What you should know before buying COB light?

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1、What is COB Led?

2、What are the advantages of COB light source?

3、Where are the main applications of COB?

4、Why choose the COB?

5、How to choose LED COB lights?

6、Difference between COB LED and SMD LED

What is COB Led?


COB lamp is a kind of LED lamp. COB is the abbreviation of Chip on Board in English, which means the packaging technology of chip on board. It is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which multiple LED chips/bare chips are directly attached to a high-reflectivity mirror metal substrate (such as silicon carbide). This creates a large LED chip with compactness, energy-saving, and excellent uniform brightness, which is loved by related professionals such as filmmakers and photographers. Generally, COB chips have 9 or more diodes. However, no matter how many diodes there are, COB LED lights have a single circuit with several contacts. Because it has the characteristics of easier dimming and color adjustment, high brightness, anti-glare, and can well solve the problems of chromatic aberration and heat dissipation, COB light sources have now been widely used in commercial lighting and other fields.

What are the advantages of COB light source?

1、Cost saving


In terms of cost, compared with previous discrete light sources, COB light source modules can save the cost of device packaging in actual lighting applications, as well as the cost of light engine module production and the cost of secondary light distribution. In a lighting system with the same function, the overall cost can be saved by about 15%.


2、Strong performance


In terms of performance, the COB light source module can also effectively solve the glare problem caused by the combination of discrete light source devices through reasonable design and technology. You can also add a red chip combination to ensure that the efficiency of the light source is not reduced, and the life of the used equipment is guaranteed, while also improving the color rendering of the light source. The COB light source is integrated by multiple diodes, with a large focus area, a single chip can cover a large area, and the light concentration is high. The use of transparent lenses reduces light loss, improves clarity, and helps improve light efficiency.


3、Convenient application and mass production


In the actual application process, COB light source modules can also make the installation and production of lighting manufacturers easier and more convenient. With the current level of technology and advanced equipment, large-scale COB light source module production can be carried out.


4、Energy saving and environmental protection


Compared with other LEDs, the light-emitting area of the COB light source consumes less energy when emitting the same lumen brightness. The light-emitting area of the COB light source is greatly reduced, and the heat generated is greatly reduced. At a certain temperature, the life span and reliability will be improved, energy consumption will be saved, and the problem of light source failure due to heat dissipation will be avoided.


5、Secondary light distribution can be formed


The light-emitting angle and effect of the COB light source are better used through the refraction of the lens and the illumination of the spotlight,so that the light-emitting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to form a secondary light distribution.

Where are the main applications of COB?

LED COB is suitable for various outdoor and indoor lighting applications. It can be applied to general lighting in the industry, housing, construction and other fields. Its uniform brightness makes it play a vital role in film production and photography.

1、Indoors:spotlights, downlights, ceiling lights, fluorescent lights, and light strips.

2、Outdoors:street lights, high bay lights, floodlights, current city night scene wall washer lights, luminous characters, etc.

Why choose the COB?

1. High light efficiency

The high intensity and uniform luminosity of the on board chip can provide users with a good experience. COB LED lights are high-quality light emitters because they use reflectors to produce concentrated and regulated light. It satisfies high-standard lighting applications for brighter and clearer lighting.


2. Flexibility

The compactness of the COB LED array makes it easy to use in different places. Traditional DIP lamps are cheap but too bulky. Compared with DIP lamps, COB LEDs are more portable and flexible in outdoor applications and are very convenient.


3. Easy to install

Compared with the SMD lamp, the entire chip of the led cob panel only needs one circuit and two contacts, while the SMD lamp needs one circuit for each diode contained in the chip, so it is easier and more convenient to install.

How to choose LED COB lights?

To choose a COB LED panel, the following are some of the factors you need to pay attention to.


1、Light output: The light output is determined by the lumens of the light. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light can be seen.

2、Lighting method: There are various COB LED lights on the market now. Some of them can change the lighting mode according to the different requirements of the scene.

3、Power supply: Before buying a lamp, it is necessary to determine its power requirements. If the lamp is portable, a stable power source is required.

4、Internal heat sink: Since the cob-led chip generates a lot of heat, a good heat sink is essential.

Difference between COB LED and SMD LED

Table form:



Output lumen

At least 80 lm/w

50 to 100 lm/w

Mounting difficulty


Moderate to Hard




External Power Supply

External power supply with high current capability is must

Lower current capability is required



Slightly lower than Cob led

Different inside the chip

two contacts and one circuitry, cannot be used to make color-changing lamps. To achieve a discolored appearance, multiple channel modifications are required.

red, green, and blue diode. By using these three diodes, any desired hue can be generated simply by changing the output level

Image form:

Difference between COB LED and SMD LED

At present, lighting technology continues to develop. As designers realize the advantages of using COB LEDs over traditional standard LED options, COB LEDs are used more and more. In order to provide brighter light and use less energy, it has become a common application in lighting products. They can pack more LED light sources into a smaller space to increase lumen output, and can more effectively transfer heat to the radiator. Because of the simpler structure, the failure rate is lower, the light loss is lower, and the viewing angle is larger. It is difficult not to consider them in any lighting application design.

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