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We often say that the coat of the city is the building, and the coat of the building is the outer wall of various decorative colors. Facades are self-evidently about the exterior of a building, they cannot be considered as a separate entity. Use color matching and lighting control to decorate the facade of the building, and construct a beautiful scenery to achieve the purpose of brightening the urban environment and enhancing the city's image. Therefore, LED building facade lighting plays a crucial role in a city! Let's take a look at Best 10 Modern Classic Facade Lighting Designs.

1. Nancy and Rich Kinder Museum

Nancy and Rich Kinder Museum

The Nancy and Rich Kinder Center at the Houston Museum of Art, is the oldest art museum in Texas. The three-story Nancy and Rich Kinder Center, designed by Steven Holl Architects, is designed to present a collection of modern and contemporary art collections. The Texas sky, like a bright skydome, opens 180° and hangs over the new building. The concave arcs reminiscent of the edges of the clouds rest on the roof geometry, allowing natural light to slide in just right, just right for the top pavilion lighting.

The underside of the curved ceiling becomes a light-reflecting plate, which condenses light and reflects it to every corner of the pavilion. These arcs of reflected light shape the pavilion in a unique and organic way that establishes a connection with the campus' rich vegetation and water sources. Unlike the repetitive mechanical light sources, the light sources of the new building are organic and fluid, just like the movement within the pavilion. Comprising two floors and more than 100,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Kinder Building is organized around a three-story atrium space, with a unique roof that allows natural light to flood the central space and translucent glass tubes of the facade that covers the building.

Architect: Steven Holl 

2. Sunac Culture Building

Sunac Culture Building

Located in Henan Province, China, Sunac Culture Building covers an area of 10,000 square meters with a total construction area of 90,000 square meters. It is positioned as a vertical ecological business body and breaks through the boundary between business and commerce through double atrium ring corridors. It is a typical project of contemporary Chinese new business. With the concept of blooming light, the project fully considers the relationship between lighting and the environment, strengthens the boundary relationship between building facades and facades, and forms a vibrant night scene effect.

The designer considers the consumer groups of more than a dozen surrounding universities, and it is particularly important to create a sense of ritual for them at night. It welcomes the coming of the night with the alternating breathing change of "blooming flowers" that opens for 3 minutes every night, are formed by the slow change of blue and white on the top of the building, and the "beating Northern Lights" formed by the dynamic changes of the building facade dyeing and casting light as the vitality to attract, The magic light show injects continuous vitality into the business. A total of 19430 sets of point light sources are used, and the power consumption is 52.5KW. A total of 191 sets of DMX RGB flood lights are used, and the power consumption is 15.3KW.  


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3. Haihua Island Fitness Center

Haihua Island Fitness Center

Haihua Island Fitness Center is located in Hainan Province, China. The lighting design is carried out according to the architectural characteristics, and the structural characteristics of the building are creatively sorted out, focusing on the expression of the building's skin with fluidity and metal texture. The lamps are embedded through the gaps of the aluminum plates, taking into account the effect of viewing the building during the day, and using grayscale control to realize the design concept of building flow and movement. In order to highlight the body shape of the architectural movement, LED underground lights are used at the bottom of the building. Through the illumination and regulation of the underground lights, the arc characteristics of the building and the sense of volume are expressed. SZ International introduced the concept of diamonds on the transparent glass at the top of the main entrance, combined with the changes of facade lines, to form a lighting design with both overall and details.

4. ME by Melia Hotel


The building was conceived by Zaha Hadid in 2007. "What's notable about the ZHA design is the balance between real and virtual," said DPA. "The design represents the fusion of two towers into one, forming a cube with an eroded center, creating a stunning and contrasting void. This void is an important volume, and canvas for the lighting intervention and solution to the internal skin of the building’s void. The building uses 5,000 1.5W LED Pixel Dot lights that can be individually controlled using DMX. The facade is a massive mirrored sculpture that reflects its surroundings. After dark, the space becomes a dynamic lighting installation, a very iconic landmark building.

