LED Media Facade Importance, Challenges & Developments

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The emergence and development of LED has brought about great changes in the form of urban night scene lighting. The diversified forms of expression such as media facade lighting, urban light show, mountain show, and water show have made the city a big stage, building skins, mountains, etc. Becoming a big screen, lighting has become an important tool for visual communication.

1 What is LED media facade?

2 The unignorable importance of LED media facades

3 The basic types of LED media facades you should know

4 General characteristics of media facades

5 LED media facades application

6 Trends in contemporary architectural LED media facades

7 Challenges for LED media facades

8 Things to consider when buying media facade products

9 Leading LED media facade manufacturer and supplier in China

What is LED media facade?

Media facades are buildings associated with screens and animations, illuminated advertisements, etc. Places such as Japan, the Las Vegas Strip, and Hong Kong are users of this media architecture. Media facades can turn a building facade or an entire building into a dynamic world. Made by seamlessly integrating LED video lights or LED mesh screen into the structural facade.

Specifically, a large number of individually controllable DMX LED dot lights or LED mesh screens are mounted to the surface of a building. As a result, media facades are able to convey content such as advertisements by displaying text, pictures, animations and videos.

In a word, taking artistic aesthetics as the main purpose, and at the same time serving as commercial propaganda, it integrates information media system (mainly electronic media system) with architectural design, facade technology, and lighting (in special cases, also natural light and shadow). 

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The following two pictures are examples of advertising delivered through the media facade.

media facade

The following picture shows us the usage of media facade in Singapore.

media facade in singapore

The unignorable importance of LED media facades

2.1 Create a landscape

Through the combination of LED lighting and screen technology, architects and designers can add more character to cities and reflect the cultural content of buildings. The unique picture leaves a deep impact on the audience.

water cube in Beijing

The water cube in Beijing shows people the feeling of water undulating on the wall by displaying the blue wall from dark to light.

media facade in Guangzhou

The picture is Guangzhou municipal government 2012 media arts festival, the screen is made of the outdoor mesh lights.

This kind of processing makes the image effect show strong visual expression, and the relatively abstract multimedia content enhances this artistic effect. After the project is completed, what the audience sees is not a huge display screen, but more like a work of art.

2.2 Show the brand

The media facade can be a billboard to promote the brand, and the cost is relatively low. Companies want to promote their brands in their retail stores or headquarters. Traditionally, companies have often used TV commercials and celebrity promotions to promote their brands, which are expensive. Using the media facade, you only need to customize your own brand to achieve publicity effects.

Media facades make your buildings stand out in the digital world.

By making the entire building with LED video lights or slim LED grilles, we can create unique dynamic facades.

At night, a large media facade transforms your building into a spectacular brand identity.


For example, the town of Dubai (Burj Khalifa) is famous for its wonderful led light show made by the media facade, not only the tallest building in the world.

It has become a must-see when visiting Dubai. The LED media facade helps build the architectural brand.

2.3 Earn ad revenue

If a city's iconic buildings are advertised, it will increase local revenue.

Burj Khalifa media facade advertising costs about 2 million US dollars a minute. But advertising costs for traditional LED screens in Los Angeles are about $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

In contrast, using the media facade to receive advertisements has higher income.

What's more, it costs less to install an LED media facade than to build a smaller size conventional LED display.

Advertisements on Huawei mate20

Advertisements on Huawei mate20

According to the marketing agency responsible for managing the light display of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the cost of placing promotional advertisements on the front of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai starts from 250,000 dirhams (about 480,000 yuan) every three minutes.

A 3-minute video from 8pm to 10pm is charged at Dh250,000 on weekdays and Dh350,000 on weekends.

A Dh500,000 is charged for two three-minute advertisements between 8pm and 10pm, and AED1 million for five three-minute advertisements from 7pm to 12pm.

What are the basic types of LED media facades?

Media mesh facade and media facade elements are suitable for large-scale architectural media facades.

The media mesh facade is a large facade consisting of panels of equal size LED screens.

