LED for each chip) are very bright, but not as bright as the side-by-side 5050.          However, when used in large quantities, it will be brighter than comparable strips of 5050s.

    These lights are very suitable for TV backlighting, colorful splash walls, crown molding and image accent lighting, tables and cabinets, bars, etc.

    3528 LEDs may be the most cost-effective, but alone will not be as bright compared to 5050 chips, but when there are 600 LEDs on a reel, they can be brighter than 5050 strips.

    Buying tips: When comparing LED strip lighting between companies, if two competing strips use the same chip, please check how many LEDs there are on the strip and check the lumen output to determine the brightness.

    To Note how many LEDs per foot or meter. When looking for bright LED light bars, make sure to compare Apple to Apple, because not all LED light bars are made the same way.