What are the advantages of LED flexible neon strips?

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Neon strips have uniform and continuous light characteristics and have been widely used in the decorative lighting market for many years. There are neon lights that shine in places of decoration and lighting such as commercial facade, billboards, subtitles, hotels and bars, generalization of buildings. Conventional neon lights use glass tubes and have drawbacks such as being easily damaged, difficult to manufacture.


1. Advantages of LED neon flex

LED Neon Flexible is a professional linear lighting decoration product. It looks like a normal neon light, but it can be bent freely. This product is shatterproof and waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. Compared to traditional neon lights, flexible neon tubes have the following advantages:

LED Neon Flex Glass Neon LED Neon Benefits Over Glass Neon
Light Source LED Neon Gas Fluorescents
LED is a solid-state semiconductor technology that offers great benefits in energy savings and environmental protection.
Input Voltage 24V/120V 3KV-18KV
LED Neon Flex has only normal AC voltage considerations and is safer.
Lifespan(hours) up to 50,000 10,000
LED Neon Flex lasts up to 3X longer.
EMI (Electro Magnet Interference) Low High
LED Neon Flex creates insignificant EMI compared to glass neon.
Environmental Considerations Safe and pollution-free Mercury pollution
LED Neon Flex does not contain toxic substances and is safe and pollution-free; while glass neon lights contain mercury.
Installation Easy Difficult 
LED Neon Flex is flexible and easy to cut, bend, and shape; unlike glass neon, which requires a master craftsman level of experience to produce, shape, and install.
Flexibility Flexible Rigid
LED Neon Flex is a highly flexible solution that requires no heating to bend or shape.
Durability Extremely durable breakable
LED Neon Flex is made of high-quality, flame retardant PVCs and is flexible, unlike glass which shatters easily.

LED Neon Flex

(1) Long Life

Compared to traditional neon lights, LED neon lights have a longer service life. The average useful life of LED signs is 50,000 hours. If you divide these times by your daily usage time, you will find that in some cases you only need to replace the flexible neon light every 3-4 years. Compared to traditional glass signs, this is certainly an almost unparalleled advantage.


(2) Low Energy Consumption

The luminous efficiency of current LED lights is about 80-100lm/W (lumens per watt). The output of the high-power LED is over 300lm / W. In contrast, halogen lamps have a power of only 12 lm / W. Due to the high efficiency of LED technology, energy consumption is reduced by 6 to 8 times compared to glass signs, and electricity bills are significantly reduced.


(3) No risk of burns

LED signs are so efficient that they exhaust much less heat than glass. The glass may become hot and untouchable. LED neon lights are usually neither cold nor hot, so there is little risk of burns.


(4) High Impact Resistance

Glass lighting systems are shock sensitive and LED signs are more durable, vibration resistant and usually waterproof in extreme weather conditions. The latter depends on the way it is designed and is a great advantage for neon signs installed outdoors.


(5) Eye-catching brightness

Eye-catching brightness is one of the main factors that distinguishes LEDs from all other signs. The technology is so unique that the bright light it produces not only makes the signs easier to see from a distance, but it also makes the LED signs easier to read. Not only that, the LED is strong and easy to see even in sunlight. In other words, it can be easily identified by passing the logo or letters of the LED sign regardless of the time of day.


(6) Environmental Protection

LED signs consume only 20% of their energy compared to other illuminated signs. This means stricter energy standards and less pressure on the environment. More importantly, mitigation costs are significantly reduced. Fluorescent lamps contain toxic gases such as mercury and argon. This means that it's almost impossible to recycle these lights cleanly-a problem not found in LED signs. Finally, LED signs do not give off heat like other lighting systems. This means that if the building has LED signs, the room will not get hot.

(7) Less maintenance

Given the long life, uniform brightness and efficiency of LEDs, it's easy to see why LED signs require less maintenance. LEDs do not contain gas or glass tubes that are prone to leaking or breaking. Also, the neon light signs are easy to clean. Not having to deal with heat pipes is just one of the benefits. LEDs work well both indoors and outdoors. If you keep it outside, you rarely need to protect it. If you live in a very hot and humid place, you can use the waterproof neon LED sign.


Glass neon

(8) More uniform and brighter

The habit of fluorescent labeling is to keep the label intact and maintain constant brightness. These neon signs can give the impression that one or more lights need to be replaced all the time, and the lights may appear darker than the other lights. Not only did this leave a bad impression on the logo, but it also left a bad impression on your business. More importantly, the logo and message are hard to read. LED neon lights can alleviate this problem. In addition, advanced technology can make the LED sign look more uniform and bright.

(9) Easy Installation

The installation of LED flexible neon lights is very simple, even entry-level technicians can install them. LED flexible can be cut, bent and shaped into almost any shape.

The installation of traditional neon lights requires master craftsmen with production, development and installation experience. Because traditional neon lights are made of glass, they need to be extra careful during installation, otherwise they are easy to break.

2. What is the purpose of LED Neon Flex?

Neon Light

LED Neon Flex has many uses and is suitable for illuminating any project. The most special thing is that Neon Flex can be bent into any shape you want. If you want to create a personalized logo to attract people to your business, LED Neon Flex is a perfect choice.

(1) Commercial Signboard

In order to attract pedestrians, shops next to the street use led neon signs to attract customers, and in competition with other shops, they make neon flex signs that are larger than the other, so that some of them have become city landmarks.

(2) Bars

Many businesses choose to use flexible neon to decorate the interior of the bar. The glass reflects light and shadow, which can more activate the atmosphere of the bar. You can also surround the LED Neon strip around the bar to point out the location of the bar to customers.

(3) Events

Neon Flex is also very suitable for hosting events. RGB Neon Flex lighting can add color to your event scene. And because LED flex lighting is very flexible, it can be bent into any effect according to your own creativity to achieve unexpected effects.

(4) At home

Flexible LED neon is also very suitable for indoor or balcony use, creating a warm home atmosphere.

3. Our LED Neon Flex lighting options

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