Top 10 Architectural Facade Lighting Companies in the World

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Because of their small size and robustness, LEDs are used in a wide variety of applications such as LED building facade lighting, advertising, general lighting, automotive headlights, traffic lights, and medical equipment. LEDs also help reduce costs and save energy due to their low manufacturing costs and high efficiency. Below are some well-known lighting companies.

To know buildind facade manufacturers in the world, you can find what you want to know in the table below.

Table 1 Top 10 manufacturers in the world-SuntechLED

Company Website

Acuity Brands



WAC Lighting



Kichler Lighting

Nora Lighting

Hubbell Lighting


Acuity Brands

Established: 2001

Type of company: Manufacturing and Services

Company address:Atlanta, Georgia


Main products: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, linear lights, down lights, flood lights, landscape lights, underwater lights, step lights, modular wiring, light strips, uv disinfection products, horticultural lighting products and so on.

Founded in 2001, Acuity Brands is one of the world's leading manufacturers of LED lighting. Acuity Brands specializes in the manufacture of lighting, as well as providing lighting solutions to customers. It has operations in North America, Europe and Asia. It offers a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for a variety of applications and environments.

The company's lighting portfolio meets the needs of multiple industries, including commercial offices, malls, healthcare, hospitality, government, residential, transportation, roads, bridges, tunnels, sewers and dams.

It also includes several well-known brands such as Lithonia Lighting, Holophane, Aculux, A-Lights, American Electric Lighting and more.


Established: 1956

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Anan, Japan


Main products: 585 series, 757G-V3 series, high power series, COB series, 3-in-1 series and optisolis.

Nichia is one of the top LED lighting manufacturers in terms of revenue generated from the sale of LED packages. It designs and manufactures LEDs for displays, LCD backlighting, automotive and general lighting applications. 

The company developed the first white LED by combining yellow phosphors and blue LEDs. The company also manufactures UV-LEDs for applications that require rigorous quality inspection, such as high-precision curing, ink curing, ticket inspection, counterfeit detection, and lithography. 

Nichia LED packages feature high efficiency, flexible cluster configurations, and high luminous flux density. Nichia standard LEDs feature uniform spatial distribution, excellent temperature stability and illumination reproducibility and were developed in collaboration with advanced industrial science and technology.


Established: 1987

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: North Carolina, USA


Main products: LED components, X lamp LEDs, high brightness LEDs, LED modules and accessories, LED chips, LED arrays.

Cree is one of the largest LED lighting companies in the world. Its core business is the production of LED and semiconductor products for various industries.

Cree LEDs offer the industry's broadest portfolio of application-optimized LEDs, leading the industry in lumen density, intensity, efficiency, optical control and reliability. It manufactures lighting-class LEDs and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications.

Cree LED chips combine InGaN materials with their proprietary SiC substrates to provide superior performance and high durability for semiconductor devices and high-intensity LEDs operating at high temperatures and voltages.

Cree Inc LEDs are used in a variety of applications such as indoor and outdoor general lighting, smart lighting, EV/HEV and electronic signage.

Cree Smart Lighting uses the SmartCast Intelligence Platform, a lighting control system that combines smart luminaires with the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovative applications to provide businesses with a sensor-rich lighting network and data-driven insights.

WAC Lighting

Established: 1984

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Port Washington, New York


Main products: ceiling light, wall light, recessed light, tape light, track light, under cabinet light, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting.

WAC Lighting is a company with a long history. WAC Lighting has accumulated experience and continuously improved its technical level over the years. Their investments in electronic product development, research and testing laboratories, and manufacturing facilities form a world-class brand.

As a design and build manufacturer, they face the challenge of creativity and innovation, building long-term relationships with lighting designers, architects and distributors. They focus on solving known problems or filling unmet needs with lighting solutions in commercial, residential and hospitality environments.

With a 5-year warranty and premium LED lighting solutions, their products have gained consumer acceptance.


Established: 1995

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Seoul, Korea


Main products: medium power LED, high power LED, cob LED, csp LED, LED module, LED driver, UV LED.

Samsung LED is the lighting and LED solutions division of the South Korean multinational electronics giant Samsung Group, headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung LED is now one of the world's leading suppliers of LED lighting systems, including various modules for displays, mobile devices, automotive and smart lighting solutions. Samsung's expertise in semiconductor manufacturing and IT is a typical foundation for continuous innovation and delivery of state-of-the-art LED devices.

Samsung LED holds multiple patents covering EPI, chips, packages, phosphors, modules and drivers for comprehensive coverage of key LED technology areas. We have positioned ourselves as a global leader in successful patent filings and registrations. We will continue to conduct meaningful research and development to expand our intellectual property library and will passionately protect our creations and their value to our customers.

Samsung LED is committed to leading the way in LED applications and components through smart and innovative lighting methods. We will continue to invest in technology development and design to push the boundaries of LEDs to create innovation for business and society.


Established: 1993

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Munich Germany


Main products: lamps, lighting and projection systems, automotive lighting LED products, opto -semiconductors such as LED, optical sensors, infrared LED, laser diodes visible and infrared light, lamps.

