Engaging Ferris Wheel Lighting Project Display That Should Not Be Missed

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1.  Eye of London

Eye of London

London eye located in Thames, London, UK. The essence of the Ferris wheel night scene lighting project lies in space, and the essence of space lies in light. 

When the night falls, the lights flicker.  The London Eye Ferris wheel circles and lights up the beautiful skyline, showing its extraordinary charm, a three-dimensional space with clear strips and hollow forms.

The lighting design of the Ferris wheel creates a beautiful night view for the eye of London. Different color combinations make the London Eye more dreamy.

The landscape lighting design of the Ferris wheel can turn the London Eye into a good place, which complements the Thames River in London and greatly adds to the dreamy temperament of the Thames river. The permanent LED lighting on the London Eye and Millennium Pier has been controlled by LPC 2 since its installation in 2006 and has proven to be an integral part of the mayor of London's annual New Year's Eve lighting and fireworks display. 

1040 RGB LED relight the world's third-tallest observation wheel and the adjoining ferry terminal. Three networked LPC 2 work together to render multi-color effects in perfect synchronization. The compact solid state design of the LPC is ideal for the harsh conditions of exposed rotating structures. Astronomical triggers ensure automatic operation from dusk to dawn. Triggers  provide second-level engagement for New Year's Eve fireworks. LPC has a custom web interface that provides manual control.

2. The Shenzhen Ferris wheel

The Shenzhen Ferris wheel

The Shenzhen Ferris wheel stands in the Harbor of Qianhai bay, with a height of 128 meters. It is the best position to overlook the entire greater bay area, so it is also called the "Light of the Bay Area" and "The Light of Shenzhen". 

The Ferris wheel is for world-class cities. It is the destiny of the Ferris wheel to win the favor of the city, and it is also the mission of the Ferris wheel to become a landmark building. Compared with other landmark buildings, the Ferris wheel is easier to shape the image and brand of the city and enhance the economic and social benefits. Ferris wheels such as the "London Eye" and "Tianjin Eye" have become landmarks in their respective cities.

With the radiation and influence of Shenzhen Light Ferris Wheel, it may also be Shenzhen's next city business card. The Ferris wheel is a three-dimensional space composed of transparent strips and hollows, using light to express its changing rich forms and gradually adapt to the dynamic rhythm of its rotation. 

The dynamic changes of lighting, the transformation of light and color, the integration of bright colors, the appearance of fantasy-filled dynamic jumps, and the controllable lighting changes realize different lighting scene changes, attracting countless people around the circle and becoming the dazzling pearl of the city night sky.

3. Eye of Suzhou 

Eye of Suzhou

Jinji Lake Ferris wheel is located in Suzhou and covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. 

The overall planning of the Ferris wheel is based on the design concept of creating a happy and lively world, providing a play space for consumers of different ages. 

Through the combination of relevant venues, the observation effect of the Ferris wheel is quite outstanding, and under the colorful and endless changes of lights, the Ferris wheel itself will become the most dazzling pearl of Jinji Lake. The Ferris Wheel Park will be composed of three parts: a youth and children's park area and a family amusement park. The children's park will be equipped with a merry-go-round and a series of children's amusement projects. 

Pixel dot lights are used to create different shapes on the Ferris wheel. On the Ferris wheel, through the lighting design "laser art", "super window calling", "face changing", to create a beautiful 3D world and a world-class super dream Ferris wheel. 

The brilliant lights and strong colors are the main tone of the architectural light environment in the amusement park. Through the dynamic changes of lights, light color changes and lighting accessories, it is all to create joy as the theme.

4. Eye of Tianjin

Eye of Tianjin

Eye of Tianjin is a ferris wheel with a diameter of 110 meters. It is built on the Yongle Bridge on the Haihe River. It is the only giant Ferris wheel built on the bridge in the world and one of the landmark buildings in Tianjin. 

This Ferris wheel can become the eye of Tianjin because it is built on a bridge in a prime location. The height of the Ferris wheel is equivalent to the height of a 35-story building. 