The media facade elements are mainly LED pixels and LED media bars which can be placed more flexibly anywhere in the building, such as architectural lighting, and for video playback.

3.1 Media mesh facade

a ) Flexible LED media network

It consists of a large LED facade assembled from hundreds of LED mesh modules.

Each module consists of a string of LED pixels and a lightweight plastic or aluminum frame.

It can be used not only for rectangular surface walls, but also to form irregular shapes such as triangles, diamonds, circles, etc. on building facades. Because the LED media mesh series is highly transparent and extremely lightweight, flexible dot LED meshes are the most popular when making large LED building facade lighting, especially over 500 square meters.

Flexible LED media network

b ) Rigid LED curtain mesh

Rigid LED curtains mesh have a smaller pixel pitch.It is most suitable for small size led facades around 30~50 square meters.It maintains its transparent, lightweight and slim design features.It's IP67 and weatherproof, and works well in thunderstorms.

Rigid LED curtain mesh

c ) Transparent LED display

Transparent LED display is a higher resolution LED exterior wall screen. It can play clear images and videos.

Rigid LED curtain mesh

3.2 Media facade elements

a ) LED media tube

The LED Media Tube is a high resolution LED video lighting tube.

You can combine thousands of LED video tubes to create LED mesh façades on indoor or outdoor structural surfaces. You can also adjust the resolution and transparency of the media facade.

It also has a wide range of pixel pitch options such as P6.5, P10, P25 and P50.

LED media tube

b ) LED video strip

The LED video light bar is an ultra-thin video lighting fixture. It is IP67, waterproof and dustproof and has high brightness. You can use it to fill narrow spaces between windows.When lined with thousands of LED pixel strips on a building façade, they are also capable of stunning animations and videos.

LED video strip

c ) LED pixel dot

The LED Pixel Dot is not only an integral part of a flexible LED mesh, but can also be individually mounted on uneven surfaces as a flexible string of lights. You can also easily attach them to rough surfaces. It can make media facades of various shapes. For example, use many LED light strings.

 LED pixel dot light

General characteristics of media facades

Below are some basic characteristics of a media facade

4.1 Individually programmable pixels

LED media facades offer endless possibilities, as every location on the wall can be assigned a color by placing programmable pixels.

4.2 Unlimited media facade area

Media facades are always at least several hundred square meters to wrap the entire surface.

Media facades can be applied to any size wall, be it glass or brick.

4.3 Provides large and small pixel spacing

You can consider covering thousands of square meters with small pixel pitch, but the cost is high and the power consumption is high.

You can also consider covering thousands of square meters with large pixel pitch at low cost.

Large pixel pitch LED facades like P50~100mm are enough to display images, so you can choose large or small pixels with confidence.

4.4 Good transparency

Since most modern building facades are glass walls, natural light cannot be blocked when installing large LED media facades above the glass.

Therefore, 90% high transparency LED façade is very important. Traditional products block sunlight.

4.5 Light weight

It's lightweight and has many benefits. Such as reducing the risk of screen falling, and saving installation and transportation costs.

4.6 Easy to control

When you install multiple LED facades on multiple surfaces, a professional LED system can be connected to a laptop for control.

In addition, led media facades have other features such as flexibility and aesthetics.

LED media facades application

5.1 Large outdoor LED screens

Large outdoor LED screens, not only the display itself can really enhance the audience's perception of business.

It is a media facade that uses photoelectric technology, combines new media and artistic means, and takes lighting and image presentation as the main way of expression.

Large outdoor LED screens

5.2 Prevent accidents

It can be used for lighting to prevent accidents. 

Roadside buildings use media facade lighting to illuminate the road, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to avoid accidents. Media pavement lighting can also provide guidance. Because buildings using media facades can be distinguished from other buildings.


5.3 Used to display

It can be used to display pictures, videos and animations. 

The building uses the media facade lighting method, and the designer can play nice animations or pictures on the building.

Used to display

Trends in contemporary architectural LED media facades

Media facades are increasingly recognized as one of the exciting areas of creativity and design in contemporary architectural practice.

