DIY Tree Lighting for Your Garden Landscape

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What is Tree Uplighting?

Garden Lighting Solutions

Where to Install Tree Lighting?

Why Install LED Outdoor Tree Lighting

Why choose SuntechLED?

Trees are the most important element in landscape up lighting for garden. Beautifying the trees with suitable lights makes the your backyard and garden more perfect. If you're lucky enough to plant trees in your yard, then this article will be great helpful for you to light up them. This is a unique opportunity to have a nighttime landscape with stunning results. The landscape of trees in front of your home or backyard is already a beautiful sight in itself during the day. Do you want to show off these trees during the dark night? The best way is to light up them, and now we will guide you on how to illuminate the different trees.

landscape tree lighting

In order to make a tree to be attractively illuminated, the shape and structure of the tree must be analyzed. Tree species are also very rich, usually on the road we can see palm tree uplighting, uplighting oak trees and uplighting arborvitae, which are very eye-catching. Next, we'll focus on various lighting techniques and to compare their differences. DIY outdoor LED uplights for trees is a quick, relatively inexpensive way to turn your usual yard into a beautiful one. If you tilt the light upwards, it's upward-facing light. You can choose from a variety of different lights in your patio and backyard. SuntechLED has more than ten years of experience in landscaping and beautification, as well as a professional lighting production team. We are more than happy to provide you with the best uplights for trees and perfect landscaping project solutions.

  • What is Tree Uplighting?

tree uplighting

Tree uplighting is one of the most widely used techniques in gardens, creating a focal point for the lighting design throughout the garden. Especially bushes and woods. Garden uplights for trees have floodlights, downlights, and spotlights. By lighting up the trees, viewers take advantage of this special occasion to enhance vertical focus and drama. The openness of the tree allows it to maximize the structure of the branches and accentuate the color contrast between the subjects. Landscape up lighting for trees is an art learned over time by a garden gaffer. Plus, no two trees are alike, and in landscape design, the placement of trees can also have an impact on how you light. Still, basic principles can help you light any tree in your landscape, which is useful for your reference to lighting your trees.

  • Garden Lighting Solutions

1. Types of tree size

Tree lighting for smaller trees:

tree lighting for small trees

For smaller trees and young trees, a light or two can make the small tree stand out more. For small shrubs and vegetation, you can use the shrub uplighter to create a warm effect near the trunk, consider using a spotlight to illuminate the top. Small trees can use a single spotlight to produce a strong light for the perfect lighting effect. A tree, looking up from the root, can still see the branches. This tree has fewer leaves, or smaller sizes, and is well embedded in the floor. Position the lamp near the base of the trunk to let the light hit the bark and crown. The outline and shape of the tree are illuminated delicately. We also recommend proper lighting for larger trees and trees with distinctive trunk shapes to accentuate their special effects.

Tree lighting for large trees:

tree lighting for large trees

Large trees have good lighting and LED floodlight outdoor for a layered effect. To accentuate the trunk, the well light should be installed closer to the tree, while the floodlight should be placed further away to make the branches stand out more. You can use floodlight from many different angles, depending on the size of the tree! Multiple flights can create a beam of light that adds an atmosphere to your outdoor tree. Large, mature trees are usually open, but the outer leaves are denser. Here, you can direct a narrow line of light onto the main trunk and illuminate it with one or several lower beams. Uplighting large trees should be emphasized: structure, shape, and texture.

2. Shapes of tree size

Round trees

round tree

A round wood that is usually larger and has more leaves. Use different angles to match key light sources. Place a strong 15-degree light at the base of the tree so that the main stem sticks out from the start of the branch. A round, dense canopy allows for a broad spotlight on the adjacent edge. Broad light can be focused on the entire tree and its geometry. Place 2-3 accent lights (35 or 60 degrees) on the trunk and aim at the crown. Put 1-2 main lights on the roof, up. Straighten the wire from the side you can't see or see and tie it to the trunk with a cable so it moves with the tree.

Conical trees

Conical trees

Smaller conical trees require only one accent light, but be aware of the viewing angle. From two different viewing angles, the tree will benefit from two main lights. Two focal lights with 60-degree light dispersion illuminate the sides of the tree, creating a 360-degree visual effect. Attract others. Further ahead. Lighting fixtures should be directed away from the base and should shine directly into the tree (not at the top).