The lighting project of the Ferris wheel is very good, and the scenery at night is really beautiful. On the pillars of the Ferris wheel, the designers used pixel LED flood lights to light from both ends. Viewed from the side, the light from the flood lights at the ends of the three pillars converges towards the center of the Ferris wheel. Designers then used linear lights to draw the shape of the Ferris wheel. LED pixel dot lights are used to connect the inner and outer rings of the Ferris wheel. 

The lights can be colorful and present a splendid effect, thereby attracting more tourists. The whole lighting effect is controlled by the controller. The night of Tianjin under the brilliant lights is really beautiful, and it is worthy of being an international metropolis. Tourists stand on the King Kong Bridge and admire the Tianjin Eye on Yongle Bridge, like a picture scroll.

5. The Ferris wheel in Mengtai park

The Ferris wheel in Mengtai park

The Ferris wheel in Mengtai park only took more than 60 days from the installation of the steel structure to the installation of LED lights. The builder spent more than 400,000 yuan to install more than 20,000 LED lights on both sides of the Ferris wheel. 

After night falls, the colorful lighting of the Ferris wheel will set off the entire Mengtai park and surrounding areas particularly beautifully. The designer used a large diameter point light source to surround the inner and outer rings of the Ferris wheel. The designer also used linear lights at the steel bars to outline the Ferris wheel. Despite its size, it is surprisingly elegant. 

At night, the lights of the Ferris wheel swim like a silver snake. This huge observation wheel provides a 360-degree view of the city, and tourists only need to sit in the Ferris wheel, they can feel the visual feast brought to them by the Ferris wheel. Mengtai park Ferris Wheel cleverly combines Ferris wheel and playground, making the park a comprehensive scenic spot integrating sightseeing, tourism and leisure. The pixel dot lights on the Ferris wheel can switch other colors.

6. Eye of Wuhu

eye of wuhu

The overall design concept of Eye of Wuhu takes the planet pavilion as the root of the tree and the Ferris wheel as the lush tree standing in the sky, echoing the theme of the forest and symbolizing the charm of nature. With a height of 133 meters, the Eye of Wuhu is not only the tallest Ferris wheel in China (spoke type), but also one of the top ten Ferris wheels in the world. 

The Ferris wheel has different levels of lights arranged on the rim, the outline of the gondola, and the rockery below. The Ferris wheel forms a light show scene. Display through different content combined with squirrel animation. Light shows with different themes are displayed on different holidays, and custom content playback is supported. One of the most distinctive features is that the middle of the Ferris wheel will use a light show to create a cartoon shape of a little squirrel. 

The outer ring of the Ferris wheel is surrounded by large diameter point light sources at intervals. The inner ring of the Ferris wheel uses linear lights that can change color. The bottom is decorated with a small diameter pixel dot lights, which looks like a mountain as a whole. Linear lights are used for each steel bar of the Ferris wheel. A variety of effects can be achieved with just one controller. The lights on the Ferris wheel show a squirrel at one time and the shape of a heart at another time. The shapes of the Ferris wheel light display are rich and varied. Tourists can take a night tour here, admire the Ferris wheel and go shopping.

7. Eye of the water city

Eye of the water city

The Ferris wheel is located in the administrative and business center of the new city in the south of Liaocheng, China, with a total area of 80,000 square meters and a total height of 130 meters. The Ferris Wheel integrates the international academic exchange center and a huge Ferris wheel, and is the first urban landmark in the world to combine a building with a Ferris wheel. This architectural style is unique in the country and even in the world.

The Ferris wheel has become a landmark building in Liaocheng, especially at night, when the lights of the huge wheel change, decorating the night scene of Liaocheng.

The "Eye of the water city" Ferris wheel in Liaocheng is beautiful and stunning. The lighting of the Ferris wheel body adopts 5CM secondary package full-color pixel dot light, which is guided and fixed. The building lighting project above the 4th floor adopts 5CM secondary packaging full-color pixel dot light, and the aluminum alloy card slot is fixed. The facade of the curtain wall in the middle of the building is illuminated by blue wall washer lights. The Ferris wheel body and the north and south buildings are controlled by GPS synchronous controller. The part of the podium below the 4th floor is outlined by 5CM secondary encapsulated point light sources, creating a brilliant and elegant atmosphere. 

