Buiding Facade LED Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

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Building facade lighting are widely used in our lives, which can bring building into life. But we need to understand the application of lighting technology in order to better show the feeling we want to express.


1. What is building facade lighting?

2. 5 Important factors to consider in building facade lighting

3. Why use LED for wall facade lighting?

4. Other facade lighting techniques

5. 3 Standards have to follow in building facade lighting

6. 5 Rules to designing outside wall facade lighting

7. How to create attractive lighting effects?

8. Additional considerations when choosing building facade lighting

1. What is building facade lighting?

LED building facade lighting refers to the facade of the building structure. 

In buildings, the facade is the most important part of the design. Because this is the part that people can see at first sight. 

If you want the front to stand out more, we usually use a lighting design to make the front stand out more and leave a strong impression. 

For example, a high-rise building is invisible in the dark. Once building facade lighting is utilized, buildings can be seen in the dark. Malls often use this method to attract people into the mall for shopping at night. A place's iconic building is illuminated through the building's façade, making it memorable.

hotel facade lighting

2. 5 Important factors to consider in building facade lighting

There are 5 important reasons why people consider building facade lighting.

a) Visually beautiful

People always like beautiful things because beautiful things make us happy. 

Whether it is a passerby or a person goes to this destination, when seeing a beautiful building, there will be a feeling of wanting to stay and take a photo to share. 

In buildings, with proper lighting effects, buildings can be more attractive to pedestrians. Especially the outdoor DMX lighting makes the building full of energy. If you want to make a media facade, the LED mesh light will help you a lot.

building facade lighting


Another important reason for building facade lighting is function. We see clearly in the evening with the help of lights. 

If there is not enough light source, then accidents can easily happen. Imagine if there is no light on a road, only relying on the moonlight, people are prone to accidents in such a situation. With sufficient light sources, accidents are less likely to occur. Therefore, its function is to make people feel safe and reduce the possibility of accidents. 

Through the method of lighting, we can go where we want to go and the surrounding area. Building facade lighting, which brightens buildings in the dark. People are more aware of where they are going.

c) Energy

We often use lights to illuminate at night. 

Compared with other lights, buliding facade lighting can save more energy. A 10 watt LED light can provide the same brightness as a 50-watt bulb, which can reduce electricity bills.

Another is the lifespan of LED lights, which is longer than other bulbs. 

To know the power and consumption of incandescent, LED, CFL and Halogen, table 1 will show it to us clearly.

Table 1 Difference between incandescent, LED, CFLand Halogen
































d)Waterproof and dustproof effect

Because the lighting product is suitable for outdoor, we need to consider its anti-corrosion. We usually use IP index to express. We should choose products with high IP index, such as IP 68, to prevent dust and water.  Because lightning, rainstorm and other weather may occur outdoors, Therefore, we must consider the good waterproof performance. Table1 shows us the effects of different IP index.

Table 2 IP level-SuntechLED

First number

Solid protection level

Second number

Liquid protection level


No protection


No protection


Resists solid intrusions larger than 50mm, such as palms


Dripping water has no effect on the appearance


Resists solid intrusion larger than 12.5mm, such as fingers


Drop water at a tilt of 15° for at least 10 minutes


Resists solid intrusion larger than 2.5mm, such as screwdrivers


Anti-spray for at least 5 minutes


Resistant to solid intrusions larger than 1mm, such as wires


Splash-proof, water splashing on the device from any angle has no negative effects, and the maintenance time is at least 5 minutes


Dustproof, but not completely protected


Prevent low-pressure water jets and maintain low-pressure water jets for at least 3 minutes


Completely dustproof, dust can not enter, completely prevent contact


Prevent high-pressure water jets for at least 30 minutes



Immersion in water up to 1m, the longest test time is 30 minutes




Can be immersed in water for more than 1m, continuous immersion for at least 1 hour




Can be immersed in water for more than 3m, continuous immersion for at least 1 hour

e) Budget

You have to do as much as your budget allows. Before choosing a design on your catalog, you bneed to know clearly about your aim and tell it to sales from Suntech company, so you don't fall by the wayside and find out that the really costs are beyond your control. Review your budget from the start and brainstorm creative solutions to help you achieve the same desired results without breaking the bank.

3. Why use LED for wall facade lighting?

a) Low cost

The first point is low cost. Building facade lighting LED is very affordable and long lasting.

