How expensive is the maintenance cost of outdoor LED linear lights?

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1. From the perspective of installation costs

2. From the perspective of maintenance costs

3. Three important standards for LED linear light and pixel dot light

    1) About yellowing

    2) About waterproofing

    3) About weather resistance

4. Why do I recommend you to choose Suntech? What are the advantages of our products?



    The picture above is what a building looks like after being lit with linear light, I think you would say it's really beautiful, but do you know how much installation cost and maintenance costs are needed to decorate such a building? Especially maintenance costs, it may be several times the price of the lamp. According to the professional expression of the LED industry: receiving orders, receiving payments, etc. are second, and the maintenance and operation of lamps and lanterns is the key to the success or failure of a project. In this blog, we will detail the maintenance cost of a  project. But, Before introducing the maintenance cost, let me introduce the installation cost for you first.

    Not just LED linear lights, LED pixel dot lights are also the same.


    Outdoor lights installation is very difficult, a skilled installation technician can install about 40-60 LED linear lights in the sky, but if this type of product is replaced, the replacement rate may be less than 10 per day. The reason is that the weight of outdoor LED linear lights is generally 1-1.5 kg per meter, and the requirements for installation are relatively high. Some even screw the lighting installation screws to the main dragon linear lights on the building curtain wall for stability; On the other hand, the waterproof measures on the wall are relatively good at the first installation, but when the whole lamp is disassembled and replaced, it is difficult to restore the original waterproof level, which makes the original lighting maintenance and operation become a building Curtain wall maintenance and operation. Because of this, skilled workers often have to sacrifice the efficiency of the replacement to avoid damage to the building structure and the waterproof structure of the lamp body caused by the secondary installation. One more thing,There is a huge difference in the cost of different projects. Generally speaking, the cost of light and installations is between $30,000 and $100,000  for small projects. Large projects may cost more than 1 million US dollars.

    In summary: the area of the outer wall of the building determines the number of light bars and the cost of installation. There are many different installation methods for outdoor light bars. If you want to know how to connect and install the outdoor light, please click here.


   2. From the perspective of maintenance costs:

    The service life of lamps is an issue that must be considered in engineering. If the service life of the lamp is 5 years, and the service life of the skyscraper is 100 years, then the lamp must be replaced 20 times if it is to continue to be used. Putting aside the cost issue, the traditional LED linear lamp needs at least 4 screws per meter, even if it is replaced only 20 times, there are 80 screw holes per meter. In addition, the products provided by many manufacturers are false standards, which simply do not meet the 5-year warranty. If the product is damaged, every repair will require a huge cost.

    In the cost allocation of a lighting project, lamps and lanterns account for about 25%, and cable troughs, strong and weak current control and labor account for about 75%. The lamp is a complex electronics and structure, especially the control. Compared with lamps, cables and conduits have a longer service life and can be replaced for decades. Strong and weak electric controls are generally installed indoors, and maintenance and replacement are also more convenient.

     Summary: Whether in terms of installation costs or maintenance costs, The biggest cost is maybe not LED light but labor costs, so you must choose a very good quality lamp to avoid the huge additional cost of later maintenance.


    Without the reference of relevant national technical standards, good LED linear lights must meet the requirements of outdoor applications in at least three aspects, namely, yellowing, waterproofing, and weather resistance.

    1)About yellowing: The real cause of yellowing is caused by ultraviolet rays irradiating the externally sealed colloid. Its source is the ultraviolet rays of sunlight and the ultraviolet rays emitted by the LED itself. In comparison, the latter is more harmful than the former, especially It is white LED and blue LED. The standard of Suntech Optoelectronics is to maintain a colloidal light transmittance of more than 70% for 10 years in a solar environment.

Linear light turn yellow

    2) About waterproofing:  It is strongly recommended that the IP67 grade be used outdoors. Not only the light itself needs to be waterproof, signal extension cords, mid-way cables, etc. all need to be waterproofed.  

IP grade

    3) About weather resistance: Weather resistance is a hardcore condition to test whether it can be used outdoors, and it is more of a product reliability process test, such as high and low-temperature environment experiments, acid and alkali weather resistance. If the product does not pass the testing required by this application, it will open up the quality gap of similar products, and bring great uncertainty to outdoor engineering use.

Linear light burned out

    Suntechled provides all customers with the best quality linear lights and pixel dot lights with a warranty period of 5-10 years. Our products have obtained CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications, waterproof, and UV resistance tests, and we have strictly 8-hour aging before shipping. You are free of any maintenance costs. 

LED linear light VS lED pixel dot light

     Product advantages:

    1New generation dual-channel real-time backup control protocol 

    2) Industry-leading wireless button-type anti-smash connection design 

    3High thermal conductivity glue full potting waterproof design 

    4Outdoor lightning protection and Electrostatic (ESD) special protection design

    5The product uses an original angle adjustable bracket design 

    6Support RGB/W current separately adjustable (low light and high gray)

    Please click here to email the Suntech team or call +(86) 13184617165 for priority-free consultation.


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