Osram is a lighting manufacturer in Munich, Germany. Osram is primarily focused on semiconductor-based technologies and is one of the world's leading suppliers of lighting and electronics. As one of the most innovative lighting companies in the world, with a number of world-leading patents, many world-renowned projects have chosen Osram's lighting products and solutions. Products are mainly based on semiconductor technology and are used in a wide range of fields: from virtual reality, autonomous driving, smartphones, to smart connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities. Osram Opto Semiconductors' expertise extends from semiconductor basic technology to individual customer applications, creating the highest quality solutions for sensor technology, laser systems and many other fields. The product portfolio includes high-performance light-emitting diodesfor automotive lighting, general lighting and other applications, LED for indicator lights as well as infrared light-emitting diodes (IREDs), semiconductor lasers and detectors.

Kichler Lighting

Established: 1938

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Independence, Ohio


Main products: chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, tubs and vanities, downlights, recessed mounts, cabinet lighting, commercial lighting, step lights, LED strips and pathways.

Their philosophy is that there is no "one light fits all" solution when it comes to lighting a home. Every space can evoke a certain mood with its unique style. They are to help determine what's best for your home.

Kichler Lighting is more than just a lighting company. They are a company that "brings people together." From their humble beginnings in 1938 to the global brand they are today, their focus has always been on strengthening and developing relationships. The relationship here refers to their relationship with the client and the client sharing the lighting effects with friends.

Kichler's high-quality lighting products are the result of high-quality testing.

Nora Lighting

Established: 1989

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: California


Main products: LED recessed architectural, commercial, residential and retrofit series, standard, high output and color changing LED strips, LED panels, LED strips, LED base cabinets, LED discs, LED tracks and LED pendants.

Nora Lighting is one of the industry's leading designers and suppliers of energy efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and residential applications. Nora products have become the benchmark for innovation, quality and new energy efficiency standards, including an exceptional range of recessed, track, track and multiple lighting systems, pendant lights, under-cabinet, linear and accent lighting, emergency and exit lighting. For over 30 years, nora Lighting has been committed to excellence in quality, value, customer service and innovation. nora Lighting has remained true to their core values of service, quality and value.

Hubbell Lighting

Established: 1963

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Greenville, South Carolina


Main products: linear lights, flood lights, landscape lights, wall lights, street lights.

Hubbell Lighting is elevating the lighting experience. With lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly with the environment, save energy, improve light quality, provide return on investment, and the unwavering support of Hubbell, its customers can think differently about how, where and when to use light. As one of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America, it has a portfolio of brands that provide a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products for the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets.

Hubbell Lighting provides solutions to bring cutting edge lighting education into living environments.

Their Lighting solutions center is designed to provide holistic solutions to current lighting challenges and to evolve to meet the future.


Established: 1891

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Main products: Philips hue, Philips LED bulbs, Philips LED tubes and Philips LED spotlights.

Philips is one of the world's leading manufacturers of LED lighting. When Philips was founded in 1891, its plan was to provide cost-effective and reliable electric incandescent light bulbs that provided good lighting for all. For more than 120 years, Philips Lighting has been innovating to make people's lives more comfortable and efficient by providing high-quality lighting solutions for public spaces, professional spaces and homes. Using a combination of patented technologies, Philips lighting systems can seamlessly connect with other digital devices to benefit both the customer and the environment. Philips Hue is a wireless lighting system that allows people to control lights and create the right atmosphere at any time. This series of connected lighting systems can be used with a range of different smart devices, providing great convenience to people.

The above is a brief introduction of some well-known manufacturers, and the following is the introduction of our company. You can choose the products you want in our company. We look forward to serving you.


Established: 2008

Type of company: Manufacturing

Company address: Shenzhen, China.


Main products: flood lights, wall washers, uvc sterilization products, light strips and pixel dot lights.

Suntech is located in Shenzhen, China, since 2008, we focus on outdoor LED lights production for architectural lighting and media facade lighting. After 8 years of development, our team of engineers has successfully developed a variety of different programmable products, such as LED floodlight outdoorLED linear wall washerpixel mesh light, and so on. If you want to make a DMX lighting system, Suntech can also help you.

Suntech is one of the famous LED outdoor lighting manufacturers. Not only do we have many local customers, but also have many foreign customers. Our top-notch quality and rigorously tested lamps are well received by buyers. Our products are highly certified, including CE, RoHS and UL/ETL certifications, facilitating export to various countries. Collectively, we can solve all lighting problems and provide customers with an efficient solution. Each product is inspected by our engineers before being shipped. We can provide solutions and videos of goods inspected., which are widely used in home decoration, garden landscape, sports venues , exhibition halls, exhibition halls, hotels, high-end office buildings, high-end clubs, etc. Provide high quality ODM&OEM facade lighting products. Provide the most suitable lighting design and solutions. For more outdoor lighting project videos from Suntech, please click here. Products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and other markets.

Because we use high-quality raw materials for production and undergo rigorous testing, our lights are also more durable.

Suntech LED manufacturer can provide methods for indoor light installation and outdoor installation. You can buy here to solve most problems.

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