Even if the lights are on all night, you won't need to change them very often. Because the life of LED lights is longer than that of ordinary lights. Compared with other lights, LED lights can save us electricity bills without having to change the facilities frequently. If you open the led lamps  12 hours everyday, your good quality LED lights can last 10 years or more.

b) Environmentally friendly

The second point is environmental protection. In addition to being affordable, LED lighting also has a much lower level of energy consumption than incandescent bulbs. For example, a 10W LED light can have the same effect as a 20W light. Additionally, incandescent bulbs emit 95% of the heat and only 5% of the light, while LEDs emit 95% of the light and only 5% of the heat. It doesn't feel very hot even when we reach out and touch it.

c) Less maintenance

The third is to reduce maintenance. This type of lighting requires minimal maintenance procedures (only if you don't crush them with balls). It is their characteristics that make them the first choice for large-scale installations. This is also a practicality that some businesses take into account. And if one section is broken, the others will not be affected.

d) Easily control

The fourth point is ease of control. The led is connected to the controller and driver for easy operation of all lighting equipment, including lighting time, lighting brightness. For achieving better lighting effect and stable signal transfer, you can choose the DMX LED lights, such as DMX RGB flood light, DMX controlled spotlight, DMX LED dot light, DMX LED bar light etc.

To get a quick understanding of it, we can see the difference between LED lamps and ordinary lamps.

Table 3 Difference between LED lamps and ordinary lamps-Suntech


LED lamps

Ordinary lamps

Low price



Long life



Environment friendly



Easily control









4. Other facade lighting techniques

Once your building requires façade lighting, it's a good idea to start by understanding the techniques available. Just make sure it matches the design you want to achieve for the building facade.

There are some techniques you can consider:

a) Uniform illumination

Uniform illumination means you need to project the same brightness on vertical surfaces.

You can place the lamps on the ground or on the wall to keep a distance from the place you want to illuminate, and there will be a uniform lighting effect.

Another thing you need to consider when you use lamps is directional light, so that the light can bring out the details of the building more. This lamps called LED Flood light(narrow beam).

Uniform illumination

b) Local lighting

Local lighting techniques can be used on columns, facades, and possibly even plates. 

When you use spot lighting, you can not only highlight important parts, but also combine it with other lighting techniques used on the ground. Such as lighting techniques you use on plants, garden paths.

c) Hidden illumination

Hidden illumination is more difficult. However, if you get it right, you can achieve this effect in your facade lighting application.

One is to use the silhouette technique. You can create shapes with the right angles of the light. Another technique is contouring. This gives the structure a certain sheen that can project a dramatic effect or mood.

Hidden illumination

d) Direct lights

This is the light fixture on the facade itself. For example, the LED media facade

The best and suitable lighting technique for glass curtain wall is direct lights , which can place the light vertically opposite the object you want to illuminate.

e) Grazing

This technique is when you place the light close to the vertical at the bottom, bright lighting that starts at the bottom, but fades away as the light rises.

f) Washing lights

This technique can be used on flat exterior walls. This allows the exterior walls to stand out.

Washing lights

g) Accentuating

This technique is closer to the facade, creating a more exaggerated effect. It is perfect for openings, columns, etc. in the facade of a building.

5. 3 Standards have to follow in building facade lighting

Building facade lighting is subject to two general standards. They are architectural function , architectural culture and distance and direction.

5.1  Architectural function

The architectural function is mainly to consider what is the building? For example, our buildings have shopping malls, libraries, residences, and educational places. We must first consider its location.

Let's say the building is for commercial purposes and you want it to look more prosperous. You can do this with lighter shades. In this way, people can see him from a distance, and there is a strong sense of presence. If your building is a library, you want to embody its quietness and relaxation. You can achieve this effect by mixing white and colored light together. If your building is a residence, you want to embody the effect of being homely. You can use warm light to achieve this effect.

led media facade

5.2 Architectural culture

Architectural culture is the second criterion. For example, religious shrines can use lights to highlight crosses or statues outside churches. E.g. Beijing's Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium using spotlights to create silhouettes could work here. Different approaches will express architectural culture through facade lighting.

One is through color. The right hue will enhance the symbolism depicted by the building's architecture.

Uplighting is also a fun way to use it. At night, lighting effects reveal different features of the building.

The brightness of the light fixtures will create a lively atmosphere and make the building come alive. It highlights structure, shape, sculpture and symmetry.

Architectural lighting

5.3 Distance and direction

The third is the distance and direction from which the structure can be seen. We should be able to consider the distance and direction the audience can see, and the effects they can see are often related to these two. 

6. 5 Rules to designing outside wall facade lighting

6.1 Consistent with the purpose

The design of the lamp shall meet the requirements of the structure. For example, the Water Cube National Aquatics Center in Beijing. You look at the movement of the water represented by the façade lighting of the Water Cube. This is mainly for aesthetic purposes and for use purposes.

6.2 Consistent with the rules

Building facade lighting design should comply with the regulations of your community. For example, if you use it to light up your home. You want to make sure it meets nearby brightness limits and doesn't shine into your neighbor's home. You can't make your building or home's lights so cumbersome for them that they miss important signs. The angle and position of the lights are also important.

6.3 Consistent with the best artistic effect

There are many ways to illuminate the facade of a building. Exterior LED spot lights, LED floodlight outdoorLED linear wall washer, and waterproof LED light strip, all of which can provide dramatic effects. Use different tones and directional lighting techniques to accentuate buildings.

6.4 Compliance with safety precautions

Building facade lighting should ensure electrical fire safety. And you need to pay attention to the problem of voltage. For example 24v lights should use 24v instead of 12v.

