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Pixel Light Controller

ST802TC is a LED globe synchronous controller as long as there is satellite signal. Multiple H802TCs can be distributed throughout the country. Slave controller is ST801RA, ST801RC and ST802RA.


1.Pixel light LED controller Performance

(1). Global synchronization. Not limited by distance and power-on time.

(2). Each ST802TC drives max 122880 pixels, connects max 96 slave controllers.

(3).SD card supports FAT32 and FAT16 format, maximum capacity is 64GB, stores up to 64 DAT files.

(4). Playing speed adjustable range is 2—50 frames per second, brightness adjustable range is 0—15.

(5).Multiple H802TCs support playing single file by week, date and schedule synchronously.

(6). Data transmitted between ST802TC and slave controller is based on Ethernet protocol.

(7).Support encryption on power-on times.

2. Operating Instructions
(1). SD card must be formatted into FAT16 or FAT32 after many times of adding or deleting files. ST802TC supports SDHC (High Capacity SD card), capacity is up to 64G bytes. Maximum 64 DAT files are allowed in SD card which are played based on the file name in alphabetical order.

(2). If there is no card in the slot, LCD screen displays "Please insert SD" ST802TC starts reading data as soon as SD card is detected and LCD screen displays "Reading...”. If there is no valid DAT file in SD card, LCD screen displays "Not DAT File!”. After reading data successfully, screen displays file number and file name. After receiving satellite signal, screen displays “*” on top right corner.

(3). Power on H802TC, it will control lamps immediately. For multiple H802TCs, after receiving satellite signal, they will work synchronously.

(4). Press “Mode” to switch mode

1) Speed: Range is 2—50 frames per second.

2) Bright: Range is 0 — 15.

3) Play Mode: five modes included

4) Net2StartNo: Start number of port2. For example: There are 40 slave controllers set up in SD card, if you set Net2StartNo to 31 on H804TC, port1 will output 1~30 slave controllers’ data and port2 will output the last 10 slave controllers’ data. If you set Net2StartNo to 1, two ports will output the same data.

(5). Play mode includes "Single", "Week", "Date", “Lunar” and "Table". "Single": Play single file only, press “+” or “-” to switch file on file select interface.

"Week": Monday: controller play the first file, Tuesday: controller play the second file...... Sunday: controller play the seventh file. For example: if you programmed 10 dat files named 001.dat, 002.dat.......010.dat, controller will only play the first seven files(001.dat, 002.dat......007.dat). Controller will not play the last three files(008.dat, 009.dat, 010.dat).

  If you programmed 5 dat files named 001.dat, 002.dat......005.dat, Monday: play 001.dat, Tuesday: play 002.dat.....Friday: play 005.dat, Saturday: play 001.dat, Sunday: play 002.dat. 

"Date"(same theory as “Week”): In one month, first day: play the first file......... 31th day: play the 31th file. If files number is less than 31, for example 20, then, the 21th day will play the first file. If files number is more than 31, from 32th file, they will not be played.

“Lunar”(same theory with “Date” but only with 30 days in one month): Lunar only applies in China, so you can ignore it.

"Table": if you want to jump to a specified time to carry out a specific task (replacing the file or adjust the brightness), the methods are as follows:
  The first thing is to select “the Gregorian calendar", "the lunar calendar" or "week". Set the time firstly and select the file and set the brightness. If file is chosen, you need to select the order number of file that is to be played, if brightness is chosen, you need to select the brightness value (0—31). Finally, click "add".
  The list on the left is sorted automatically according to time. If multiple tasks are to be performed within one second, the controller starts from the last one. As the picture shown below, the second line refers to playing the second file at 8:00 PM every day, and the third line refer to playing the third file at 8:00 PM in August 1st of the Gregorian calendar—it’s the last one. The controller starts playing the fourth file at 8.00 PM in the first day of lunar calendar and it starts playing the second file at 8.00 PM in other days.
  If the power-on time of controller is 7.00 PM, it will play the fifth file because the first line indicates that it starts playing the fifth file at 6.00 PM everyday, if the power-on time is before 6.00 PM, it plays file set by keyboard and it will play the fifth file at 6.00 PM.



3. Specifications

Input Voltage


Power Consumption


Control Pixels


 Slave Controllers Number




Working Temperature



L187 x W117 x H40

Installation Hole Distance


Carton Size

L205 x W168 x H69


4.Pixel light controller Connection Diagram 

Commonly used method is as follows, can only use one port. (Blue line is cable)

Connection diagram

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