LED flood light VS Spotlight VS Traditional Floodlight

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1. What are LED floodlights?

2. What is LED spot light?

3. What are the main differences between floodlights and spotlights(flood vs spot light)?

4. LED floodlight VS traditional halogen floodlight

5. What are the advantages of LED floodlights over traditional halogen floodlights?

6. What beam angle should you choose?

7. The advantages for Suntech spot and floodlight

Deference between Flood light and Spotlight

What are LED Floodlights?

LED floodlights are point light sources that can illuminate evenly in all directions. This means that you can evenly illuminate an object from a particular point in all directions. This is equivalent to a light bulb or candle. The lighting range can be adjusted arbitrarily, the floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene for better results.

floodlights can project and mix the darkness of the model. Floodlights have a relatively wide illumination range, so it is very easy to predict the lighting effect of floodlights, and this type of lighting has many auxiliary uses. For example, if you place a floodlight near the surface of an object, it will be on the surface of the object and produce bright light.

Keep in mind that floodlights cannot be built very well. Otherwise, the rendering will look flat and dull. Therefore, in the normal rendering, you will pay more attention to the effects of lighting parameters and layout on the perception of light throughout the rendered scene, accumulate more experience, and acquire lighting matching skills.


What are Spotlights?

LED spotlights are mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and commercial space lighting and are mainly used for decoration equivalent to a washing machine on a small wall. The LED spotlights are controlled by a built-in microchip. It can be used without a controller in small engineering applications. You can achieve dynamic effects such as gradients, jumps, color flashes, random flashes, and gradual alternating. Controlled by DMX. Achieve effects such as tracking and scanning. Currently, its main uses are probably: Single building, exterior wall lighting of historic buildings, interior and exterior lighting of buildings, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, sign lighting, medical and cultural and other specialty lighting, bars, the atmosphere of recreational facilities such as dance halls illumination.

LED flood light

What are the main difference between flood and spotlights(flood vs spot light)?

In fact, if you change the spotlight lens to a smaller angle, it becomes a floodlight, so the main difference between the two is the beam angle. The principle and composition are basically the same!

Under the same power, spotlights have a small lighting area and a long distance,beam angle usually at 45 degrees or lessFloodlights have a large illumination area and a short distance, the beam angle usually from 50 to 120 degrees.

Therefore, floodlights are commonly used for long-range lightings, such as in open spaces and depots, and spotlights are used for short-range lighting, which is commonly used for consumer lighting.

LED flood light VS Spotlight VS Traditional Floodlight

LED floodlightsVS traditional halogen floodlight

Another thing that can be confusing is the traditional floodlight. So what is a traditional halogen floodlight?

A floodlight is a lamp that specifies that the illuminance of the illuminated surface is higher than the illuminance of the surrounding environment. Also called a spotlight. In general, it can be oriented in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly used for large-area operation sites, mines, building contours, stadiums, elevated roads, monuments, parks, flower beds, etc. Therefore, almost all large area luminaires used outdoors can be considered floodlights. The angle of the projected ray is wide or narrow, and the range of change is 0 ° to 180 °, in which the thin ray is called a searchlight.

Traditionnal floodlight

What are the advantages of LED floodlights over traditional halogen floodlights?

Comparing the performance of LED floodlights with conventional floodlights, the energy conversion rate of the product is relatively high, and the energy-saving efficiency is 80% or more.

1. Integrated design style of LED floodlight, seat type, wall hangings, and other product installation methods makes operation easier and more convenient.

2. LED flood light's multi-shock proof structural design has excellent seismic performance and can be used reliably in a high-frequency vibration environment.

3. The reflector of LED floodlight is made of mirror aluminum material, which effectively improves the luminous efficiency of LED floodlight.

4. LED flood light uses high-quality imported alloy material and high-tech spray technology with excellent dustproof, waterproof, and corrosion resistance.

5. LED project light source adopts special gas discharge lamp with long life, high light efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

What beam angle should you choose?

Before buying a floodlight or spotlight, consider determining the beam width required by the floodlight or spotlight. We provide you with a formula as follows:

 beam angle× 0.018 × the distance from bulb = the width of the beam

For example, if the floodlight produces a beam with a width of 80 °, and you want to know the width of the beam from a distance of 3 meters? 

80°× 0.018 × 3 meters = 4.3 meters.

So if you have a spotlight that produces a beam with a width of 30 °, and want to know the width of the beam from a distance of 4.5m? 

 30°× 0.018 × 4.5 meters = 2.43 meters.

The advantages for Sumtech spot and floodlight

1. High purity aluminum reflector, most accurate beam, best reflection effect.

2. Symmetrical narrow, wide and asymmetric light distribution system.

3. The bulb can be replaced with an open-back type that is easy to maintain.

4. All lamps are fitted with scale plates to facilitate adjustment of the irradiation angle.

Suntech always provide the best spot lights and floodlight, Click here to email the Suntech team or call +8613184617165 for more information.

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