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Integrated linear lighting has increasingly become the mainstream of space ambient lighting due to its unique performance, and the intelligence of space ambient lighting has become a new vane in the current lighting industry. How to match a more humanized lighting scene, make a control system more in line with people's usage habits, and create lighting products that are more in line with human health and body rhythm, has become the focus of the entire lighting industry. This article will cover the knowledge of integrated linear lighting and how to use them, then read on!

Whether it is outdoor building lighting, building outline and building intelligent lighting linkage, or the creation of smart home light environment and commercial space atmosphere lighting environment, linear lighting is inseparable. The beauty of integrated LED linear illumination is its flexibility. LED linear light strips open up a world of lighting possibilities for your home, as they can be hidden, installed in interesting silhouettes and integrated into a variety of joinery and architectural details.

LED Linear Light Bars can be used as big or small as you like, offering endless design possibilities. Use integrated linear lighting in your home, complemented by floor, wall and spotlights for a range of lighting effects, patterns and moods. It's all about using shapes, shadows and space to create the best possible effect. Linear lighting uses the "linear" technique, and through the creative design and free division of the space, the appropriate "graphic" elements are drawn in the space, and various fashionable and simple space shapes and light and shadow effects are constructed. This compact and efficient lighting method not only brings a very impactful visual experience, but also creates an artistically appealing spatial beauty, presenting a unique charm and spatial experience.

What is integrated linear lighting?Black Linear Chandelier Lighting Simple Modern Metal Integrated Led Hanging Lamp for Kitchen -

If you're new to lighting design, you're probably wondering what integrated linear LED lighting is and why it's a buzzword in home lighting. It is an LED or "Light Emitting Diode" that provides an efficient and long-lasting light source. When multiple LEDs are packaged together in a long, narrow housing, they form a strip of light, also known as linear lighting. This relatively simple design concept has revolutionized the way LEDs are used in lighting applications, and has recently become more affordable due to more readily available materials. And with integrated linear lighting to better diffuse light and protect the strip from dust or water, depending on where it is used, the light source can then be integrated and hidden within joinery or shelves.

What are the uses of integrated linear lighting?

Linear lighting is used to increase light levels, highlight objects such as decorations or books, illuminate workspaces, and provide attractive layers of light throughout a room. It can also be used outdoors, for example integrated in garden steps, patios or walls. 

Likewise, integrated linear lighting can be used for dramatic designs, linear hanging lighting or vertical walls to add creativity to hallways, or to create creative lighting fixtures in ultra-modern homes. Small and discreet, these versatile strips can be slotted into curvilinear or straight profiles, offering designers great artistic freedom. Hidden linear LED lighting is also common in sensitive traditional home lighting designs where the only light is visible.

What are the different types of Linear lighting?

We can subdivide the Linear lights into:

– Suspended Linear Lighting

– Recessed Linear Lighting

– Surface Linear Lighting


(1)What is Suspended Linear Lighting?

Suspended linear lighting consists of a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually from a wire or chain. This type of luminaire provides a clean, continuous, linear light profile, creating a contemporary feel for a variety of applications. Suspended linear lighting can be installed in a variety of styles, lengths and combinations to enhance architectural interest or complement selected spaces. Suspended lighting is especially useful in spaces with high ceiling heights.

Likewise, they can be used to create stunning accent lighting. From illuminating stairs or atriums to showcasing reception desks, suspended linear lighting is used to make a statement in a variety of spaces.

In open spaces, curved silhouettes are particularly effective and can be used to create a sense of movement in the space. Likewise, circular outlines are often used to divide space into distinct areas.

Imagine a linear ring of LEDs suspended below the ambient lighting. This app can create a sense of focus in specific area and is very effective when installed in a museum or gallery to highlight exhibits.

(2)What is Recessed Linear Lighting?

LED recessed strip lighting occupies less visual space. It helps to make your room feel bigger because the lighting is set back to the surface of the ceiling. The goal of this lighting is not just to provide light, it also helps to stimulate interest in the architecture of the space, as well as create a contemporary atmosphere. Recessed linear lighting installs in hollow openings in surfaces, such as ceilings or walls. Linear LEDs of this type can be used to create clean, invisible lines or shapes of light that blend seamlessly into the ceiling and wall surfaces of a space, becoming part of its fabric.

It's also an excellent choice for casting light on specific objects without adding any distracting elements to the ceiling surface, such as ceiling lights, track lights or spotlights. The look created is smooth, clean, modern, and contemporary.

Recessed Linear Lighting

(3)What is Surface Linear Lighting?

Surface-mounted LED linear lights are installed on the surface and are suitable for situations where the chandelier is too low due to the height of the ceiling.  Surface LED linear lights are mounted on walls and ceilings. Traditionally, given a reputation for being a bit utilitarian in design, today's surface lighting offers more than just a practical solution. While surface lighting is ideal for low and vaulted ceilings and can be used effectively to illuminate circulation areas, stairs and spaces with restricted access, But thanks to developments and improvements in design and technology, it is still possible to create unique and eye-catching designs using surface linear LED lighting.

Surface-mounted linear lighting can effectively enhance architectural features and can be combined with joinery details to add interest to a range of different spaces. For example, while wall-mounted lighting may be the only option for illuminating certain spaces in some listed buildings, it is becoming an increasingly popular first choice for a range of contemporary commercial interiors.


Things to consider when choosing Linear Lighting

When deciding on the type of linear light to use, it's worth thinking about the purpose it will serve. If the room already has downlights or if you want to add a decorative feature, it's worth choosing a low-wattage light. However, if the linear light is the main source of light in the room, or you need it for task lighting, If hanging from a kitchen bench, we recommend choosing a lamp with a stronger wattage and possibly a dimmer for adequate control.

Another factor to consider if you are looking at linear lights in pendant form is the best way to hang linear light. Given that the average ceiling height in Australia is around 2.7m, a general rule of thumb is that linear lights are about 35 to 50cm from the ceiling. And, if you are hanging linear lights over the dining table, the recommended height is 70-80 cm above the table top, leaving enough space to avoid people hitting their heads on the light.

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