Guide to Up Light for Your Palm Trees at Night

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The palm tree is is a common tree species, 3-10 meters high or higher, the trunk is cylindrical, is not easy to fall off the base of the old petiole and dense reticulate fibers, unless it is manually stripped, or can not fall off by itself, the palm bare trunk 10-15 cm in diameter or even thicker. It is very popular in China and distributed in other southern regions except for Tibet. Palm tree has a strong astringent effect, so it has a good therapeutic effect on various bleeding and hemoptysis symptoms, and can effectively stop bleeding and cool blood. Palm wood is very good and can be used to make all kinds of utensils. Not only are palm trees inexpensive to grow, but their materials are strong and durable. As an ornamental tree, it can create a stately effect in front of your house lighting positions, and the backyard palm tree lighting will create a tropical oasis and outdoor entertaining space for you. As a result, many businesses and homeowners use palm trees with lights to add a touch of luster to their landscapes.

palm light tree

Highlight palm tree leaves

The leaves of a Palm are called fronds and are a important part of what makes Palm trees so exotic and lovely, which with a rough or smooth outer layer. To highlight the each frond, we select a palm tree spotlight width while keeping color temperature in line with the desired effect.

Light for canopy of the palm treeLight up the canopy of the tree

Palm tree lights are mostly used in landscape architecture, courtyards, houses and streets, etc. These leaves are easily noticed due to their exotic and lush appearance. A well-lit canopy at night will allow you to see the palm tree in a whole new light.There are some tree lighting ideas to light up the plam tree canopy.  Such as three to six palm light fixtures (usually 35degree) to up light into the canopy; these are usually placed several feet away from the trunk and positioned vertically so the light can shoots up into the canopy greatly.

The warm light will accentuate the shadow and depth of the leaves at the top of the palm tree. Bright beams can actually wash out the features of the palm tree that make it so distinctive.For thick leaves with roots, Christmas lights on palm trees can be attached to stems that branch off the trunk to make the canopy of the tree look more brighter and beautiful.

palm tree

Show the height of the palm tree

While there are more than 2,500 species of palm trees, and palm tree sizes vary from species to species, we can also find the same approach to lighting. Palm trees average about 32-50 feet tall. The tallest palm tree species in the world is the wax palm, which can grow to a staggering 200 feet in its home in the Andes. Use outdoor lighting palms to illuminate the tops of palm trees and accentuate their height, no matter how tall your tree is. 

texture and shape

Illuminate tree trunks to accentuate texture and shape

Pierce into the ground near the trunk of a palm tree, aiming almost straight at the leaves or branches.This light emphasizes the texture and shape of the trunk.Side and back lighting enhances texture. Strong light produces stronger shadows and a stronger sense of texture, but can also create too much contrast, resulting in blown highlights or occluded shadows.To accentuate the stem's unique texture, we can decorate around the palm tree with palm light fixture.

Why don't you put lights on palm trees to make beautiful tree lighting scenery? Place the lighting on the ground a few feet away from the palm tree and aim it at the trunk at an angle of 30° to 45°. This lighting usually emphasize the shape of tree. It is not as bright or dramatic as the first type of light, but can be used more freely, especially effective on large trees with rough, twisted branches and limbs.

How to make your palm trees be attractive

Once nights fall, your yard may look a bit spooky. The outdoor lighted palm tree can make your yard bright and be a landscape. Thankfully, it just takes a little create tree light fixture to turn that spookiness into ambiance—namely, tree uplighting. Getting great views after dark isn't just about lighting up your trees; it's about how you light them. Here are several ways about lighting palm trees, as well as specific fixtures used for this type of landscape lighting. To start your outdoor lighting work, you must first determine the lighting methods and lighting fixtures. Here are what you need to know.

palm tree lighting

1. Illuminated from bottom to top

To make your palm tree look more attractive, we can use DMX LED spotlight to light it from the bottom up. For the top of tree is with a light fixture and a beam wide enough to reach the full spectrum of the tree canopy. Place the light far enough away so that it bathes the canopy at the night. As for the bottom of tree, we can use low voltage palm tree lighting to decorate it.

2. Choose the right light fixture to light up

There's no shortage of outdoor tree lights to choose from - but that doesn't mean any old outdoor lights will do! Keep in mind that choosing lights that are too bright or too bulky can be a problem while creating a soft glow.

No matter what feature you want to light, you need to pay attention to the specification and choose the right light fixture such as exterior LED spot lights, LED linear wall washer, and LED floodlight outdoor

3. Combining uplighting and downlighting

Downlighting should be used for ground-level points of interest, like ponds and water features. Bodies of water are particularly good candidates because they reflect light from above in a spectacular fashion. Downlighting is also used to illuminate large outdoor living areas, often to mimic moonlight and remain fairly unnoticed.

Upward lighting is usually used less because it usually contains more visual impact. Well-chosen focal points and neglected, almost featureless areas of the landscape are common candidates for upward lighting. It is often used to accentuate a home's nighttime presence by accentuating its architectural elements.

Uplighting softens areas that are lit downwards from the ground, making them more subtle and therefore more natural looking.

The two technologies combine to add multiple light angles for a more natural feel - just like you would see in nature.

Hope now you have learned more information about palm tree lights, and how to light our palm trees better and light them greatly through this article. You can make your palm trees look more attractive and beautiful by using several of the methods described in the above article. 

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