RGB Addressable LED Tube 360 Degree

The 360 degrees LED tube lights are usually hung on trees, interior ceilings, and building facades. The double-sided LED strips are installed in the tube stick to 360 illuminate the surroundings. The PC material tube is chemical resistance, high strength, heat, and cold resistance, and the clear pipe enables every LED light can be seen and the lighting effect is wonderful. The RGB pixel LED is widely used in holiday decoration, stage, nightclub, KTV lighting.
Shenzhen Suntech LED is specializing in pixel LED tube light production and trading, and we are experienced in OEM products, welcome to contact us if you need custom service.
 3D LED Meteor Lights by Color
3D LED Meteor Lights by Voltage
3D LED Meteor Lights by Diamater
  • D30 LED Meteor Lights 360 Degree
3D LED Meteor Lights by Control Mode
  • DMX 3D LED Digital Tube Lights
  • SPI/TTL 3D LED Digital Tube Lights

Different Models of RGB Addressable LED Tube Lights for you to select:

RGB LED Controllers for the Addressable LED Tube Lights:

DMX Lighting System
UVC LED Disinfection
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