How to choose LED wall washer light?

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With the improvement of living standards, people's aesthetics are constantly changing. LED wall washer shines in lighting projects. It appears widely in life and has become an indispensable lighting product in many places. As Chinese one of the top wall washer light manufacturers, Suntech will introduce will introduce to you what is a wall washer and explain how to choose a suitable wall washer product.

1. What is a wall washer?

a wall washer light

LED wall washer, let the light wash the wall like water, used to outline the outline of the building. Because of its elongated shape, it is also called linear LED floodlight. Compared with the circular structure of the LED floodlight, the strip structure of the led wall wash is easier to dissipate heat.

There are many types of wall washer shapes, the length and size can be selected by yourself, and it is suitable for building installation and use of different shapes. The most common reason for using outdoor LED wall washer is to illuminate the facade of a building. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, the wall washer can produce bright light or weak light. The main goal is to draw people's attention to the wall. Wall washer lights can also be installed on entrances, arches, walls filled with windows, and so on.

2. Control form

The control mode is developed from the original master-slave connection control to support offline or built-in control. The installation method also supports wireless DMX control. The light effect channel of the lamp beads has also been upgraded from the original conventional 3 channels to 4 to 20 channels so that each group of lamp beads can be freely configured with luminous effects to achieve different color shaping effects. The building creates a completely different visual effect.

The high-power LED wall washer has two control methods: external control and internal control. The internal control does not require an external controller and can be built in a variety of change modes, while the external control needs to be equipped with an external control controller to achieve color changes. The applications on the market are also other than Most control.

3. LED wall washer application effects and occasions

colorful wall washer lights

Use effect: The wall wash led lights can be used without a controller in small engineering applications by controlling the built-in microchip. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradation, jump, color flashing, random flashing, gradual alternation, etc., or through DMX Controlled to achieve the effects of chasing and scanning.

Main application areas: exterior wall lighting of single buildings and historical buildings; interior and exterior lighting of buildings, indoor local lighting; green landscape lighting, billboard lighting; lighting for medical, cultural and other special facilities; bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues Atmosphere lighting, etc.

The high-power LED wall washer has an illumination distance of 10 meters, which is very suitable for panoramic floodlighting of internal and external walls such as government lighting projects, commercial places, subways, elevated overpasses, building exterior walls, architectural landmarks, etc.

4. How to choose a suitable wall washer?

When you buy an outdoor LED wall washer, there are some precautions.

(1) Choose the appropriate wattage wall washer according to the height of the irradiation:

The height of the wall washer is directly related to the power of the lamp and the angle of the light. The greater the power, the higher the brightness of the lighting, and the higher the lighting height. When the power is the same, the smaller the beam angle, the higher the irradiation height. Wall washer is commonly used with a 30° beam angle. It is recommended to use an 18W wall washer for lighting 1-3 meters, 24W for lighting 3-4 meters, and 36W for lighting 4-5 meters. Wall lights. Of course, there is no standard, because there are many factors that affect the lighting height, try to let the manufacturer provide a lighting plan and match the appropriate lamps according to the lighting plan.

LED wall washer 18w 24w 36w 72w 108w

(2) Choose the wall washer according to the color

There are two commonly used wall washer lights: monochrome constant light and DMX512 external control. The monochromatic wall washer that is always bright is always one color and does not change. The DXM512 wall washer can change the color of the lamp and achieve various effects through programming.

If the colorful led wall washer light can help you achieve the exterior wall design you want, you can always choose to use it. The colored wall washer brings life to the otherwise boring wall.

You can use colors as you want. The color wall washer allows you to control the change of colors so that you can switch colors to suit different events. Such as seasons and various festivals. More importantly, get a high-quality outdoor LED wall washer. There are more complex lights that give you the option to change the color scheme.

(3) Choose the power of the wall washer according to the degree of light absorption of the wall:

Some dark walls or uneven walls are relatively more light-absorbing. If you want to light 3 meters, the power of the wall washer should be greater than the conventional wattage. According to the light absorption, you could choose a 24W or 36W wall washer. Generally, in this case, you need to conduct a field test to determine the power of the wall washer.

(4) Choose the appropriate waterproof level:

The waterproof level of the wall washing led light is an important parameter of the wall washer, and it is also an important indicator that affects the quality. IP65——IP67 (up to IP68) structure waterproof wall washer, even if it is used for a long time, its waterproof performance will not be affected. When we use it in the sky and land lighting, the waterproof rating is required to be above IP65, and it is also required to have relevant pressure resistance, crack resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, flame retardancy, and impact resistance.

(5) Choose a regular manufacturer:

A formal and powerful manufacturer is guaranteed quality and the support of technical services. Therefore, in the process of choosing a wall washers led, a regular manufacturer should be selected.

If you encounter some problems when purchasing an outdoor wall washer, please feel free to consult Suntech LED, we are glad to help you.

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