Fan trees

Fan Trees

Fan-shaped trees have fewer leaves and thicker trunks. Uplighting for palm trees are typical fan-shaped trees that can be seen in many places. Although a 60-degree focal point can be used, most of the time, it is best to have two 35-degree lights so that more light can be gathered on the top of the car. Set the focal lights so they sweep past the trunk, but focus on the canopy.

3. Different tree uplighting fixtures

With the widespread use of LEDs, there are more and more types of light fixtures like LED linear wall washer, DMX controlled spotlight, LED flood light. Based on experience and research, our technicians think the best lights for uplighting trees are floodlights. Floodlights protruding from the mounting surface provide directional lighting. Floodlights come in many different finishes and styles to complement your other outdoor lighting designs. Many floodlights allow you to adjust the angle of the beam so you can cast the beam exactly where you want it (35-120 degrees is the most common, but you can choose a different beam angle depending on the specific tree). If your tree is larger and you want to get light into the branches, you will need a larger beam angle. The front lights illuminate the canopy evenly. The floodlights on both sides form a strong contrast of light and shadow. Lighting fixtures on both sides eschew strong shadows. The headlights above the trunk accentuate the longitudinal lines of the trunk. Compared with some wide beam lights, some high cut-off angle lighting can reduce glare. Narrow beams and well-targeted lighting can reduce additional radiation to the surrounding environment. Scattered lighting allows a group of trees to be lit differently. LED flood lights can be used for other highlights. When positioning and aligning lighting equipment, pay attention to the growth of trees and prevent dazzling light. In addition, the floodlights are equipped with low-voltage LEDs, which reduce running costs! Our SuntechLED experts will solve your landscape lighting problems for you. We can not only recommend suitable garden tree uplighters for you, provide the most reasonable price for you, but also give you one-to-one exclusive installation skills, so that you can get satisfactory results.

At SuntechLED, we recommend our floodlighting products, ranging from mini focused floodlights to broad and maximum floodlighting options. Here's a brief overview of some ideal use cases for our eight most versatile lighting products:

* If you need LED lights with DMX control, please check here: DMX LED flood light | DMX LED spot light | DMX LED bar light | DMX LED dot light

  • Where to Install Tree Lighting

You have to think carefully and practice how to uplighting on trees. The distance from the root of the tree, the intensity of the light, and even the angle of the light can all affect how the tree looks in the dark. It took a few trials and errors to figure this out, but once you know all the variables, it's pretty easy to execute. Here are a few tips when you're lighting a tree: first imagine the type of light you want, and then decide where to light it. If you don't know where to put the lights, we recommend using a flash for this experiment. Although a floodlight is stronger than most flashes, using it can give you a general idea of what the tree will look like and what you'll see when you put it on. If you are using a well, you must place it close to the trunk so you can get better results. When using spotlights, the size of the tree will affect the range of your light setup; the taller the tree, the more floodlights you have to use to better highlight the branches.

install tree lights

  • Why Install LED Outdoor Tree Lighting?

Landscape tree up lighting has more meanings. Trees are a major feature of your home yard and are sure to pay attention to in your outdoor lighting design. Many people plant trees for beauty in all seasons: flowers in spring, thick leaves in summer, and beautiful leaves in autumn! Trees can also provide shade to your patio and your house. This also means that when the sun goes down, they are constantly blocking the sun, so adding some landscape lights to the trees at night can supplement visibility and safety. They can prevent any illegal intrusion, prevent you from accidental harm, and can remove your darkness. What's more, it can uplighting trees for Christmas. Surrounding shrubs, feature trees, or plants in the ground (with washed walls) can make your house a comfortable and safe castle. Uplighting enables you to showcase your most beautiful garden features, such as your favorite bushes or heavily groomed buildings. It can also add more depth and drama to flat surfaces like walls and fences. So, why not quickly uplight the trees in our gardens?

  • Why choose SuntechLED?

Uplighting your trees, you can add to your outdoor space in many ways. At SuntchLED, we will introduce you to our floodlighting products, including small floodlight sources, as well as a wide range of floodlight sources. We have more than 10 years of experience in the lighting industry, as well as a professional lighting design and manufacturing team. Suntech's professionals will solve all your landscape lighting problems for you. We'll recommend the right lighting products and the best tree uplighting design for you, and give you some tips to get the effect you want. So there will be a beautiful night sight along the way near the yard. 

The above are the tree uplighting solutions recommended by Suntech. We always provides the best professional facade lighting design and products, please emaill to Suntech team or call +8618588265235(same as WhatsApp) for more information.

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