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DMX SPI LED Signal Amplifier

A DMX SPI signal amplifier is a device used to extend the range of DMX and SPI lighting control signals over long distances. It boosts and regenerates the signal, allowing it to travel further without signal loss or degradation. This is particularly useful in large-scale lighting installations, stage lighting, and architectural lighting applications.

What is a DMX signal amplifier:

A DMX signal amplifier, also known as a DMX signal booster or repeater, is a device that is used to extend the length of a DMX lighting control signal over long distances. DMX signals are digital signals that control the behavior of DMX-enabled lighting fixtures, such as LED lights, moving heads, and dimmers.

DMX signals have a limited range, typically up to 100 meters, after which the signal can become weak and unstable, resulting in flickering or non-responsive lights. A DMX signal amplifier helps to boost and regenerate the DMX signal, allowing it to travel further distances without signal loss or degradation.

A DMX signal amplifier works by receiving the DMX signal from the controller and then boosting the signal strength before re-transmitting the signal to the next device in the DMX chain. This allows the DMX signal to travel longer distances while maintaining its strength and stability.


Input Voltage:DC12-24V

Dimensions : L125mm*W56mm*H35mm

Transmission Distance: Adding an "AMPLIFIER" can increase the signal transmission distance by up to 50 meters.

Signal Input: GND (ground) INA (signal input A)

Signal Output: GND (ground) OA (signal output A) CLK (signal output B) ADD (write address line)

Product Features:

1) The isolation performance is good, and the input side and the output side are completely electrically isolated.

2) The signal is transmitted in one direction, and the output signal has no feedback input, which can effectively prevent the interference of the lamp circuit and lamp power supply ripple on the control bus, but does not cut off the signal transmission between them.

3) The optical signal is not subject to electromagnetic interference, and the work is stable and reliable.

4) The optocoupler has fast response speed and high transmission efficiency.

5) Bus input and output to achieve super signal protection.

6) Support UCS512A\B\C\D series, SM16511\2(RGB\RGBW) series etc. on the market.

Please download the product specification for more details: Signal Amplifier Manual-Suntech.pdf

Wiring Connection Diagram:

wire connection

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