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AC110v 220v DMX RGB LED Flood Light Outdoor 3°/5°/ 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/45°/60°

Outdoor DMX LED flood light, waterproof grade IP65, widely used in parks, squares, stages, bridges, sports fields, building facades one of the top architectural lightings. The LA-FL23 series of LED floodlights use a modern black die-cast aluminum housing and a 1W high-power LED chip with high lumen output efficiency. In addition to white and warm white, 90W LED floodlights have red, green, blue, yellow, and RGB automatic color-changing beam light effects.



Advantage of high voltage led floodlight

1. Long life(~50,000 Hours): with OSROM led chip for 5 years warranty.

2. Multiple cooling: The aluminum body provides and cooling fan provides excellent heat dissipation.

3. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Compared with mercury vapor, sodium vapor, and halogen, direct energy saving is more than 50%, and there is almost no maintenance cost.

4. Custom beam angle: We can make the customized beam angle (like 3°/5°/ 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/45°/60°) to meet your actual outdoor led project.

5. IP65 waterproof:  The sealant is IP65 waterproof, can be installed outdoors to prevent rain, and can adapt to the extremely harsh outdoor environment.

6. High-quality Material: die-cast aluminum, tempered glass, surface sprayed with polyester.

Paramaters table











Addressable RGB





Luminous Flux




Beam angle


IP grade


LED Chip



Details of Architectural Wall Washer

1. This is a high-voltage LED floodlight, you just need to directly connect the light to the electricity AC110V/220V power.

2. Use the signal wire to connect the K-1000C controller at the other end, then connect the controller to the DC24V power supply, and then connect the power supply to the AC110V/220V plug to produce and control the RGB effect.


3. It can be installed on the Ceiling, Wall, and Floor, like the picture below:

Installation of DMX led floodlight

What beam angle led flood light should you choose?

Before buying a floodlight or floodlight, please consider determining the beam width required by the floodlight. We provide you with a formula as follows:

 beam angle× 0.018 × the distance from bulb = the width of the beam

For example, if the sp0tlight produces a beam with a width of 80 °, and you want to know the width of the beam from a distance of 3 meters? 

80°× 0.018 × 3 meters = 4.3 meters.

To know more about the difference between led floodlights and led spotlights, please click here.

Beam angle of led spotlight

 Application of spotlight

Application of DMX flood light

LED spot light


 1. All LED flood lamps have passed luminous flux test, salt spray test, vibration test, waterproof test, high and low-temperature test, and 72-hour aging to ensure their function and quality.

Test before shipping

2. We are an ISO 9001 proved factory, all products passed the CE, RoHS, and FCC certificate


3. Our service

Pre-sale service: 24-hour service, according to the different requirements of customers, product categories, successful project examples, etc., to provide customized solutions and programs. And factory tours, simulation renderings, etc.

After-sales service: 5-year warranty, professionals provide installation teaching instructions, including installation instructions, software operation manuals, easy maintenance manuals, and control system software.

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