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AC110v/220v High Voltage LED Rope Light With Flash-free Power Supply

AC 220V 2835 LED strip 5M 300LED waterproof rope tape is an ideal choice for LED lighting projects. This is a high voltage LED strip with a flash-free power supply equipped with British/European plugs, which can be directly connected to city electricity


High Voltage LED Tape Feature:

Waterproof IP67 High Voltage AC110/220 Silicone Extrusion Led Strip Light

1.Each segment with built in high voltage constant current IC to ensure every LEDs still can receive constant current under the ripple voltage

2.With the built in bridge rectifier design, each segment can work individually to ensure strips with lower temperature, and stronger anti-surge capability

3.2OZ FPC board Can be cut at the printed marks,12LEDs per group/cuttable 10cm

4.High luminous efficacy with 2835 SMD LED mounted

5.Higher safety performance, all of our such series of products be made by extrusion technology with food grade silicone, no yellowing, no cracking, protection grade up to IP67

*Please do not use this light in water.

Specification of AC110v/220v LED Strip:

MODEL LED CHIP Q Voltage Power Light effect Cutting point PCB  width Dimension
STSN-120W2835-12MM 120pcs SMD2835 AC220V/110V    14w/m    1400lm/w        0.1m 12mm   12*50000mm
STSN-120W2825-10MM 120pcs SMD2835 AC220V/110V    14w/m    1400lm/w      0.1m 10mm   10*50000mm

For more product information, please download the specificationsHigh-Efficiency-DC12v-120leds-strip.pdf

High voltage LED rope application:

1.Great for hotel,KTV,Bars,Restaurant and other recreation place do adornment to atmosphere of Freshness

2.It is suitable for automobile chassis adornment, body and car decoration,decoration,design city lighting project,the exhibition hall and building exterior decoration,etc 

3.It used in illuminating signs,interior lighting,cove lighting ,or exhibit lighting,large cabinet lighting,project lighting,and any sort of close application task lighting.

4.It is introduced into the mining industry because it can adapt to the highly unstable and destructive underground conditions. It is a professional underground lighting strip.

Details of 110V-220V waterproof LED strips:


2                   _202107221137471_

Differences Between 110V-240V LED Strip Light And 12V/24V LED Strip Light

1. This high-voltage rope light does not need to be driven and is directly connected to the city power supply, while the low-voltage rope light needs to be driven before connecting to the city power supply.


2. 110v/220v led strip lights may flicker, and the flicker is invisible to the naked eye. Long-term use of this light will cause eye fatigue, decreased vision, and may cause migraine and other problems. Therefore, it needs to be connected to a non-flashing power supply.


3. The maximum connection length, the maximum connection length of the 110v led light strips is 50m/100m. The maximum connection length of the low-voltage light strip is 10m.



4. The working voltage of high-voltage LED lights is AC 110V~240V, which is a dangerous voltage. It is mainly used for decorative lighting. It is even more dangerous if it is used in easily accessible places such as steps and guardrails.

Therefore, it is recommended to use places that are relatively high and cannot be touched by people, such as ceiling lamp troughs.

1_   _202107261830091_


Package Included: 

1roll × waterproof LED strip

1pcs × power plug

Some plastic clips as below picture(1 meter long strip with 1 clip)


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