The whole is dominated by the blue water of the lake, which is divided into weekday mode and festival mode. In terms of lighting design and collocation, it is suitable for movement and stillness, and the golden-yellow bottom outline is brilliant and elegant.

8. Eye of Dandong

Eye of Dandong

The "Eye of Dandong" is a beautiful landscape on the border between China and North Korea. The designer uses brilliant lighting and strong colors in the design. Through the dynamic change of lighting and the conversion of light color, the designer creates a joyful and scenic lighting paradise.

The Ferris Wheel of bay park creates a joyful and scenic light park through the dynamic change of light and the conversion of light color. By using the changing rhythm of light, the designer hides the light in the smallest form during the day, and the brighter light at night. With the fantasy-like dynamic jump concept, it creates a continuous flow of change space, and use a large number of controllable lighting changes to achieve different lighting scene changes to attract surrounding tourists, which add charm to bay park. The Ferris wheel uses pixel dot lights on the inner and outer rings. Flood lights cast a yellow glow upwards from the bottom.

Whenever the night falls, the lanterns flicker, and the Ferris wheel circles and lights up the most beautiful skyline, showing its extraordinary charm. The rich expressions of change and use lights to gradually match the dynamic rhythm of its rotation. And the lighting effect of the Ferris wheel is quite outstanding. Under the embellishment of colorful and ever-changing lighting. The "Eye of Dandong" has become a dazzling pearl on the border between China and North Korea.

9. Bailanghe Ferris wheel

Bailanghe Ferris wheel

Bailanghe Ferris wheel in Shandong Province, China. During the day, the Ferris wheel has a calm and heavy temperament, but at night there will be another kind of scenery. The Ferris wheel is inlaid with lights that cover the entire area, which can change into dozens of patterns of different colors and shapes. The colorful lights are shining in the quiet night sky, constantly changing various colors and patterns. With the lighting of the Ferris wheel as the center, the main roads and bridge lights as the link, and the lights of thousands of houses as the background, the most beautiful night scene of the seaside is scattered and lined with each other. Citizens brought unprecedented visual enjoyment.

The Bailanghe Ferris wheel has 36 suspended viewing cabins, each of which can take 10 people. It takes 26 minutes to complete a round trip. When the Ferris wheel rises to the highest point of 145m, it can overlook a range of 45 kilometers. The Bailanghe bridge and the the Ferris wheel presents a three-dimensional picture of driving on the upper layer, boarding the wheel on the lower layer, and flowing water under the bridge. When tourists rotate slowly with the Ferris wheel, it is a different experience to see the traffic flowing under their feet and the slowly flowing river.

10. The Pacific park Ferris wheel

The Pacific park Ferris wheel

The world's first solar-powered Ferris wheel, the Pacific park Ferris wheel, is located on the Santa Monica Pier. With approximately 160,000 LED lights, this 85-foot-wide wheel provides a colorful visual show that allows you to enjoy the view even when you're not riding. The colorful visual show is a delight to the eye, illuminating the pier at night. You can see panoramic views of the Southern California coastline from more than 130 feet (39.6 meters). The Ferris wheel makes 2.5 revolutions per minute. The Ferris wheel is equipped with more than 160,000 energy-saving LED lights, which can be seen dynamically shining at night.

Pacific parks regularly programs the Ferris wheel to showcase seasonal programming and themed lighting designs for holidays and special occasions. In 2016, Pacific wheel's state-of-the-art lighting kit displays over 1.6 million different colors and animates patterns and icons at 24 frames per second. Energy-efficient LEDs on the surface of the Ferris wheel are powered by solar arrays in Pacific park. The light show is planned and designed by Pacific parks staff. Each design is manually animated. Some designs may require hours of programming. The aim is to provide fun, vibrant and sometimes whimsical designs to entertain guests on the Santa Monica Pier and surrounding beaches.

If you're considering decorating a Ferris wheel in your city, the Suntech team of lighting experts can help you create an engaging Ferris wheel design and can guide you on installation. We can meet your Ferris wheel display needs.

We can design the lighting effects you need, provide the types of LED lights and program the effects yourself to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for you. The video below is about our Ferris wheel project.


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