WS2818 VS WS2811 VS UCS1903 digital LED strip light

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There are many types of addressable light strips on the market now, and many people can't tell the difference between them. This guide will tell you the difference between WS2811, UCS1903, and WS2818. The main difference are:

1. WS2818 can be made to both DC12v and DC24v, currently WS2811 / UCS1903 only made to DC12v pixel strip light

2. WS2811 / UCS1903 IC only has one data line, WS2818 programmable light has double data lines.

WS2811 VS WS2818 strip light

We have made a table for clear comparison among IC WS2811, US1903, and WS2818 strip lights.

Table 1.WS2811 VS UCS1903 VS WS2818 From SuntechLed

Item WS2811 LED strip

UCS1903 LED strip

WS2818 LED strip


External IC

External IC

External IC









LED per meter

60 leds/m

60 leds/m

60 leds/m

Power consumption





Positive + Negative+Single Data line

Positive + Negative+Single Data line

Positive + Negative+Dual Data lines

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Introduction of WS2811, UCS1903, and WS2818 LED strip

What is WS2811

The WS2811 strip light is the external IC addressable pixel tape that launched firstly in the market, earlier than WS2812B, WS2813, and WS2815. It only has one data line but is stable,  only can be made to DC12v, technology is mature. Clients all know this and need a lot.

Features of WS2811

WS2811 is 3 output channels dedicated to the LED driver circuit. It includes an intelligent digital port data latch and signal shaping amplifier drive circuit inside. Also includes a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current output driver. 

What is UCS1903

UCS1903 is a DC12v external IC addressable strip, one IC controls three LEDs that can be cut per 3LED. UCS1903 led strip is similar to the WS2811 LED strip. The controller that can control WS2811 LED can all control UCS1903 too.


Features of UCS1903

The UCS1903 is a 3-channel LED display driver/controller with a built-in MCU digital interface, data latches, and LED high voltage drive functions. Under the control of the external MCU, it performs independent grayscale control and cascading control for driving large outdoor color dot matrix LED panels.

WS2811 VS UCS1903

  • WS2811 is a clone of UCS1903 which was launched by Linesun -ic company founder is from Taiwan.

  • UCS1903 is the most stable.


What is WS2818

WS2818 RGB LED strip is the latest pixel strip light, with both DC12v and DC24v options. Break continue function, dual data lines. With time flowing, this IC will be more stable I think. Currently (2019.7.2), the WS2818 IC is not as stable WS2811 / UCS1903 pixel LED strip.


Features of WS2818

WS2818 is a 3-channel LED driver control circuit that includes an intelligent digital port data latch and a signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. It also includes a precision internal oscillator and a programmable 12V voltage constant current control component, which achieves a highly consistent color effect.

Applications of WS2811 VS UCS1903 VS WS2818

(1) Light up colorful home life, DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails, and windows.

(2) Hotels decoration use, Theaters, clubs, shopping malls, festivals, and performances use.

(3) Architectural decorative lighting, Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, Security lighting, and Emergency.

(4) Extensively applied in Backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting, and advertisement sign lighting.

(5) Applicable for automobile & Airplane model decoration, contour lighting, or border.

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