What is LED linear lighting?

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"LED linear" is a word we often hear in the field of commercial and home interior design. Nowadays, more and more scenes are applied to linear elements, and the market for linear lighting is also growing. But what exactly is it? How do we use it? Through this article, we will learn more about LED linear lighting, then let's look down!


Before the advent of LED linear lighting, it was difficult for us to illuminate long spaces such as offices, retail stores, and warehouses. At the time, these spaces were illuminated by some large industrial incandescent bulbs. The transition period of linear lighting began in the 1950s. It was mainly used in industrial environments. Linear fluorescent tubes were first used in manufacturing environments, which solved the lighting needs of the time. By the 1970s, the demand for linear lighting in small workshops and garages, home interior lighting, and retail stores increased year by year, which required lower costs and more decorative options. This has led to a demand for lower-cost, more beautiful lamps, and allows people to have more choices. The improved appearance did not appear until the beginning of the 21st century, and we know the early versions of LED linear lights. The demand for LED linear lights is extremely large and growing. The difference now's that with the event of architectural lighting and LED technology, the appliance range of linear lights has been broadened and may be applied in some ways. With the improvement of aesthetics and performance, it stands out from the old traditional shell, and now it starts to use better raw materials, adopt more advanced technology, and the linear lamp industry continues to move forward.


LED linear light is a high-end flexible decorative light, which is composed of many "light-emitting diodes" encapsulated in a long and narrow shell to form a light strip. This simple design has completely changed the way we illuminate the space. It is especially suitable for building outlines, billboard production, indoor and outdoor entertainment places. LED linear lights have two great advantages. One is flexibility.,They can be hidden, placed in the outlines of various buildings, and can be hung. On the ceiling, it can also be mounted on the ceiling or wall, or embedded in the wall or ceiling; the second is the visual art effect---esthetics, good quality and performance are far from enough, and the designer’s Unique design highlights the beauty of linear lights.



(1)LED linear chandelier is hung from the ceiling by a hanging wire, which is most suitable for rooms with a large ceiling height. These are also ideal for creating stunning accent lighting-consider hanging on the reception desk, staircase or atrium.

(2)Surface-mounted LED linear lights are installed on the surface and are suitable for situations where the chandelier is too low due to the height of the ceiling.

(3)The embedded LED wire is embedded in the surface, whether it is a ceiling, a wall or. This provides a clean, uninterrupted line.


Due to the flexibility of linear lighting, products are widely used in increasingly diverse applications. In the past, we often saw linear lighting in commercial spaces such as retail and offices, but now we see more and more linear lighting used in school and even home environment lighting applications. Linear lighting is used to increase light levels, highlight objects such as decorations or books, illuminate the work area, and provide attractive levels of light in the room. It can also be used outdoors, for example, integrated in garden steps, terraces, or walls.





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1. High energy-saving: pollution-free energy saving is environmental protection. It is a DC drive that converts the ultra-low power consumption of the electro-optical power supply to nearly 100%,reduced power consumption and increased efficiency. Compared with the same lighting effect, the line lamp can save more than 85% more energy than the traditional light source.

2. Long lifespan: Some people call LED linear light sources a longevity lamp, which means a lamp that never goes out and is very durable. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, no filament in the lamp body, easy to burn, no loose parts, no heat deposition, light decay and other shortcomings. The service life of the lamp tube can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, and the service life of high-quality LED products may be three to four times that of traditional fluorescent lamps.

3. Variety of varieties: LED linear light source can use the principle of red, green and blue three primary colors. Under the control of computer technology, the linear lamp can produce 256 gray levels of 3 colors, arbitrarily mixed to produce 256x256x256=16777216 different colors, so that different lights can be formed. It can change the combination of colors to achieve various images and dynamic effects, giving people different visual effects.

4. Environmental protection: environmental protection benefits will be better. There is no infrared and ultraviolet in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, no glare, no pollution, no mercury, safe to touch, waste recyclable, cold light source, it is a typical green environmental protection light source.


1. The LED linear light cannot completely replace the incandescent lamp; the luminous flux, luminous efficiency, color rendering and other properties are all okay, but the current price is relatively expensive compared with other lamps. However, by increasing the luminous flux of the product, the cost of replacing incandescent lamps can be reduced.

2. The LED linear light cannot simply be used as a common light source; its use must be driven by the power supply, optical devices, and heat conduction.

3. The LED linear light generates heat like other types of lamps and needs to dissipate heat.

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