Advantages of led pixel dot light

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The led pixel dot light is used as outdoor lighting to brighten, through the form of expression from point to surface, it can achieve a more excellent performance effect. The performance of led point light source products is directly related to the size of the point distance. Generally, the smaller the point distance, the higher the pixel density can be accommodated, and the pixel density has an inseparable relationship with the viewing distance of the audience. Suntechled The advantages of point light source products.

Advantages of led pixel dot lightproducts:

1. Energy saving

LED is a cold light source with low heat generation. Compared with incandescent lamps, the power saving efficiency can reach more than 80%.

2. Environmental protection

(1) LED is the light source with the best environmental performance. In the LED spectrum used for lighting, there is no excess ultraviolet and infrared rays, and no harmful substances such as mercury.

(2) The packaging box will not break during transportation and use, and the waste can be recycled, no pollution, and it is a green light source.

3. Rapid response time of light emission

Although LED products have many obvious advantages compared with traditional lighting products, for example, the response time of incandescent lamps is milliseconds, and the response time of two LED lamps has reached nanoseconds.

4. Wide working environment temperature

Traditional incandescent lamp products are prone to problems when using incandescent lamps in environments with large environmental temperature changes and high temperature limits. The led pixel dot light has a wide range of temperature adaptation to the working environment and can work in various extreme working environments. It is a very good outdoor advertising lighting product.

5. The structure is firmer and more resistant to impact

Compared with other light source lamps and lanterns products, led point light source products also have the advantage of a more solid structure. Since the led point light source products themselves do not require much additional auxiliary work, they can emit light sources only by powering on their own liquid crystal characteristics, so This simple structure results in better stability of the product, and higher resistance to external shocks.

6. Small size, light weight, easy to integrate and combine

It is easy to design light, thin and small products, such as LED lamps, LED flat-screen TV screens, and solid-state light-emitting tubes; and it can better realize the effect of "only the light but not the light source" in the night scene lighting.

7. Long service life, sturdy and durable

(1) The service life of a single LED is 50,000 to 100,000 hours, because the LED is a semiconductor device, even if it is frequently switched on and off, its service life will not be affected.

(2) It is encapsulated with epoxy resin, which is resistant to vibration and impact, and has no vulnerable parts such as glass and bulbs.

8. Good monochromaticity, bright and rich colors

(1) The size of the forbidden band of the semiconductor material of the semiconductor light-emitting layer can be controlled to emit various colors of light. The visible light LED can display red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors, with a saturation of more than 130% ;

9. No flicker, no ultraviolet rays

The LED light source adopts DC power supply, the light is stable and does not flicker, and the spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible light region, and there is basically no interference of ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which can avoid the adverse effects of stroboscopic effect and improve human eye comfort.

10. Good brightness adjustment

According to the light-emitting principle of the LED light source, the light-emitting brightness or output luminous flux of the LED basically changes with the current in the positive direction. And its working current can be large or small within the rated range, and it has good adjustability, which lays the foundation for the LED light source to realize on-demand lighting and stepless control of brightness.

11. Adopt DC power supply, safe and stable

The LED light source can be driven by low-voltage direct current, and the general power supply voltage is 5~24V, so the safety performance is relatively good, and it is especially suitable for public places.

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