Difference Between Recessed, Surface, and Suspended Lighting

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1. What is recessed mounting?

2. What is surface mounting?

3. What is suspended mounting?

4. What's the difference between recessed,surface and suspended light mounting

5. Why choose Suntech?

recessed vs surface vs suspended mounting

What is recessed mounting?

Recessed installation means that the fixture is inserted into a precise thin hole above the ceiling. The luminaire shines light down through the hole in the ceiling. The openings for recessed mounted luminaires must be prepared prior to assembly and the size of the openings must be fully compatible with the luminaire. Due to the recessed installation, the luminaire will be concealed and flush with the ceiling. When fixtures are recessed mounted, the space looks both compact and stylish. Recessed fixtures such as ceiling mounted lights are perfect for a variety of special environments, even if they come in different shapes and sizes. Recessed installations are best for locations with low ceilings or where the height is not sufficient to hang fixtures. While recessed mounted lights are not expensive, the electrical work, construction and installation costs are higher than other installation methods.

recessed mounting

What is surface mounting?

Surface mounting means the mounted light fixture is on a flat exterior surface and protrudes from the surface. Surface mount uses the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing way to install fixtures. For surface mounted luminaire, the fixture is exposed directly to the wall. Attaching the fixture to the surface of the ceiling, this type of installation is the most common type of installation used in industrial environments. Surface mounting is ideal for installing fixtures in small spaces with structural ceilings, allowing the fixture to be integrated into the entire ceiling. Different situations such as exposed ceilings or skylights are best suited for surface mounting. This is because there is not enough space to use inlay mounting.

surface mounting

What is suspended mounting?

Suspended installation is the use of ropes, chains, straps, rods, wires, etc. to attach fixtures to ceilings or other building structures. Suspended installations showcase fixtures such as long pendants, decorative applications and provide adequate lighting. Since industrial fixtures are heavier than ordinary fixtures, the materials used in hanging fixtures must be durable and long-lasting. In addition to this, wires and other suspension tools may dangle due to vibration. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the suspension device is securely mounted on the ceiling or other building structure. Fixtures also need to be securely fastened with chains or other suspension tools. Suspended installations will be the preferred method of installation for some tall spaces.

suspended mounting

Whats the difference between recessed,surface and suspended mounting?

 Remodel VS Construction

When we are remodeling an underground garage area, surface mounted lights may be a good choice for two reasons:

A. Fewer wires need to be used to complete the retrofitting task

B.  junction boxes can be placed using existing or old work boxes. In recessed lighting, there must be a precisely rounded hole in the ceiling. The wires must then be properly linked from one fixture to the other.

Difficulties in installation

Recessed lights are more difficult to install compared to open-mounted lights. And it takes longer to install recessed fixtures. In addition, recessed lighting fixtures should be installed between floor joists in remodeling or new construction projects.

However, the choice between recessed and exposed luminaires depends on the requirements and use of the space. Both forms of fixtures can be used optimally, but the lighting brand is especially important for lighting fixtures. LED lighting fixtures from Suntech may be your first choice, as we can provide you with professional LED lighting services. You can click on the Suntech website to find the light that appeals to you most.


Aesthetics cannot be ignored when designing a lighting space. When we talk about aesthetics, two people's opinions will differ. Some people will find recessed lighting to be both clean and trendy, while others will find it to be both cheap and tacky. So, the main question here is what kind of lighting look do you like? Whether you're looking for a clean look or need some decorative lighting options. Recessed fixtures are hidden in the room, but surface mounted lights may be the attraction.

  Installation Fee

Cost is always the most important factor in any lighting project. It is directly related to gain and installation path selection. Generally speaking, recessed installations are the most expensive option. It takes about 4 to 5 times as many fixtures to illuminate the same area. In addition, recessed mounting requires complex and precise drilling of recessed fixtures without the need for surface mounting and pendant mounting. To be sure, recessed mounting is more costly than other installations. However, the choice of mounting method does not depend on cost alone. Although surface mounting is less expensive, it may not meet the requirements or regulations of certain applications.

In general, all mounting methods can be applied to lighting projects before or during construction. However, luminaire retrofits or modifications have more stringent requirements for mounting methods. Recessed mounting is not a good choice for lighting retrofits or modifications. Recessed installations require precision holes and more wiring. In addition, wires must be properly connected between fixtures. Therefore, it is more accurate to use recessed mounting fixtures in a new lighting project. If recessed mount lighting is attempted later, it will be costly, time consuming and tiring.

Luminaires not only provide lighting, but also beautify a space aesthetically. When fixtures are flush with the ceiling, they make the space look clean and compact. In both open and suspended installations, luminaires can add directly to the aesthetics of a space, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, the perception of aesthetic effect may not be the same for everyone. It is impossible to determine which installation method is more aesthetically pleasing. The different lighting places affect the installation method, we recommend choosing based on the lighting requirements of your plant or store.

Why Choose Suntech?

Suntech LED Lighting Company is both a top LED fixtures manufacturer in China. We started to develop and produce various indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures such as LED strips and LED light bars in 2008. We provide professional evaluation, design and installation services, and we have a professional R&D technical team. Choose us to help you design your lighting solutions for your fixtures, and help you design the most professional lighting design and select the most appropriate lighting based on the information you provide about your needs. With 15 years of production and design experience, Suntech LED provides the most professional LED custom unique lighting solutions for each customer. Welcome to contact us.



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