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30mm Diameter 1.5M 2M RGB LED Tube 360 Degree for Dance Hall Mood Lighting


Product Description

(1) LED meteor tube light can be called 3D LED meteor light, and can also be called LED meteor shower light.

(2) LED meteor tube light adopts high-quality rigid PCB circuit board, high-brightness and super-quality LED. LED meteor tube light is a kind of indoor and outdoor landscape decorative light, which is mainly suitable for hanging on branches, under eaves and any objects that can be hung in indoor buildings, replacing traditional LED ice strip lights and other lamps.

(3) LED meteor tube light is easy to install and can be made into waterproof and non-waterproof lights. And the LED meteor tube has high brightness and flickering effect is like shooting stars streaking across the sky in the night sky. The flashing effect can be freely set according to the environment and your requirements. The main colors are RGB and RGBW and so on.

(4) LED meteor tube light can be made into two external control modes: DMX512 and TTL.

(5) LED meteor tube light shell is mainly made of imported PC material. The main advantages of PC materials:

high-quality heat resistance, good transparency and high impact resistance and other physical and mechanical

properties, and has the advantages of high light transmittance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, etc.

Product Parameters

Product NumberDiameterLength
LED QtyPixel Qty
PowerColorSignalIP Rating
ST-TTL-96-RGB-30-150030mm1500mm96 pcs
48 pcs
18 WattsRGBTTLIP20/IP65
ST-TTL-128-RGB-30-200030mm2000mm128 pcs64 pcs12VDC24  WattsRGBTTLIP20/IP65
ST-DMX-90-RGB-30-150030mm1500mm90 pcs15 pcs
24VDC18 WattsRGBDMXIP20/IP65
ST-DMX-120-RGB-30-200030mm2000mm120 pcs20 pcs24VDC24  WattsRGBDMXIP20/IP65

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