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H807SA Pixel LED Strip Controller

The H807SA LED controller is a versatile and powerful tool for controlling LED lighting effects and sequences. Its compatibility with DMX technology and support for addressable LED strips make it a popular choice for stage lighting, architectural lighting, and other lighting applications.

Product Description:

The H807SA LED controller is a used to control LED pixel lights. It is a popular option for those working with addressable LED strips, such as WS2811 and WS2812B.

The H807SA LED controller is a compact and user-friendly device that allows for precise control over LED lighting effects and sequences. It supports a wide range of color modes, including RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW, and can control up to 2048 pixels.

One of the key features of the H807SA LED controller is its compatibility with DMX technology. This allows it to be easily integrated into larger lighting installations and controlled via DMX controllers or software.

The H807SA LED controller can be programmed using a variety of software applications, including Madrix, Jinx!, and Glediator. It also has a built-in SD card slot, allowing for standalone operation without the need for a computer or other device.

Features of the H807SA Controller:

(1) 8 output ports, which can control up to 8192 pixels. Each port can control up to 1024 points.

(2) The SD card supports FAT32 and FAT16 formats, allowing up to 64 DAT files.

(3) Multiple synchronous control can be realized through LAN.

(4) You can switch files by sending UDP commands to network port 2, or get

The serial number of the currently playing file, etc.

(5) It can be connected to an external DMX console, supports RGBW, can replace files, and adjust the speed

and brightness, and respond quickly.

(6) Support Art-Net protocol, can directly use MADRIX, jinx and other software

Support ArtNet.

(7) Support the encryption function of limiting the number of boot times.

(8) Support DMX chip addressing, built-in counting internal control

Test function.

(9) It can be online or offline, and can be directly connected to the computer network

card, router, or to the host controller.

(10) Support online firmware upgrade.

Support Chips:

Support chips:DMX512、HDMX、APA102、APA102-65536、WS2801、WS2811、WS2812、WS2813、TM1812、TM1809、TM1804、TM1923、TM1934、TM1925D、TM1926D、TM1803、TM1814、TM1913、TM1914、TM1926、UCSUCS1903、UCS1909、UCS1912、UCS2903、UCS2909、UCS2912、UCS8904、UCS5603、UCS9812、UCS2603、SK9816、SK6812、SM16716、SM16703、SM16709、SM16712、SM16704、SM16714、LPD6803、LPD8806、LPD1882、LPD1889、LPD1883、INK1003、APA104、P943、LC8812、GW6205、QED3110、D9866E、D9866B、

D9865C、D9865E、D9865F、D9864B、D9864C、MBI6023、MBI6024、ADT6610、TLC5971、JCS0104 etc.

For more details, please check the product specification: H807SA Instruction Manual-Suntech.pdf

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