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UV Filter 222 nm Optical Bandpass for Far UVC Sterilization Lamp

Optical filter lens, bandpass filter, customized UV Filter glasses ,Low Transmission UVC  222nm 230nm Deep UV Bandpass Filter


Specifications of 222nm bandpass filter:

Type: 222nm bandpass filter

Size: 108mm×66.5mm×1mm

Center wavelength: 222nm

Material: Quartz Glass

FWHM: 12±2nm

Surface quality: 80-50 scratch-dig

Dimensional tolerance: +0/-0.5mm

Center wavelength tolerance: ±2nm

Minimum peak transmittance: 70%

Temperature range: -50 to 120°C

Moisture resistance: per MIL-STD-810E, method 507.3


Filter lens size:

Filter Size

Optical filter lens Features:

1. Only Passable wavelength 210-230nm only(refer to the picture below with the filter)

2. Safe for prople, Filter out longer wavelengths that are harmful to the human body.

3. Custimzed SIze and shape; such as round, rectangular, and square to integrate into various bulb configurations.

222nm Bandpass Filter Transmittance test by UV sensor:

222nm filter test

222nm Far UVC Light you may need:

222nm Far UVC Lamp with Remote Control

Far UVC 222nm Tube and Module Kit

Portable 222nm Disinfection Box

Far UVC Disinfection Gate

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What is 222nm uv filters?

It is a UV bandpass filter, only pass the UV near 222nm wavelength uv, which has a very high transmittance at 222nm and can block the longer wavelengths of 240nm 256nm and 280nm.


What is 222nm uv filters used for?

Studies have shown that for sterilization, UVC sterilization from 200 nm to 280 nm is the most effective. However, certain ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to human skin. But 222nm can sterilize without causing damage to the skin.

By installing a 222nm uv filter, the uv lamp can transmit the required ultraviolet frequency while blocking harmful wavelengths.

Conclusion: The emission of the excimer lamp at 222 nm can be sterilized without penetrating the basal layer of the skin. But the emission spectrum must be filtered to prevent harm to people by blocking the longer dangerous wavelengths.

wavelength 222nm

Why Excimer light need a filters?

PLease see the comparison picture of with filters and without filters:

222nm uvc filter

Is 222nm UV safe for people?

UV light at 222 nm is capable of sterilization without harming human skin, making it a safe and effective technology to combat bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Here is a article from NCBI that indicate 222nm is safe for people:

Germicidal Efficacy and Mammalian Skin Safety of 222-nm UV Light

222nm excimer tube

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