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Disinfection UVC LED Strips With Quartz Lens 60leds 12V

UVC LED is also known as deep ultraviolet LED. Because UVC is the ultraviolet with the shortest wavelength and highest energy, it can effectively sterilize and kill viruses. From the current application point of view, deep ultraviolet LEDs are used in civil applications such as water purification, air purification, and biological detection. It has broad prospects in many emerging fields such as biochemical detection, sterilization and medical treatment, polymer curing and industrial photo catalysis.


Product Detail Description

(1) 60 pcs UVC LED chip Per meter 

(2) Without lead, mercury and other heavy metals, RoHS certification, environmental protection;

(3) Flexible PCB 3oz thickness 

(4) Genuine 3M tape or good heat dissipation function blue tape 

(5) DC12v input, easy to install and use, can directly replace traditional disinfection components;

Disinfection UVC LED Strips

60LEDs 12v with lens UVC strip



UVC Strip with flat lens (The first and second pictures) VS UVC Strip with quartz lens (The third and fourth pictures)

uvc strip without lens_

UVC test comparition after.

uvc light with lens 12v_

uvc 12v with lens__

UVC LED Strip size

UVC LED Strip Size

UVC LED chip information

uvc led chip information_

Technological Parameters



Ultraviolet energy is categorized by wavelength, and is broken down into the following types:

UV-A: 315-400 nm

UV-B: 280-315 nm

UV-C: 100-280 nm


UVC radiation, short-wave ultraviolet, it cannot reach the ground because it has been absorbed when passing through the ozone layer.

UVB radiation, medium-wave ultraviolet rays, accounts for about 80% to 90%. It can reach the dermis layer, causing skin to be sunburned, causing skin peeling, erythema, tanning, etc., but it can be blocked by glass, umbrellas, clothes, etc. .

UVA radiation, long-wave ultraviolet rays, accounts for about 10% to 20%. It is the most important factor in premature aging of the skin. It can penetrate the dermis, tan the skin, and cause damage to the skin and collagen, causing skin photoaging and even Skin cancer has a slow and long-lasting effect and is cumulative, so it is called "age ultraviolet rays" and is not blocked by windows, umbrellas, etc., even if it rains on a cloudy day.

UV absorbed by ozone layer (1)

Why Does it Have to be UV-C?

The reason why the correct UV wavelength for sterilization applications is absolutely critical is the mechanism of pathogen inactivation. DNA and RNA are the foundation of life, including microscopic organisms and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and molds. Without this genetic material, the pathogen will not be able to multiply and eventually cause the death of the infected colony.

DNA under UVC

bacteria under uvc light

The sterilization rate of Disinfection UVC LED Strips for certain virus as below

UVC sterilization rate



The ultraviolet germicidal lamp emits short-wave UVC ultraviolet rays. Shortwave ultraviolet rays are widely used in hospitals, air conditioning systems, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy products factories, wineries, beverage factories, Areas such as bakeries and cold rooms.

UVC applications

Please check the product specification for details. 60leds DC12V 60 degrees UVC strip light - Suntech.pdf


1. Pay special attention: UV lamps, please do not look directly at the light source with the naked eye! Test please wear special goggles!

2. Please read the product instructions carefully before the product is installed and used;

3. The power output must be DC12V;

4. The product is lightly put, to avoid damage to the product, please hand over to professionals to install and repair, maintenance;

5. Please understand the label tips on the lamp packaging when wiring;

6. When wiring must cut off the external power supply, to prevent people from touching or damage the lamp, the product must be installed after the installation before powering;

7. When using external power cords outdoors, it is necessary to take measures to waterproof and leak water;

8. It is forbidden to press the surface of the LED;

9. The use of any acidic or alkaline adhesive type of glue is prohibited from contactwith this product;

DMX Lighting System
UVC LED Disinfection
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