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Far UVC Disinfection Gate 210nm 222nm

The 222nm disinfection gate, also called sanitizer gate, it is a tool to fight against super viruses. It can effectively and safely inactivate air-borne viruses, especially at entry and exit points, public places, stadiums and areas with heavy traffic.



            STF-222SG-240W disinfection gate, equipped with 12pcs 20w excimer lamps,provides 222nm UV-C output, safe for humaneyes/skin,and can be used at the entrance and against 99% of viruses,bacteria,molds and spores disinfect.


      This  far-ultraviolet lamp tube inside the gate is protected by quartz glass and covered with a 222nm narrow-band filter to ensure absolute filtering of harmful wavelengths and blue light.

     People just need walk through the disinfection gate and rotate 360° and stay 7-10second, UVC irradiates every part of the body to complete the disinfection.



    ● LCD Control Board with Remote Control

    ● Motion Sensor (Infrared)

    ● Timer Module

    ● Safety Filter technology (Narrowband 222nm Emission)                                             

    ● 12 x 222nm 20w – Excimer Lamp Module

    ● ZERO Mercury – Environment Friendly

    ● Peak wavelength 222nm

    ● Minimal Ozone Emission

    ● 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores.

    ● Instantaneous On/Off

Desinfection gate

Use field

Sanitation, Disinfection, 

Air strrilization, 

Surface sanitation


General areas, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail spaces, Hospitals,  Public toilets, Lobbies,  Schools, Public Transportation hubs, Airports, Medical centers


Kill 99% of viruses

For more details, please download the specification.Fare-UVC-gate-specification.pdf


The far ultraviolet 222 nm light is considered safe for human eyes and skin, so the lamp can be safely used in inhabited areas with minimal risk. The 222nm wavelength does not penetrate the cornea of the eye, nor does it cause inflammation or swelling of the skin.

Environmental protection

The mercury content of the excimer lamp is zero, so it is more environmentally friendly. The excimer lamp can be adjusted to a specific wavelength (this product is 222nm wavelength), and will not produce harmful UVC radiation .

Fast and effective

Under the condition of correct operation, this door can complete the 360° sterilization of the human body surface within 7s.

Aytomatic sensing

The module with 20w far ultraviolet lamp provides instant start and automatic operation through PIR 

motion sensor.

structure of the epidermis.png

  What is the difference between 222nm and traditional 254nm?

    Not all ultraviolet rays are the same. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 222 nm and above can effectively kill or destroy bacteria and    viruses. The only and most important difference is security. Wavelengths from 254 nm to 257 nm are effective, but they can go deep into human cells dangerously.

    Studies have shown that the wavelength of far ultraviolet-C or 222 nm is both effective and safe for humans. The 240W disinfection door can immediately relieve COVID-19 in densely populated indoor spaces (including factories, submarines, airplanes, waiting rooms, restaurants and other public places).

What is the price of disinfection gate?

      I believe that through the above introduction, you have roughly understood the function of the disinfection door. I believe you must be very curious about the disinfection gate price . At present, the Far UVC disinfection gate is a new product on the market, and the price is relatively expensive, at least All are tens of thousands of yuan, Suntech factory provides you with the most affordable factory direct sales price.

What should I pay attention to before buying a disinfection door?

     There are two main points: The first is that the departmental products on the market cannot completely disinfect harmful wavelengths. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether the lamps emit harmful wavelengths before buying and before supplying.   

     The second is whether the dose ofUVC can achieve the disinfection effect. These need to communicate with the supplier. If you are interested in understanding, please to contact us. 

   The table on the right shows the power  that this disinfection door can reach at different time points. Generally, 2mJ can produce a sterilization effect.



Can I get OEM/ODM customized products for special application?

Of course, we provide OEM and ODM service, design and produce per customers' requirement.

How to place an order ?

Please provide your requirements or questions to us by email, we will confirm with you for the detail information, 

then we will send you a PI,if everything is all right we will arrange order as soon as possible once received your payment.

How long can I get my order?

The lead time is 3-7working days . Sometimes it is shorter or longer.

What payment methods do you accept?

By PayPal or TT to our bank account  are both available.

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