What is LED wall washer?

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LED Wall Washer

When night fell, looking at the lights emitted by different types of LEDs in the tall buildings outside, the whole city seemed to be lit by lights. Many times we see building facades---the walls illuminate the vertical surfaces with uniform brightness. This kind of LED is called "Wall Washer LED". Of course, wall washing has nothing to do with wall washing, but the impact of indirect lighting on the wall. We will briefly explain the exact meaning of wall washing and when to best apply this lighting technique. In this article, we will know the relevant information about the wall washer, let's read on!

LED wall washer, as the name suggests, is a light that can make the light wash the wall like water. In fact, the LED wall washer is derived from the English name "LED Wall Washer". Wall washer is a lighting technology in which vertical and indirect lighting is placed on the ceiling or floor farther from the wall. In this way, the light can fall on the wall in an equal and uniform manner. LED wall washer is mostly used outdoors, which means that the wall washer should be able to withstand these elements. The luminaire is placed so that it is exposed to sunlight and rain, and every part of the luminaire should be able to withstand solar heat and heavy rain. It also has the characteristics of energy-saving, rich colors, high light efficiency, and long life. The main purpose of using it is to draw people's attention to the wall-no matter what form or design it appears in. It is reliable, durable and cost-effective, and has become a favorite lighting choice.

Here are two ways to use outdoor LED wall washer. Your choice between the two will depend on the type of lighting effect you want to achieve.


When washing the wall, the lamps provide a uniform light distribution to focus on the large smooth surface of the wall. While wall grazing highlights the texture of a wall through shadows, while a perfect wall-washing enhances its smoothness by eliminating shadows, making the wall look smoother. The wall washer effect is created by installing lights on the ceiling or the ground so that the beam of light shines on the wall at a wide angle. This is to help create the illusion of a larger space than the actual space. This type of lighting is meaningful in art galleries and other places, where the goal is to display multiple works of art hanging on a blank wall. The high-power LED wall washer has a lighting distance of more than 10 meters, which is extremely suitable for commercial places, subways, and building exterior walls, bringing people a new visual experience and immersing people in the unpredictable color world.


Wall grazing is another lighting technology that uses outdoor wall washer lights, where the light is placed close to the wall from the floor or ceiling to force the light beam to hit the wall at a narrow-angle, hoping to show the texture of the wall through shadows. This angle draws the eyes to the texture of the wall by creating shadows. By moving the light closer or away from the wall (which will change the angle) to achieve the desired effect, the position of the luminaire will determine whether the shadows that appear are strong or soft.

We need to know that wall grazing is not just for walls, we can also use it to highlight unique architectural designs and surfaces. Do you remember seeing an indoor waterfall with rocks as the background in the restaurant? Your eyes are likely to be attracted by the rugged walls because a grazing lighting technique highlighted its unique texture. Wall grazing is even very suitable for stone surfaces, pillars, statues, and other outdoor decorations.

Wallwash and Wallgraze

The LED wall washer uses high-power LEDs, and the waterproof level should be IP67. Shenzhen Suntech Company is one of the top LED wall washer light suppliers in China, our LED wall washer reaches IP67 and above. Since the LED wall washer is used outdoors, it is generally required that the wall washer can work normally at -20°C to 50°C. Application environment: indoor, outdoor.

(1)Based on the standard DMX512 protocol, it supports 16.7 million colors (24 bits)

(2)High brightness, high energy efficiency, durable

(3)Asymmetric light distribution design, especially suitable for wall washing lighting

(4)High quality LED transparency and optimal beam control ensure uniform brightness

(5)The thinness light design can provide suitable lighting for the narrow space of the building

(6)High-grade material and high protection grade (IP66) can withstand any harsh outdoor environment

(7)Flexible mounting bracket, convenient light angle adjustment, maintenance free and high energy efficiency

(8)The light mixing distance is short, can support close installation

(9)50000 hours long life

(10)Able to be customized

When you buy the best outdoor LED wall washer, there are a few things to pay attention to.

(1) First of all, make sure you know the effect you want to achieve. This will determine the position of the lamp against the wall. The merchant will also tell you how many lights you need-and the wattage. The height of the LED wall washer is directly related to the angle of the light and the power of the lamp. The greater the power, the higher the illumination brightness and the higher the illumination height. In the case of equivalent power, the smaller the beam angle, the upper the irradiation height.  Of course, there is no standard, because there are many factors that affect the height of the lighting. Try to get the manufacturer to provide you with a lighting solution, and match the appropriate lamp according to the lighting solution.

(2) Choose a standard wall washer manufacturer, a proper and powerful manufacturer is that guarantees quality and therefore the support of technical services.  Make sure you get it from a trusted source, the selling company should have a good reputation for providing high-quality LED lights. If quality is pursued, LED lights may be a bit more expensive, but the initial investment is worthwhile. LED lights are durable and consume less power. This makes it the safer and most cost-effective option.

(3) The color of the LED wall washer should be selected according to the design renderings. Commonly used LED wall washers are monochromatic constant light and DMX512 external control, and there is also RGB internal control that is rarely used. The monochromatic wall washer lights are always on, and these lights are always one color, unchanged. DXM512 LED wall washer can be programmed to change the color of the light to achieve various effects.

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