6.5 Use lanterns sparingly carefully

For example, if you use colored lights, you can't get close to the traffic lights, otherwise it will create an illusion.

basic led color temperature

7. How to create attractive lighting effects

7.1  LED pixel

LED pixels can produce a surprising lighting effect. Diode pixels are made up of hundreds of LEDs connected together in an array of chip LED. We can control LED individually and in groups using digital controllers. Let him generate some unimaginable videos or patterns. Many builders use LED pixel strips for decorative lighting. Otherwise, we can also use multi-color LED pixel lights to decorate advanced buildings such as stadiums, sports centers, casinos, hotels, etc., including placing LED pixel lighting systems in office buildings and digital signboards. Please click to watch the lighting effect:


7.2 Tube LED

Tube LED is another lighting technology, it can be widely used in contour decoration, facade lighting, etc., and he can customize the length, size, and number of LEDs. Tubular LEDs can turn buildings into landmarks. Lights and colors designed on the outside of a building can have fascinating effects, and of course, tubular LEDs are commonly found in art galleries, hotels, museums, and other buildings.

facade decoration lighting

7.3 Flood light

Flood lights are a good choice if you want to change the color of your building because they provide even light. Floodlights can be widely used in highway parking lots, construction sites, manufacturing plants, electronics factories, open spaces and so on. It is the lighting in our life, a choice. The flood light is also interesting, it can change color and can produce white, red, pink, yellow effects. In addition, it is more durable, its lifespan is ten times that of ordinary lamps. And his price is low, if you don't want to maintain, then you can directly buy another one. Please click to watch the lighting effect:


7.4 Title lighting

We can use LED lights for headline lighting, what about headline lighting, it can be more attractive to come to its own environment, for example, when your guest is outside a certain room, she will turn on the light effortlessly, the guest feels Safe, because they see what's going on, put the title on the top of the building, it can guide people to walk, and it's ok, see the place name at once, any car passing there doesn't need to stop and ask.

Let's enjoy more LED facade lighting projects video effect from Suntech.

8.  Additional considerations when choosing building facade lighting

If you want to your building to life, there are something you need to consider first.

8.1 Types of building facade lighting

Task Lighting: Task lighting for illuminated entrances is important. Path lights, deck lighting, and outdoor step lights can be used for this type of lighting.

Ambient Lighting: This provides full lighting for an area. You can use lower wattage bulbs enough.

Accent Lighting: Add drama to an architecture by creating visual interest. You can use spotlights to highlight architectural details.

8.2 Types of LED lamps

You also need to know where the LED lamps can be used.

Pixel dot light is designed for outdoor landscape lighting. It is also suitable for large-area display, lighting of building facades, bridges and skylights.

LED underground light is designed for landscape lighting. If you want to decorate landscape, LED underground light is a good choice.

LED wall washer is mainly used to architectural decoration lighting and  show the outline of large buildings. If you are looking for LED wall washer light suppliers, Suntech will be your best choice, our main products are LED flood light, LED spot light, LED mesh screen, LED linear wall washer, and LED media mesh.

LED flood lights are designed for facade lighting, landscape lighting and so on.

Suntech is one of the top LED outdoor lighting manufacturers in China, we always put product quality first and we are experienced in customing products for clients. All the products have passed the complete test before the goods been shipped out. Welcome to contact us if you have any LED lighting needs!

8.3 Security

When you design building facade lighting, you need to consider safety. For example, you need to buy lamps with good water resistance to avoid the danger of electric leakage. 

When powering up, you need to select the correct voltage. If the product is marked to work at 12 volts, you need to use the voltage correctly to avoid fire.

In the case of line voltage lighting, this is the same voltage used by most appliances in your home. They require some additional protection to be safely installed outdoors, such as conduits and junction boxes to protect electrical wiring.

secure facade lighting

8.4 The size and structure of buildings

You need to consider the size of your building, because only considering the size can you buy the appropriate size. For example, if you want to circle a high-rise building, you need to calculate its length before you can buy it.

8.5  The type of building (for teaching, religion or other)

Lighting can transform any building into shape. This is the line for us to draw, and the lighting can reflect the effect we need. You can communicate your brand, company, etc., or use the controllable LED pixels on the façade to display media content such as animations, text or even pictures.

8.6 Maintain

Most outdoor fixtures are used in wet or wet locations. You need to consider these:

The first is the wet rating (or wet position). For example, outdoor wall lights, post lights, and motion sensor lights are wet location rated.

The second is the wet level (or wet location). For example, luminaires are used on covered patios, pergolas and anywhere that is not directly exposed to rain and humidity.

For lamps in this environment, you need to purchase them according to the environment to avoid excessive maintenance.

8.7 Cost

There are many typies of lamps. The price of different lamps varies greatly. You need to know your purchase cost, but also consider the installation cost and the amount of energy the light uses.

This article talks about things to know before buying building facade lighting. Hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions or needs, welcome to contact us.

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