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Bridge lighting design is similar to architectural engineering lighting design. Bridge lighting engineering is more inclined to beautiful and generous landscapes. Modern bridge sculptures can produce various graphics, which can better reflect the humanization and essential beauty of bridge engineering buildings. Bridge lighting Landscape lighting not only has the characteristics of landscape gardens, but also presents the appearance of the city.

In fact, many people would think of it as installing lights on bridges, but the installation and proper maintenance of such lights present challenges. Bridge lights can experience various problems, which can affect the lighting effect.


1. What is bridge lighting?

2. What are the usual types of bridge lighting?

3. How to design luminous low-maintenance bridge lighting systems?

4. What aspects should be paid attention to in bridge lighting design?

5. How to select the ideal bridge lighting?

6. Bridge lighting around the world

7. Q&A

1. What is bridge lighting?

Bridge lighting can also be called bridge glorious lighting project, bridge LED lighting project, etc. Through the bridge lighting design scheme, the old-fashioned bridge has become a beautiful landscape and people like it.

Bridge lighting is an important element of urban night scenes and an important urban public space. The design and installation of lamps and lanterns are combined with the bridge modeling structure to outline the outline of the bridge. When the lights are on, the beauty of the bridge itself will not be damaged, and the main shape of the bridge at night will be vividly rendered through the lighting. Come out and form a good landscape effect.

Bridge lighting

2. What are the usual types of bridge lighting?

There are many types of lights that can be used to illuminate a bridge. We can design in different shapes, sizes, colors and fixtures to provide unique lighting effects. The most common types of bridge lights fall into the following categories: decorative lights, function lights, under-bridge lights, post lights, and flood lights.

2.1 Decorative bridge lights

Decorative bridge lights are made in some characteristic colors with the aim of creating some engaging visual experiences. Decorative LED lighting is the most common type of lighting we can encounter today in popular bridges around the world. These lights were added to make the bridge different from the rest, not a dull, boring bridge.

Decorative bridge lights are usually designed to provide some unique visual experience during celebrations, and innovative effects that can be controlled from a distance.

Bridge lighting

2.2 Function lights

The brightness of the bridge should be adjusted and customized according to its users and the surrounding area, allowing users to pass by day or night.

In addition, function lights illuminate some specific points. For example, handrail lights are often installed on pedestrian bridges to help people navigate easily even at night. LED strip lights or fluorescent tubes are the main types of lights used for this purpose.

Bridge lighting

2.3 Under bridge lights

Under-bridge lighting can provide several functional and decorative advantages. In addition to providing the unique ambience of a bridge, under-bridge lighting is also very important for pedestrians and passing vehicles, especially at night.

This type of light is available in a range of colors and shapes, all of which ensure proper lighting throughout the bridge.

2.4 Post lights

Post lights are manufactured to provide different light points on the bridge and are installed at different heights. Floodlights are another unique type of light, often integrated into towers or tall masts. They can also be used as drawbridge lighting. A huge benefit of these lights is that they can effectively illuminate sections of bridges that may be darker.

3. How to design luminous low-maintenance bridge lighting systems?

3.1 Determine the position of the lamps

Since the bridge lighting project is carried out after the bridge has been constructed, the construction lighting project of the new lamps is mainly to highlight the shape of the bridge and achieve the purpose of beautifying the city night scene.

The placement of lighting fixtures directly affects the actual effect of bridge lighting and the difficulty of maintenance and management. The lamps are arranged too high on both sides of the bridge, and the effect of light radiation and contrast is not obvious. At the same time, if the position of the lighting lamps is too high, the lamps will be easily damaged by the outside world, and the hidden dangers and operation and maintenance costs will increase; if the installation position of the lamps is too low, the construction operation and future maintenance will be more difficult, and the bridge will be far away due to the increased influence of lighting. The viewing effect is poor.

Bridge lighting

3.2 Pay attention to the bridge and catheter support

When laying bridges and conduits on bridges, attention should be paid to the damage and impact on the existing bridge structures during the installation of bridges and conduit supports. Therefore, the waste holes generated in the construction process and bracket installation should be sealed with epoxy mortar in time to reduce damage to the structure.

3.3 The working environment

The lamps and equipment installed in the bridge lighting project are different from the working environment of general lighting lamps. Most of them are open-air operations. During the installation of bridge lighting lamps and equipment, it is necessary to fully protect the lamps and equipment lines from aging and rain. wait for work.

3.4 Bridge lighting construction

Bridge lighting construction is the construction work of adding lighting installation works outside the existing structure. The new additions are all surface-mounted, and some of the lights are small in quantity, which is easily damaged and affected by outsiders.

Bridge lighting

3.5 Safe management

Safety management of bridge lighting construction. Urban bridge lighting construction, safety management is difficult. On the one hand, as the main passage of the city, the bridge has heavy traffic and large traffic volume, and the construction is seriously disturbed by the outside world; Work in any place is more dangerous. Therefore, in the process of lighting construction, safety management is difficult and safety production requirements are high.

3.6 Consider a number of criteria

IP66 rating according to IEC60529: Ability to withstand particle and water penetration at high volumes and pressures.

3G Vibration Rating to ANSI C136.3: Accelerates lifetime vibration cycles to ensure fixtures don't wobble over time.

Temperature tested to MIL-STD 810G: Exposure and immersion in extreme ambient temperatures, from -40°C to +70°C (-40F to 168F).

Class IK08 or IK10 according to IEC 62262: Strike the surface of the fixture with a rounded impact hammer with the specified kinetic energy.

