Wall Washer Installation Guide

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        The wall washer is one of the most important products for outdoor lighting. As the name suggests, the wall washer must be used to wash the wall like water. It is mainly used for construction and decoration lighting, as well as to outline the outline of large buildings. With the development of lamps and lanterns, the effect of wall washer is getting better and better, and there are more and more ways. It is no longer limited to using hidden light sources to wash walls. Different wall washer installation steps are also different. Today we will briefly understand the installation steps of several commonly used wall washer lamps and the application scenarios of wall washer lamps.

        How to install the wall washer? How to construct the wall washer?

       Do the pre-installation work according to the position of the lamp and power supply; adjust the illumination angle of the wall washer during installation, fix the lamp firmly with screws, and then adjust the illumination angle of the wall washer.

       Connect the lamp to the power cord firmly, and wrap the unused thread with waterproof tape; when installing the wiring, keep the number of wall washer in series at about 5 to 6, to prevent the lamp from being burned out when there are too many series in series.

       After the installation is complete, please check the installation circuit first to confirm that the installation is correct and there is no electrical short circuit, then connect the corresponding control power supply; if there is a problem in the installation, please consult the professional technical personnel of Yige Lighting.





       The installation steps of different wall washer types are also different

       LED wall washer light belt: the ceiling is reserved for driving size, and the top slot is used to control the slot size. Too wide will affect the appearance, and too narrow will affect the light and not easy to install. It is controlled between 150-200mm.

       Wall washer spotlight: The beam angle of the spotlight is divided into large and small, and the size of the beam angle affects the light emitting method. Usually we define 15°--30° as a small beam angle, and 40°--60° as a large beam angle. The size of the beam angle also directly affects the arrangement of the wall washing points. The smaller the beam angle, the more dense the points are. The lamp position is too far from the wall and the spot is too low; the lamp position is too close to cause exposure, and the wall washer lamp position is generally between 200-400mm away from the wall. The distance between lamps and lanterns needs to be determined according to different lamps and personal preferences. It is a question that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise.

Wall washer strip light: Control the distance from the wall and the distance between lamps according to personal preference to achieve the effect of full paved and partial wall washing.

       Wall washer track light: It is necessary to determine the installation position and length of the track in advance, leave the line in advance, and the center of the track is generally 400-600mm away from the wall.

       Polarized wall washer: high installation requirements, distance from the lamp to the wall: the distance between the lamps is 1:1.

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