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LED Underground Light For Landscape Lighting

SIA series underground light is designed for outdoor landscape lighting


SIA series underground lights

Underground Garden Lights Features

★ Standard DMX512 control protocol

★ Built-in anti-pull connection design for waterproof connector

★ High thermal conductivity adhesive, fully potted, and waterproof design

★ Special protection design for outdoor lightning protection and static electricity (ESD)

★ Product flexibility, wide application, multiple installation methods

★ Optional anti-glare cover

★ Support RGB/W current individually adjustable (low brightness and high gray)

Description of LED Underground Light

SIA series underground light is a high-power LED underground light product specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting. Adopting high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum shell, through high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue potting + sealing ring double waterproof; the appearance of the lamps is exquisite and generous; the lamps are connected through the national standard customized flexible cable, which can be bent or deformed at will; the appearance and color temperature can be customized; Mainly used for decorative lighting and lighting of green belts, parks, lawns, courtyards, streets, parking lots, squares and other places.

Product Size (Unit: mm)

LED Underground Light For Landscape Lighting 0

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Installation Method 

LED Underground Light For Landscape Lighting 1

Technical Parameter of SIA Underground Lamp

LED Underground Light For Landscape Lighting 2

Product Selection Table 

LED Underground Light For Landscape Lighting 3

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For more product information videos, please click the following link: 


What is an underground light? 

1. Definition: Underground lighting can be defined as lighting performed on the ground. It is also called in-floor lighting, especially when it refers to similar lighting performed indoors. LED underground lights are such lights, the difference is that they use LED technology instead of standard lighting technology.

2. Purpose: The installation of floor lamps and floor lamps aims to create guide lights that highlight the paths of outdoor buildings and garden areas. They also make full use of the buildings and greenery that define private and public spaces, reducing the size of lighting products whose light is only visible when their technical components disappear below the surface. Not all underground lights are designed to use the best lights. Therefore, LED underground lights are the best type of these lighting fixtures because they can produce the best light for the use of space in terms of hue and color rendering. They also have the best light efficiency, which can ensure a significant reduction in energy consumption.

3. Advantages: The introduction of LED technology into underground lighting is to meet the demand for combining energy efficiency and light quality. In order to ensure the best performance in terms of energy efficiency, color change and service life, LEDs are selected from the best LEDs in the world.

Lighting effect: If every LED underground light is a must-have, it must have reflectors, optics and lenses that produce a wide range of lighting effects to provide proper lighting. The range of effects provided by such effects should range from wall-washing effects that uniformly illuminate vertical display surfaces and walls to focused beams used to illuminate details or small objects.

Technical solution: The choice of technical solutions and materials enables LED underground lights to be installed outdoors, aiming to optimize resistance to vandalism and weather. Even in very severe weather such as ice, heavy snow and rain, special care must be taken to avoid water infiltration into the housing of such lighting equipment.

4. Ceiling light: Ceiling light is a type of LED underground light. They provide ground lighting by pointing the light from the ground up. The purpose of this lamp is to highlight points in the landscape, such as architectural features and precious plants. Ground fixtures will vary according to the design and the items they want to highlight. For example, a small factory may need several underground lights with a rated power of 10W. On the other hand, a group of plants or a figure may need to use several lights with a rated power of 20W to 40W.

Path lights: Path lights are another most eye-catching and common buried lighting application. The whole point of this type of lighting is to create guidance on either side of the lane, sidewalk, or path. It has two main purposes; for safety purposes, to prevent visitors from wandering in the illuminated area, and for decoration purposes.

5. Installation: Unlike other types of outdoor lighting, underground LED lights should be placed in a fairly low position. They usually use lights that spread light with a soft luminous effect. Too many ground path lights should not be used in a single area, as they will create the appearance of an airline runway. Understatement should be an operational consideration when placing lights. The normal rated power of the LEDs of these lamps is lower than the rated power of the uplights. Any rated power between 10W and 20W is sufficient. You need low-rated ceiling lights and street lights to get the desired effect.

6. Customized solution: User-defined underground light is another type of LED underground light. These do not have specific technical details, because users who order them need to describe what they want them to do. Most companies that manufacture underground lights offer this option to give their consumers multiple choices. Some customers, especially those in the construction industry, may need to create underground lights and styles based on specific designs. In this case, they will have to consult various manufacturing companies to find a company that can meet their needs. The increasing demand for user-specified buried LED lights has led many companies to offer this option. It allows customers to choose the design, shape, power consumption and color of the LED light.

Other names for underground light 

LED underground lights are also called LED inground Lights,led underground lights, led deck lights, led street lights, led staircase lights, led underground lights, led recessed lights, led lane lights, led sidewalk lights, led upper lights, led pedestrian lights, led Recessed wall lights, RGB LED underground lights, waterproof RGB floor lamps, RGB LED square lights, stainless steel LED RGB underground lights, LED step lights, LED flood lights, etc.     

What are the advantages of our underground lights?

1. All led underground lights have passed CE, RoHS, SGS certification. Provides a 5-year warranty.

2. The LED underground light adopts Cree & Edison high-power LED. LED underground lamp working voltage: AC/DC12V or DC24V, constant current drive, no flicker, fast response to overcurrent, safe to use.

3. RGB DMX512 and RDM system. Sealed lamp without waterproof glue, IP67 waterproof structure. Easy to maintain and free to replace.

4. In order to ensure the high quality of LED underground lights, we use gravel cables.

5. The light source shell is integrated into the design to meet the soft and uniform light effect and achieve better waterproof performance.


Application of underground lights

SIA series LED underground lights can be used for landscape lighting, decorative patterns and night safety, and security, mainly including gardens, terraces, fountains, waterfall decks, paths, courtyards, passages, steps, porch driveways.   

LED Underground Light For Landscape Lighting application


SIA series LED underground lights can be used for outdoor lighting in squares, outdoor parks, and other leisure places; decoration of parks, lawns, squares, courtyards, flower beds, pedestrian streets, and night lighting in waterfalls, fountains, underwater, and other places.     

How to install underground lights 

There are two main aspects to the construction quality of buried lamps or underwater lamps. One is the water seepage problem of the lamps, and the other is the water leakage of the junction box in the middle of the line.

Therefore, when planning the construction scheme of buried lights or underwater lighting, the power supply line should be connected appropriately to minimize the intermediate joints; when the intermediate joints are unavoidable, a centralized junction box needs to be found at a suitable position on the ground. The lamp-side power-side connectors of the luminaire are concentrated at the junction box connection; when the luminaire is unpacked and installed with the light source and wiring on the spot, the sealing level of the luminaire may be reduced due to the environment and improper operation, causing hidden quality hazards. If necessary, the product is required to be released. goods. A good light source with a certain length of lamp holder is essential. Therefore, a reasonable and comprehensive construction plan is of great significance to improving the quality of the project.

Main considerations:

1. Before installing the underground light, the power supply must be cut off. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and the basis for safe operation.

2. Before installing the underground lamp, all the components used for lighting should be arranged. Buried light is a special landscape LED light buried in the ground. Once installed, it is very troublesome to install parts and refill them. So be prepared before installation.

3. Before installing the buried lights, drill holes according to the size of the embedded parts, and then fix the embedded parts with concrete. The embedded part plays the role of isolating the LED from the lamp body and the soil, which can ensure the service life of the buried lamp.

4. Before installing the underground lamp, you should prepare your own IP67 or IP68 wiring device, and connect the external power input terminal to the power cord of the lamp body. Moreover, the power cord of the LED underground lamp needs to use a VDE-certified waterproof power cord to ensure the service life of the LED underground lamp.

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