4. What aspects should be paid attention to in bridge lighting design?

The functional lighting requirements of the bridge must be met, so that the lighting facilities in the lighting part of the driving road have good illuminance.

4.1 Be aesthetically pleasing

The climax of the bridge-shaped plastic art can produce a variety of graphics, which can better reflect the individuality, overall aesthetics and substantive beauty of bridge buildings.

Bridge lighting

4.2 Prevent lighting fixtures from becoming a burden

Whether it is an appreciation-type lighting fixture, such as road lighting, or a concealed engineering-type fixture, such as a floodlight, it reflects the pursuit of culture and art in road and bridge lighting engineering, perfecting contemporary engineering architectural landscapes, and connecting with bridges. The lighting landscape becomes the whole, in order to prevent the lighting fixtures from becoming a burden after the bridge lighting project is carried out, affecting the appearance.

4.3 Highlight the characteristics

Due to the rapid technological development of urban building structures, various forms of bridge modeling have emerged, which has continuously introduced new forces to the landscape of highways and bridges, and has also created a new stage for landscape planning. The main lighting of the bridge is required to highlight its characteristics, strengthen the shape, and pursue the combination of lighting artistry and functionality.

5. How to select the ideal bridge lighting?

There are a few things we need to consider when we use bridge lighting.

Before we are ready to choose lights to light our bridges, we should consider the following important factors.

5.1 Material type

When choosing materials, we used metal halide, HPS and modern LED solutions. Most traditional metal halide and HPS type lamps are good choices for illuminating bridges. However, they present some major differences. First, the light from HPS lamps is orange, whereas metal halide bulbs typically provide white.

While the great advantage of metal halides is that they can produce high-intensity light, HPS lamps are more suitable for lighting streets and bridges because the colors they produce are warmer and more attractive. Today, new bridge construction is turning to some high-quality LED lights. Because LED lights combine the advantages of a strong brightness quality, low energy consumption and a low level of decay over time.

Plus, they have a controllable color temperature, which not only makes the bridge more attractive, but also enables passersby to better observe the bridge surface.

5.2 Color

HPS bulbs are mostly warm white to yellowish, while LED lights can be warm, cool, or colored. We prefer to use some warm colors, which will make the bridge look more dynamic and attractive to passing cars and pedestrians alike.

5.3 Beam angle

The beam angle will determine the total area the lamp can illuminate at a given distance.

Spotlights project the narrowest beams, up to 45 degrees, while floodlights have beams that spread up to 120 degrees.

As a result, floodlights can illuminate more space with the same lumen output as spotlights. As you wish, floodlights are the first choice for large bridges.

5.4 Durability

The life of the lamp determines the durability of the bridge lighting. LED lights are among the most durable lights on the market today. Their long-lasting lighting effect is a huge advantage of these lamps.

5.5 Price

The total cost really affects our final decision.

Thankfully, there are so many options available on the market that you can easily find the perfect type of bridge light for your budget. Despite the rules that dictate that price is highly correlated with quality, there are many manufacturers you can trust today, such as Suntech.

LED lights are usually more expensive, but very durable.

5.6 Waterproof

Bridges are vulnerable to weather conditions and environmental damage. When the installed lights are vulnerable to heavy rain, high winds and any other harsh conditions, we want to ensure the safety of everyone passing the bridge during bad weather.

6. Bridge lighting around the world

6.1 Streamlined silkworm cocoon light installation on pedestrian bridge in Lausanne, Switzerland

Flux Cocoon was designed and built for the inaugural lumières light show in Lausanne, located at the intersection of vertical and horizontal facilities in the city center.

The framework of the installation is derived from the shape of the ball of yarn, which is shaped like a bundle of balls of red wool that wraps around a pedestrian bridge in the centre of Lausanne.

Citizens can see it from any angle of the city, and the red light can be seen from a distance. The structure sits directly on top of the existing bridge structure. It uses about 1100 meters of red neon lighting to make the installation charming at night.

Bridge lighting

6.2 Jacques katia bridge

The Jacques katia bridge is an iconic building in Montreal.

It uses more than 2200 sets of programmable lamps. With these LED luminaires, rich color bands and gradients can be created.

The interior of the bridge is represented by 365 single colors that change daily to reflect the seasons of the year. For example, spring, summer, autumn and winter are expressed in green, red, yellow and ice blue respectively.

Bridge lighting

7. Q&A

7.1 How to add color changing lights?

You can change existing lights or add some specially designed lights that allow you to control their color remotely via the app. In most cases, the bridge's lights are connected remotely to laptops that are part of the local community office.

7.2 How much does it cost to install bridge lighting?

The total cost of installing bridge lights depends on a number of factors, including the surface of the bridge, the type of lights that will be used, the difficulty of installation, and the necessary man-hours. Prices depends on projects, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars.

7.3 Are there significant benefits to the local economy from bridge lighting?

Use bridge lighting to attract tourists. They can really benefit from creating an attractive color changing light event.

7.4 Are the lights of various bridges energy-saving at present?

Many bridges have some metal halide or fluorescent lights that cannot achieve the energy efficiency status of LED lights. However, now replacing those old lamps with new generation lamps, which will reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

7.5 How long does bridge lighting installation usually take?

Generally speaking, for a new lighting installation on a large bridge, the process is usually divided into several stages and can take up to a year to complete.

For smaller bridges, or if local authorities wish to replace and reinstall some lights, the total time will be significantly reduced.

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