At night, the two sides of the building take on completely different views. There are 4,300 LED lights on each glass panel on the building's surface to organized as outdoor mesh lights. At night, through the change of lights, the hollow part in the middle will be like a deep-sea ice layer, creating a mysterious and peaceful atmosphere. The interior of the lobby has the same sense of flow and clarity as the exterior architectural style. The open glass ceiling is naturally lit, and the blue glass light runs through the rhythmic lines, forming a light wave with a water texture. The glass sphere suspended in the sky is a large-scale work of art, gleaming in the sunlight.

Architect: Zaha Hadid



5. Hangzhou Olympic Sports Vanke Center


Designed by LWK + PARTNERS, the Hangzhou Olympic Vanke Center in China, as an innovative office hub, not only thoroughly responds to the future trend of the hybrid office model but also challenges the conventional practice of traditional office space. Extend the range of people's activities to the outdoors, and combine the characteristics of semi-outdoor space to create a new experience of fluid and transparent space. The architectural design reinterprets the "podium + tower" building, which not only raises the podium from the ground but also rotates each floor to different degrees to create various pedestrian spaces. The concept of sustainable design and spatial interaction has continued to evolve in recent years, through the careful layout of functions and landscape space, the Olympic Sports Vanke Center blurs the boundaries between work and life, lays out a new generation of smart city life mode, encourages interaction and communication, and creates sustainable development value. 

The project consists of North Building, South Building, and Podium Building. The north building adopts hidden uplights, and the south building and podium adopt hidden wall washers, creating the effect of "seeing the light but not the lamps", which is visually simpler and cleaner. The texture and lines of the building are reflected by the relationship between in and out. In addition, since the light source is hidden to prevent glare, it also makes the light softer.

Architect: LWK + PARTNERS

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6. Tongying Center InterContinental Hotel

Intercontinental Hotel Tongying Center

Located in the Sanlitun neighborhood, the center of Beijing's fashion culture and creativity, the InterContinental Tongying Center has become a landmark building in the surrounding area after its completion. With its innovative hexagonal façade units and built-in LED lighted facades, the hotel tower stands in stark contrast to the rest of the building, giving the building a textured image during the day and transforming into an engaging light show curtain at night. The project includes a 305-room InterContinental Hotel, 48 luxury apartments, and a boutique shopping mall of more than 40,000 square meters.

The entire hotel is run through by LED lights. The brightness and color of the lights can be controlled by the controller.  The facade of the hotel tower is made of hexagonal aluminum alloy profiles and Low-E coated glass curtain wall, which is shaped like a honeycomb and imitates the structure of spar. Combined with glass of different colors and light transmittances, it creates a rich and smooth facade effect, the highly sculptural volume stands out from the surrounding buildings of different styles.


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Architect: HOK


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7. China Resources Tower

 China Resources Tower

Architect: KFP

The China Resources Group Headquarters Building is located in Shenzhen, China, and is the tallest building on Shenzhen Bay. The total height of the building is 392.5 meters, coupled with the streamlined appearance that gathers at the top of the tower-like "sprung bamboo shoots" from bottom to top, symbolizing the infinite vitality of the rising bamboo shoots. The core area where corporate headquarters gather in Houhai, Shenzhen, has become a new focus of the city skyline!

The use of linear lighting makes the overall lighting design tone clean, three-dimensional, and upward. In terms of brightness level distribution, the tower crown is like a lighthouse, which is the part with the highest brightness level; The tower base is stable, combined with the interior of the indoor lobby, the brightness is second; For the tower body, the contour lines are integrated into the surrounding buildings and street environment to the greatest extent, and the brightness is again. The whole building is surrounded by LED mesh screen, forming a beautiful digital media facade. Therefore, the brightness distribution of the building facade presents a scientific parabolic curve. It is a landmark building in Shenzhen.