6.1 New material

With the continuous development of media technology and building materials, new visual languages of light and media are constantly emerging,

As lighting applications become more complex and versatile, LEDs can now be integrated into building materials, creating more sophisticated installations.

6.2 Facades as interaction

Media facades can do more than just moving images, but by transforming the entire static exterior of a building into a dynamic interface that projects large-scale graphics, videos and animations. They can also be used as powerful interactive tools.

Facades as interaction

A great example of making the most of a smart media façade. High impact and extraordinary visibility, the facade is used to announce special promotions and seasonal celebrations, and to communicate the brand story powerfully.

Challenges for LED media facades

There are several challenges to building a good LED media facade on existing building.

7.1 Fusion of LED media facades and architecture

When designing the media façade, the architectural style cannot be compromised.

The LED facade must be well integrated with the facade of the building, so that the LED will not be separated from the building. Therefore, the first challenge was to design the original structure of the LED media facade to be consistent.

7.2 Perfect coverage of irregular surfaces

The facade of a building may be a flat surface or a rough surface

Sometimes irregular, like a triangular or curved style. LED media facades need to be flexible and customizable to perfectly cover irregular surfaces.

7.3 High transparency

It can not block the outside sunlight from entering the room, hindering the original brightness.

As a result, LED facade screens have higher transparency when covering the area above the building's glass walls.

7.4 Durable led media facade

IP67 waterproof

IP65 rainproof is safe for outdoor LED display.

Considering the possibility of unexpected water accumulation and snowfall on the walls of buildings in winter, it is best to use products with an IP67 rating mark.

7.5 Heat and cold resistant

In summer, the LED media facade should be suitable for temperature

The normal working temperature is -20℃~+50℃.

In some places, extreme cold weather may be encountered, and the ambient temperature will be -30 or -40°C.

In very hot places like the Middle East, summer temperatures can reach 60°C.

Therefore, the working temperature should be at least in the range of -40℃~+60℃.

7.6 Strong wind resistance

When the media facade is installed on the building surface, the wind speed at a height of several hundred meters can reach more than 100 km/h. The media facade may also encounter typhoons, and wind resistance is also something we must consider.

7.7 Resist special weather

Certain regions have special weather conditions. It is also necessary to prevent the salinization of sea water and the sand in the desert.

Things to consider when buying media facade products

To help you buy the right media facade product, I just want to tell you some important specs that you need to be aware of.

8.1 Viewing distance

Each monitor will have a recommended minimum viewing distance.

For us to look directly at the LED screen, we often say that the minimum viewing distance is about 1 meter (3.28 feet), for example, P30mm is 30 meters. The optimal viewing distance is 3 times the distance, which is 90 meters.

8.2 Resolution

Higher resolution means shorter viewing distances, but comes at a higher cost.

Finding the right product that balances viewing distance and resolution can save you a lot of money.

8.3 Brightness

Indoor Brightness:

500-800 nits is enough for indoor night use;

1000-1500 nits are enough for all indoor situations, day and night;

Outdoor Brightness:

800-1000 nits is enough for outdoor night use;

1000-1500 nits is enough for outdoor use at dusk;

7,000+ nits should be sufficient for all outdoor applications, including direct sunlight;

So, choose the appropriate brightness, the effect will be better.

8.4 Weight issues

When using a media façade, the weight limit of the façade is one of the factors that determines the safety of the chosen LED façade. Excessive weight may be blown off by the wind. You need to consider two weights, the self-weight of the LED facade, and the weight of the support frame. We take the P100mm LED media network as an example, and its screen weight is 2KG per square meter. The support frame installed on the wall is about 8KG per square meter, so the total weight is 10Kg.

8.5 Resistance to severe weather

Consider whether the exposure of led media façades to rain, ultraviolet rays, and sometimes harsh environments, such as salt spray areas near the sea, and very high ambient temperatures in desert cities, has an impact.

You must first confirm whether the LED curtain wall product you choose is really suitable for your environment.

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