8. ICC Hengqin International Business Center

ICC Hengqin International Business Center

Art Advisor: Alain Bony

The project is located at the core of the Hengqin Island Port in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, and it is a 5-minute walk to the Hengqin Port. This architectural floodlighting project is adjacent to Huandao East Road, the main road of Hengqin, with convenient transportation and an unobstructed view of the Xiaohengqin Mountain. The ICC night scene lighting design not only needs to consider the coordination between many super high-rise buildings on Hengqin Island but also needs to integrate the Macau night scene with a distance of several hundred meters.

The architectural lighting is mainly static, using a monochromatic light source with adjustable color temperature, combined with the characteristics of the curtain wall, distinguishing blue and white from orange and yellow, and expressing the concept of restoring the architectural design. The curtain wall of the building adopts a square structure with an open frame. The lighting design scheme does not use window lights but installs strip-shaped floodlights on both sides of each vertical structure. Compared with the window sill lamp, this method avoids uneven lighting at the four arc-shaped corners of the building. What's more important is that in each square unit, there may be vertical curtain wall panels with different colors of cold and warm colors. When the same light source hits the curtain walls of different colors, uncontrolled images will appear. In the lighting environment of the building, there will be a clear contrast between cold and warm from a distance, the bottom and corners are orange-yellow, and the top and middle are the irregularly inverted triangles of blue and white. The top lighting is installed with a back panel. When the light illuminates the back panel, the top building structure is used as the foreground, presenting a transparent, bright, and detailed visual effect.

9. Nantong Grand Theatre

Nantong Grand Theatre

Art Advisor: Paul Andrew

The Grand Theater stands on the bank of Zilang Lake in Nantong Innovation Zone, Jiangsu Province. It looks like a concerto piano, forming a unique landscape of "Qinshan Zhushui". The Nantong Art Museum has a total construction area of 32,000 square meters and a height of about 24 meters. It consists of two semicircles with different styles. The Grand Theater, is a "Pearl of Nantong", mysterious and bright, a medium that connects light culture and the city. The feeling of the whole night is like walking with clouds and water, changing light and shadow, city name card, water, and light.

The façade and roof shape of the Grand Theater is in the form of irregular curved surfaces. Overlooking the undulating roof on the side of the lake from the air, the five halls are like five petals, blooming by the Zilang Lake. The top is dominated by line lights, and the facade surface has become a 3D dynamic starry sky through the DMX lighting system. The lights change into colorful colors with the control of the LED lighting controller, presenting a different night beauty to the city, and many tourists come to check in here.

10. Shanghai Bund

Shanghai Bund

Formed in the 1930s, the Shanghai International Historic Building Complex on the Bund is a collection of more than 20 buildings of different periods, countries, and styles, which have important historical and artistic value. The main lamp types are floodlights, exterior led spot lights, and line lights. In terms of color matching, a two-color temperature scheme is adopted, which retains the overall classic tones of the Bund. Among them, 23 buildings use adjustable white LED facade lighting to unify the lighting tone of the buildings. In the Bund lighting project, colorful lights were innovatively introduced, adding a new layering to the Bund. Nearly 300 sets of wall washers were newly installed on the 1.2-kilometer-long Pujiang waterfront; The Shanghai Bund Weather Signal Station and the Shanghai People's Heroes Memorial Tower in Huangpu Park on the Bund are lit with floodlights.

At the same time, the project also adopts the Internet lighting platform and software, which can be perfectly compatible with the existing centralized control platform of the Bund landscape light, and can adjust the lighting effect of the building facade according to the needs of users, so as to better show the overall style of the building. During holidays and major occasions, dynamic light shows can also be created, showing the lighting characteristics of different eras in the past century, and at the same time giving the Bund a more modern dynamic light and shadow rhythm, helping the building complex to bloom with its unique night-style charm of blending old and new.

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